Hirano Aya — God Knows


Now Playing — *points to title*

“How deep is your love”?

“What I’ve Done
I’ll face myself
To cross out what I’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what I’ve done”

I’ve always wanted to see you,always wanted to see you… That’s how I feel
When I pass through sleepness nights
I’m enveloped within the light and shadow you left behind, and I start crying”

My cry cannot reach the shadows I dreamt of on that day
No matter how I depict myself tomorrow, I am drenched in wishes that cannot disappear”

The dream I want to grasp, I was always being buried by my own answers to my questions within the interval of wishes
If it is your present self, will I be reflected in your happy eyes?”

The more I move forward on that path, the more distant it appears
Yet, I will keep on walking like this”

I lost myself in texts on a short night
The bright screen lights up the room and my loneliness
The same time, the same feeling of joyous longing
Jumping right over even this distance and time”

sweet love like I’ve seen in my dreams
lovers searching for hidden places
but in reality, the days we can’t meet continue on, but I believe in rolling days”

As 1000 nights pass, I long to tell you
I have to let you know
“I want you to love me, but I don’t think you will.”
I wander around as I repeat this to myself
It’s the only answer I have, even if I’m scared of getting hurt.
I’ll say “I love you” to the one I love
Even if my feelings aren’t returned, I can say “I love you” to the one I love
And that’s the most beautiful thing in the world


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