Yes. Nothing can be better than pictures as the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. So there you have it in the title a good ol’ O_O.

Today… had never been better… and had never been worse.

So first half I was laughing like a cynical bastard (wait I am = =), drooling over whatever random stuffs that comes into my mind, until I start coding my blogskin. = =|||

Fark yeah I finished like… 70% of it. For the curious ones, http://expskin.blogspot.com

It’s gonna be up for 3 days and then change link due to privacy issues.

Forget about the header it’s the same as my old blog one so I lazy to change and never have the chance to create the ‘header’ that I wanted to =\ so forget bout the header will you?

Next, I spent like 3 days coding the damn skin, and yeah only around the 2nd day I got enlightened and OOOOHHH so that’s the fucking secret to it… bloody dd dt and loops. Fuck you blogspot. Lol.

Now… nothing much to rant as coding for WordPress will be multiple times tougher… or maybe exponential growth. =| Look at goldfries blog… nice… arranged… and code is like… @_@

Yes exactly I’m @_@ right now due to the marathon effect of coding my blogskin. @_@|||

Migraine now. Mild one lah.

Gonna turn into a nerd soon (wait I am now -__-) when uni starts.

God… 65. Fark.


Now Playing — Lucky Star OST – kona-yta-mina-tangs be Altered Scale

Some random Jtrance beat lolz.

I like valentine day kiss. Lol. Nyaaaaakuuuu>D

Nothing beats my intuition. Lolz.

Hope to improve it.



At least a simple nice also make me feel… oh ok.

I want to kill Konataaaaaaa

This is spartaaaaaaaaaa my blog.

Kyaaaa >”<



Someone’s been stalking.


Forget it.

Like he says, *tut* not the only one.

*tut* *tut*


Nyaaa =3

Ehhhto, ‘Rass’ failed IPTA. =\ Poor guy.


Rubiks… oh rubiks…. my dearest and poor rubiks… T_T Worn out so fast ady sticker peeling off ady. T_T

I wish I have one ton of them lol.

= =|||

F2L… need to watch the video again.

Today is a very blur day… very. I never even noticed a message in my taskbar. = =|||






*scratches head*


Now Playing — Sachi Tainaka – Kimi to no Ashita (chose this song randomly)

Saber… T_T

here we go again.

I think I shall follow the path of sUBs… but first… I need to abandon my nickname…

But doing that…

it’s the same thing as committing hara-kiri, and then reborn. = =

Pride dude.


Problem with social networking sites…

Duno la don’t care ady.

Just finish my skin can ady.

I wouldn’t spend 3 days over it if it means nothing to me would I?

BTW, nottingham foundation dudes this year currently still studying… you guys have lots more to learn.

Blog and bitch about people… (well I do that lol). But wth. Gossips. WTF. Dude. Even though I’m free during foundation, at the very fucking least I won’t be THAT FREE to bitch about other people. Retards.

Well back when the days where I always camp in the computer lab TISCRA 1 front row and back row with my sleeping pillow that I actually walked around campus carrying it regardless of it being day or night.

Legendary sleeper over here.

Hopefully I get some kind of dream tonight when I sleep… as I don’t want to think anymore.

Let’s see what my upper half tells me this time lol.

And yes helping people is fun… but at times you just can’t help feeling being used… sigh. It’s just me, it just have to hit me at times. =\

Being a good person… is good… for other people BUT YOU.


CC is the worst place I could be in………………………………….. if it weren’t COABH… I won’t be there.

Farrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk secret garden T_T

Now Playing — Secret Garden – Song From A Secret Garden


*sound of violin*

I don’t know… I hope it’s worth it… even though it’s just a skin.

Well of course it would be better for me if I could do “trace on” and then start typing all the codes out just like that lol.

Ah yes. Random topic.

NTV7’s 6 o’clock show… I watch ady I want to puke blood ady. That bloody bitch… so it’s her that is behind all of this mishaps for that family. I want to see her dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee in the end.

Bloody evil.

Well that’s what I said to my mum while watching and coding my skin whilst in front of the TV. = =

Ah… WTB — Talent. Any cheap offers?

I never knew that the formulas I always use is actually Petrus’s. O_O

Until I stumble upon the beginner site and read properly. O_O


No wonder I can reach 1 min just like that… now if my F2L is like 20 secs… I can finish in 40 secs. O_O



= =

Ahhhhh whatever lah.

Time’s up. Pens down.



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