Screenshot FTW


Click to enlarge image

I’d been stoning and laughing like and idiot today. =X

Lol I’m smiling again = =

Now Playing — Coronation – StarDust OST

Cool music btw.

P/s — nice singing too XD =P

*8PM Sharp Edit


I’m just lazy… if not I can finish the skin. It will be my greatest achievement so far lol… even though others will not notice it.

Was chatting with Enig last night… about my results and his… wonder how’s his. (Yes mine came out first compared to his which is still pending by the time of posting)

Hot~ (usually this is what you say to me)

“Bright cold silver moon… tonight alone in my room”~

Gotta go back to room very soon, battery flatting.

Yes, 6 – 7 PM is no longer the same. =\


*yawns* brb. [AC]


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