Aaaaaaaaa x inf (Scrap)


Scrap 11:11 PM 6/26/2008

I’m about to exercise each vulgar syllable I have in my arsenal. Bloody hell what’s wrong with TM now. Dah lah 60.54.*.* suddenly cannot connect to GArena server, then I disconnect and change IP and cannot reconnect via my router since 9PM until now. Bloody hell.

Now watching Deal or No Deal in NTV7. Mandarin version. Quite intense haha. This kinda game show really takes your luck to the next level.

Lol the highest amount just got canceled XD too bad. The MC is a joker.

Anyway it’s 95.5% for the duo-episode of Bleach 176-177. Caleb always have to say that this epi sucks, that epi sucks. I think to him Bleach sucks la. Lol. I think it’s getting better at artwork, but battle scenes and stuffs right, the one in Seiretei Soul Society Arc is the best. Seriously, Blackburry spammed youtube videos which consists 2 random vids of Bleach MV. Damn cool come to think of it as that time Ichigo just got his Bankai and stuffs. Ahah.

Bleach-tard here. Damn.

Better than narutards bleks~

Ah so let’s see… I’m so damn reluctant to wake up… very very tired. Sigh.

Then forced to as it’s 1 PM plus… dragged my body and washed up, had breakfast + lunch, char kuey teow (well normally I’ll be damn happy to have it but I’m having butterflies in my stomach that time so I went… ugh omg).

I forgot to include that Jeevan woke me up via phone call, and then he greeted me from Melbourne, Australia. Apparently the telco over there is cool, 50AUD for 300AUD calltime credit. Now, if that’s available in Malaysia… I’m forking out that RM50 XD

Anyway, am glad to hear from him. That dude seems to be enjoying himself.

Now I wonder, as he mentioned, “Dude, you should come. You could have worked as a IT admin (or something along those lines)”

If I went… I don’t know lol.

Damn. I won’t be stuck in Malaysia doing L license and now doing nothing >”<

Ah well…

Did I mention that I’m sitting on my sofa, laptop connected via lan cable DIRECTLY TO MY FAITHFUL MODEM, awaiting Bleach to finish and screw TM tomorrow morning? Now you know.

Hot~ Dang

So as I said, been having a bit too many butterflies in my stomach, so paid a drastic amount of visit to the washroom. So as I’m inside I went… oh god… no… ahh… geeez. Lol.

After that… I dota-ed. POTM. Sucky gameplay… tho I like one of my stuns. Lol. That one beautiful, very, just that after leap I’m stuck within the trees and cannot kill the opponent. = =

POTM, worth the time to play around with, cos I got first blood without noticing. Lol.


After that, I alt+tab, and noticed someone messaged my MSN (as I’m using 60.54.*.*) so I went… @_@ what? I thought I’m blur, well judging from the fact I am, I won’t be surprised if my eyes played tricks on me.

Look properly, and the time between replies, and an educated guess, it’s real. So I replied both, and they seem to have a fun time in MMU (need me say more? Joining french class for french kiss wor lol)

I forgot what I wanted to type after watching TV lol.

I want my pie! I don’t care whatever pie can that be, lol. =P

Well so by the time I started to chat mum came back, and as usual I have to move out to the hall, and I do my own stuffs (well nothing much as last night’s restart rendered my photoshop materials gone = =) and practically ignored the movie in NTV7 even though it’s quite interesting. I saw that in Astro before, think in amyhs99’s house.

So I was having a fun time looking around and chatting. I wasn’t expecting that tho… got quite startled. Lol. Serious. I somehow felt slightly embarassed to reply. XD

But ah well it’s all good. Shhhhh 😉

Ah yeah my winamp keep playing ‘Way Back Into Love’ for the 5th time. I’m like… first 3 times ok la… then 4th time… 5th time. I went… I’m not ditching winamp for any other music player lol.

*stones for a while*

Quite envious for MMU students as their connection is fast… compared to Notts… god forbid, what happened to the damn connection? A few days ago received an email saying internet service back there is somehow disrupted. Sweat.

What’s the freaking use of having a Mynic spare line and ExBB 5Mbit line… WTF. Go and die man ExBB.

Then continue watching movie until 8, took bath and dinner (instant noodles lol), and then for the first time after so long I came back I wash the dishes. Lol.

Yesh! Finished downloading! Woot watch in the room later 1 hour special~

Then I’d been fidgetting around from my room to the hall just to get my connection straight, unfortunately, it’s still so fucked up. Gah.

Can’t even surf the net like 10 minutes ago.

That’s why I post a scrap lolz.

Deal or No Deal reminds me of a ‘trick’ game Caleb intro-ed me that time. It’s from 24… the 3 cards select thingy. Interesting theory, tried to explain to mum but she just refuses to accept the fact = =

Then saw WWE in TV3 and lol-ed. Great choreography man. WTF is this faggotry, run out from a coffin and stand beside you on the ladder. = =

So what can you do when you’re bored… well constrains imposed — hp credit expired, internet sucks, can’t sleep early.

God forbid mannnnnnn


Jap, French… I prefer English / Mandarin to both aforementioned.

16 lines… that’s call long. *stuns*

Well one just can’t treat things seriously lol.

I suddenly feel weird. *shrugs*


Or merely something is playing with my head.

God parents sleeping, I better move inside to my room, just pray hard that I can connect via my router. Damnit.

At times when you can use a lil motivation to continue striving further,
Alex. 12:09 AM 6/27/2008


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  1. stephanie Says:

    oh my god the emoticon damnnnnnnnnnnnnn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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