When I’m Gone


Now Playing — Eminem – Mockingbird

I always wanted to sing ‘When I’m Gone’… but it’s not applicable yet.

Too bad then.

Frequent readers head to the alternative source.

Last night… after giving my blogskin a final touch up, I was struck with instant migraine. Mild one. Nothing much that time… just not feeling well for my head.

Was chatting with Anna, and she’s stressing on her personal issues in Notts, then I helped her (not sure if it really helped, but better than nothing I hope =\), then showed everyone else my skin. Got positive replies, and Hui Joo today said, not bad at all (in Jap i forgot lolz). [Wonder if she attended Bon Odori]

A bit more, and then the skin is somewhat complete. Haha. No bugs up to date.

Preview link — Click Here

Ignore the header, I never bother to change it.

Yes Weroth as usual comments and critic lolz. Check the layout too, if it’s nice on your screen dimension or not.

After that at night, things started to turn ugly. I was somewhat pissed at the internet (as I didn’t restarted for 2 days, laptop, modem, and router), and then I have to wait…. wait and wait and wait. Then nevermind, thought of leaving it as it is and sleep… then steph mentioned of dota… that’s why I waited… wait then tuckie ask her on how to remove his newly pierced ear-ring. = =

Wait for a while longer, and starting to feel sick, under all of those factors.

Played, then something’s really wrong. I’m hugging my pillow and playing. After a while ‘no eye see’ at the game so I train my micro-ing skills (while I can’t think of anything lol).

*stones at ribena’s advertisement*


Yes I’m blogging in my hall. Lol.

Lappie… =D

Almost passed out, so in the end after that game I fell on my bed and tried to sleep.

I forgot that Automatic Updates IS REALLY A CRAP SOFTWARE CREATED BY M$. Restarted my comp. = = My torrents damn fuck it.


So I need to wait for it to verify, well it’s just a few hours left that time, so I dragged my feet outside and restarted the modem and router as well. Wait wait wait wait then see torrents moving, then went to sleep. Said farewell to her via sms and skype.

Then this morning woke up, oh shit.

Bugged Kristy to keep myself awake, brush up, and forced the whole ‘mi-tikus’ into my stomach. Dad came back around 1 something, and then I accompanied him out for his lunch while I drank 100 plus which saved me lol. Was playing rubik’s then. I even brought my formula sheet out XD

Now Playing — BoA – Lose Your Mind

Yes I’d lost mine. Lol. I don’t mind losing it for BoA lol.

“with you with you with you”

or better still

“williu williu williu williu” =P

lalala *humming My Way, Your Way – BoA feat WISE*


Escape from reality…

Which reminds me of Eminem’s song… Cleaning Out My Closet.

*rap kicks in

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against,
I have, i’ve been protested and demonstrated
against, picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look
at the times, sick is the mind of the
motherfuckin’ kid that’s behind

Last but not least, shine my skype like you always do please? =P




2 Responses to “When I’m Gone”

  1. weroth Says:

    not bad/not too shabby

    I personally like the symbol before the date. pretty good overall. good job!
    It shows up good in my screen. nothing seems out of place.

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Dude, she said something yaru janai or some thing like that. Haha. I heard that in anime before lolz.

    Thanks. Lol that symbol (post separator), I cincai create using Photoshop =P

    Oh ok. Cool.

    Wee~ Ah yeah I think you didn’t realise the comments. Lol. Did you click on the post and see how the comments look like? Lol.

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