Lala is a lala is a lala



David Wee you lala-wannabe farking fail πŸ˜„

Random rant~

And so… gotta wait till mum’s free, drag her with me to pierce.

You did not see that.

Anyway, damn GG taking years to update, when I finish update ellokawan almost finish his game I think *looks into blank air*

Err, let’s see. Today = boring.

Boring boring boring.

And I just have to add desu desu desu into the end of every song = =

I’m tired but cannot sleep… if not tonight sure gg already.

As it is last night 3AM. Gosh.

Long chat with Natakaasd and tan_pang… (yes by the time you read this nat it’s gonna be 2 weeks LOL)

TP is free, nat is having is Form 6 miserable life… oh well.

Me? Slacking to the max, bloody couch potato @_@

Now if only I can work and enjoy like this…. lol dream job of a lifetime. XDXD

Found wkkay’s personal site… drooled over his yagi antenna. WTF 6 stories upstairs wifi signal 1MBits. = = WTF… *drool* pro sials.

… and so if I wanna make my whole street able to receive my router’s signal… 2 yagi anthenna to the left and right… GG. Confirm Kit’s house also can detect πŸ˜„


I rather spend my money bribing TM to change me a better telephone line and uncap me to 4MBits πŸ˜„



I’m not doing anything =\


Noooooo my speakers sot again = =||| annoying… well not mine lah amyhs99’s one la… 4 years on loan πŸ˜„

Come to think of it, tattoo-ing is as bad as smoking… but… of course tattoo = instant effect la. *whistles*

… and I woke up with a major stomachache again due to cold water. WTF, last time I never even face this kinda problem…. wtf.

But good la, stomach detoxifying by itself. Lol. Who needs medicine when cold water works well πŸ˜„

Ok that’s looking to the bright side. The downside is, I have to forego my sleeping time, wake up, go to the toilet and withstand moments of agony and pain, and then throw myself back to bed.

So, pain == detoxification

What’s that called… err… Law of Equivalent Trade. (Full Metal Alchemist)

… and yes screw you retards I like that anime it rocks your socks.

Tho I don’t have the OVA… Conqerer of Shamballa. *weroth… ngehehhehe*

Eh how you downsize it to 700MB?! O_O What is the name of the software?

Which reminds me I have SUPER but I didn’t install it and try = =

My speaker = =|||

*turns the cable round and round*

… and yes Ichigo just have to be trappped into that stupid vortex again and there goes two episode. = =

I like the ending part tho, damn farnee la both dads… Bloody shinigami and quincy.

Wooo skaters waltz ^^

Now Playing — johann strauss – the skaters waltz

I love this man.

If life were to be a waltz, I hope my partner would be you.



3 Responses to “Lala is a lala is a lala”

  1. weroth Says:

    alltoavi. quality must have dropped after converted

  2. natakaasd Says:

    It is not 2 weeks yet, but finally I decided to visit your blog. πŸ˜›


  3. fjamer Says:

    I’m wondering if all is not related??.. hmmm.

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