Weeeeeee and O_O Rule [2.4]


“There’s no price for awesomeness”

Yes!!!! My average 65 XDDD

But none of my subjects got lower than 60 muahhahahah but not higher than 70 = =|||

And this world is so small.

What are the odds of a friend’s friend liking another friend’s friend.

It’s like… O_O||| and =OOOOOOOO

But ah well XD

Shit happens XD

Wee. So no play play for next sem onwards XD

*takes a deep breath*



I manage to settle the layout ady… left skinning… and color choosing.


Updates later.


*1 AM edit

Jan’s dog is cute. =P

Rourou =3


One Response to “Weeeeeee and O_O Rule [2.4]”

  1. weroth Says:

    not bad eh

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