I Shouldn’t Be Doing This


Yeah 3AM in the morning, I should be sleeping, shouldn’t I? JUst feel like typing something now.

Now Playing — BoA – Best Friend. What a song. Man. Lol. No la… common sense will tell you that for those guys who are going for their motive target / target practice / admirer / prey / whatever you call it listen to this song imagining the aforementioned people telling them that… walao.

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Well at times I tend to drop down to the deepest valleys of mankind. Well that’s exaggerated of course but you should have a rough idea how my brain works. Do you?

So let’s see, is this post another individual bashing thread, or another individualism thoughts… I really wonder.

One have to take account that anything can happen in this world and for instance now I’m typing subconciously without knowing what would I input next. I just let my hands do the typing and I’m not thinking, my brain shut down since a few hours ago lolz.

Well talk about stoning chats… I get that often. Sad to say maybe I’m the one affected as I always stone for no reason. Well I can’t be called rollingstone but I prefer rolling star (yes the one Yui sang FTW!!!!). Rollingstone reminds me of 2 ppl, niggers, black, kuro, hitam, hei, whatever. One is Nottingham Idol (male, there’s a female too, thank god not nigger LOL) that sings quite well, and another is my ex house mate where when he baths he just leave the door open so the first thing you see after waking up and heading to the shared toilet with 4 cubicles, you see a black guy covered in foam biting a toothpick (I ain’t kidding ya) singing (depends) and you see a dark thick shlong swinging. Oh god my eyes.

So thank god I’m not staying under Pioneer anymore, those bloody bloodsuckers. So darn expensive, and then the internet connection provided in the Hostel is just slow. Tho minus the fact that Quek somehow got that fella to open some game ports so that some of the students now can play Cabal Online. Wtf. Ah well I don’t play that so forget it.

Well that shows that it’s important one learn business in foundation (I hate to admit it but I actually learn something from it AT LEAST) Business is all about getting things done through people, guess the above case study says it all. Lol. Need I say more?

Caleb told me that day that semen glows nicely under UV. Well as usual I went = = and dude I wonder what have you been doing… then he say fapping la obviously. = =

Well being hit by a nigger isn’t that bad afterall. Well for Nottingham Malaysia for instance everyone (I believe) came with a scholarship by their own government, and then they have like 2kUSD as pocket money a month. Some even bought 2nd hand cars over here and drive around like there’s no cops to bust their ass. So let’s see, if you’re somehow being targetted by niggers, fret not, first say, you have cash? (most likely) Where? (location, so that you can run like a bitch after him giving you a treat [say dinner perhaps?]) and duration (how long, well if you want a black **** by all means go ahead. I know some do, in our campus. Well……. that’s life. They go by measurements instead of performance.

Oh not bad today I typed a lot and quite fast. XD

Thank god black girls don’t go around and hit guys XD



Anyway, SPGs. Sarong Party Girls — aka girls that will go for white skin people, rich, influential, you name it. But usually the trend is the girls are particularly rich in the first place… so normal guys, you can retreat back to base and hide while the white generals come with their elegant horses and leap over to grab her on. It’s more or less like a headshot done by a magnum sniper on your head in less than 1m. Yes believe me the impact is that severe considering the fact that I was culture shocked once due to this. (well thanks Kwang and Jeevan for elaborating that time XD)

Let’s see… something about myself. I’m bored to death, no motivation, nothing better to do (actually I have but I procrastinated) and now I’m blogging about myself. How Ironic.

Well first of all I hate dota… I played once… first time anti-mage and I went to the tower and suicide. I actually came out with a theory that lv 1 go suicide at tower, you whack of some hp, and ressurect fast, so keep doing it until the tower is destroyed. Noobiness of me back in those days. Nevertheless on that day itself I learn how to press on keys, evade attacks, and I improved a bit. Still I hate dota… not until several months later when I see ppl play so I watched, learned, and then I somehow worked in a cyber cafe after SPM… that’s when I really picked up dota. Have 2 friends as my master… well they taught me well… just not enough for me to survive still… so I still suck. Until I meet Jon and Daniel… that’ swhen I started to improve… KK that bastard lolz 5.84 player damn pro one. So after a while I picked up and now ok ady lor… considered not noob and not pro cos always get thrashed like just now.

Which comes to the fact that DotA is actually enjoyable. Fun game. IF and ONLY IF there’s good teammates, good opponents, no leavers, lagless gameplay, and then the game won’t crash. I can still remember me and my friends owning KK and others includin the bitch that uses Lich (Agnes LOL) and we slammed on the table so freaking hard and jumped up when FATAL ERROR pops out. SO we went WTFFFFF and whole cc looked at us lol. We couldn’t give a shit as it’s really pissing us off. I can still remember ina  random cc in Sg Long me daniel and jon were like yelling OI COME ATTACK LA ***** Lol along those lines. Whole CC was like surrounding us to see what happened lol. That was fun. UNBELIEVABLE COMEBACK TOO. I still have the replay, but I don’t think that the new WIII can view it. =(

AH well damn my hands are tired =P

Nyaaaa guess I shall rest now.

Damn when I’m hyper I can crap.



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