I’m Lost… Someone bring me home please?


Now Playing — SonicFlood – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

I’m seriously lost.

Just like the screenshot.

Internet slow due to torrenting… I finally manage to get *wtf is the video name again goes check* Fallen by Daniel Garcia. Talked to Caleb about it, and he says his performance not that good already… well compared to my lousy skills currently I suck way deeper *err* I mean mine’s more sucky compared to his.

I don’t know what I’m doing now lol.

Witness by Lee Asher gonna complete quite soon, and others are left to torrent.

Ok lah, I’ll briefly highlight what I’d been through today.


(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
awwww how cute
*censored* says:
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
hm aiyer what?
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
*censored* says:
blur is not cute.
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
blur is cute!
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
*censored* says:
blur is bad.. coz everyone will laff
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
that’s cute!
(F)     [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅]         eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™     → *Last Dance With Me* says:
*censored* says:
whoa… gei ni zha dao

Lol. Blur FTW. XDD

*breathe in and breathe out* *coughs*

I forgot what time I woke up… ah yeah around 12. I forgot what I’d dreamed today… it’s a half asleep dream… as I am aware of my surroundings partially when I’m having a dream… a.k.a didn’t sleep well. T_T

Woke up, mum called. “still haven’t wake up ah?! we’re coming back blablabla” then I went… aih… switched on my lappie and blasted songs to make me awake… so went and wash up and bath. Ate lunch, and then watched ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’. I find it quite nice, despite the fact that other people say it sucks as it’s in English. It’s ok what. I am quite fond of the storyline… maybe due to the fact that I like the ‘original’ storyline heh. Parents didn’t complain, so I’m fine with it. Yes, I’m using my laptop lol.

First Anna misscalled. She pressed the wrong button. I’m like O_O What? when I see the buttons appear in the movie somewhere in the background of China XD My mum was like eh who’s calling you? Lol.

Then after that steph messaged and I say brb.

Kristy messaged and I chatted with her since my mum went out when I paused the movie. Manage to had a glimpse on the speedcubing youtube videos.

I definitely learned something for my F2L. Wahahha. But so damn hard… T_T really need to master it. Time constrain for myself, 1 week must tapao.

Then around 3/4 of the movie Anna ‘Away’, and the sisters have to go back to MMU ady. A new sem is starting today.

So after the movie, tea break, and I forgot what I did = = Well nothing much to highlight anyway, just that at night ate KFC cos Father’s Day. Ah yeah wished dad last night. Lol.

Mum keep on nagging for her present = = I didn’t go out to town what can I get for you = =||| and dad = =||

Today I need to take photograph for my L license… as those are way smaller than passport-sized photographs. That means I’m getting a haircut lol.

Sigh. Tired lol.

Not feeling well today.

My intuition… is…

Well, it’s something else this time.


Now Playing — TopLoader – Dancing In The Moonlight

Hmm now only my winamp plays all the cool songs. Hmm.

Witness completed. Hmm.

Demonoid is back (I’m downloading from there anyway lol).

Downloaded a few vids from youtube regarding rubiks.

I look at my friendster also I will feel sad ady. Look at the testimonials also sad. Then look at those people that viewed me also feel sad wtf lol.

Hmm was never expecting myself to change drastically. Well I know one change when time goes by but I don’t know it’s that fast lol.

Foundation was the real kicker.

Degree is the real wake-up call.

A few months ago was the signal of impending doom.

Was trying to record me using F2L + OLL + PLL (Rubik’s) but phailed cos too long and sucky. Deleted all .__.

‘Grudges against you’.

Damn I’m hungry ;_;


Now Playing – Chata – Dango daikazoku

Yes Weroth I have this song too XDXD and your reply is FTW… man I wished I had that song for play during sex like what you did LOL.

= =

It seems like when one is soooooo bored for 4 months, one would like to have homework to do… but for me… It’s the exact opposite. O_O||| I hate homework lolz.

Well it doesn’t change the fact that I hate to study. ;_;

… and it tips off the fact that I’m weird. Lol.

Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Daikazuku


Well I still prefer Va len tine Day Kisssssssssss uuuuuuuu XD

Oh okay.

Now Playing — Kenny G – Careless Whisper (Ft. Brian Mcknight)

Lol was shuffling my playlist. Then eh? Oh ok. Lol.


Eh? I just noticed that security restrictions have been put into that ‘section’.

Great… it happens… everytime. Never fails NOT TO HAPPEN.

Guess there goes my last bit of motivation to create ‘something’.

Nevertheless the project is still ON.

I’ll just have to find something less interesting LOL.

= =

Regardless… as long as it’s still the same object. ;_;

But still…

I hope my photographic memory for that section is still there ~_~

Suddenly I have a doubt for my current thought.

Awh wth.

Aaaaaaaah I dunno laaaaaaaaaaaaaa


= =


Anyone selling ‘feelings’? WTB — ‘Calmness’ for 30 seconds for me solving rubik’s in 1 minute. XD

My firefox is loaded with rubik’s pages. @_@

I’m starting to regret… =( Lol.

Ah well…

You wouldn’t know you lost something till it’s gone. That’s what you call chance.

Lol I suddenly remember a motivational poster, a girl on top of a guy (fell down situation), and it says “Opportunity – It only knocks once”

Oh great…

Wow I actually dragged until 1033 words just now. Lol.

I dunno lah… I seriously dunno…

I dunno what I’m dunno-ing

*heaves a sigh of despair*

maybe this is the end of me

*stares at my air-cond*

*drawing circles in mid air*

“It’s all coming back to me now…”



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