Weee lolz


I will only start blogging when winamp play nice songs. Lol.

Now playing — Enchanted OST – So Close

First of all, Firefox 3 FTW!!!

BTW out of randomness that day during FIrefox download Day I did something which will make either someone to go WOI or awww lol.

Not gonna post it here LOL.

Bite me.

I’ll keep it to myself, so?

I woke up just to find the clock strikes 1. God, so I switched on my lappie, turned on the music, and wash up, brush up, ate the pork noodles which is blank in colour for the soup, and then wasted 1 hour cleaning the roller for my chair. So that’s the damn part which is trapping all the hair and dust and whatever-allienated-items in there. Farkkk damn hard to pull strands of hair out. Well if you think that seeing this makes you go ewww, try pulling it until your forefinger and thumb sore. I ain’t friggin kidding, I can’t dismantle the bloody roller.

AH well.

After that I lurked around, and did the blockquote thingy for my skin desu.

Watched the 6 o’clock movie, and here is the synopsis of the day. Just important details.

The mother of the girl that the 2nd child of the family like (not hew cheng) said this in a discussion with Ming Wai and one of the characters in movie regarding guys being not loyal:
“lam yan mei dou 99, lui yan ngan dou um hor yi tou”
— a.k.a as long as men haven’t reach 99 years old women cannot ever divert their eyes from them”

Breaking news — Hew cheng is currently staying inside the residence (all thanks to the bitch’s suggestion)

Ming wai’s husband ‘caught red handed’ — it’s a setup by his English Teacher (which was bribed by that BITCH to trap that guy and ‘memporak-perandakan’ their relationship) and well yeah somehow everyone was there and kantoi-ed on the spot.

That ends synopsis of the day. (Well do I get a kiss for this? =P)

Then I continue watching TV2 and asked Alexa bout my skin… well blogskin lol.

Dinner, then Kit came and chatted quite a while, wasted my time outside. Well this happened and it’s not fictional. Lol.

I reached my laptop, first thing, check msn, then forgot that I changed IP, so I closed MSN. Reached skype, saw anna. So might as well say hi or just go nyaaaaaaaaaaaakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol. Double click on chat and then in that motion, she messaged.

Now, that moment right, I actually went… *stuns for 3 seconds* *wow*


Tell me about co-incidence. =P

… and so buy original, piracy sucks… hor? Lol.

I don’t support piracy… doesn’t mean that I don’t use them — Quek’s line XD

Wow it’s late.
Ah yeah anyway, I manage to get the blockquote done with transparency… well can be fine-tuned more later la, and then header, footer (a bit), the footer for the divs, and then maybe a swappable div for contents… random message ticker and stuffs… yada yada yada.

Gonna make it as clean and easy for readers. Later complain ‘oh I get lost in your blog’ XD.

But wait a min it’s gonna be… *ahem*


My legs hurt T_T

Thanks to the jogging… yeah painful but it felt good. =\


Guess that ends it.



Oh yeah I almost forgot this random quote I typed in Notepad.

“It’s nostalgic to be in my room at 8:55 PM 6/23/2008 when my winamp plays Elliot Yamin – Wait For You.”



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