3:31 AM


I supposed to be sleeping… not good for my liver.

But I think… it… should be…

So just ended a particularly weird game with Steph, storm vs razor… I really have to tekan kaw kaw only can win.

Ish…. storm too powderful ady.

F2L… here I come.

I can write all kinds of stuffs… be it funny, sad, emotional, angry, curse, dissing, touching, romantic, etc… but I feel like there’s no longer the purpose.

I really have a feeling that all of my blogs are turning too personal ady.

Doesn’t disregard the fact that this blog have a lot of foreign links… to two or three articles only.

Basically no one knows about the existance… besides when someone stalks me.

As a just in case measure…

Now Playing — Emi Fujita – Faitheless Love

“Faitheless Love…”

Nice song.

I don’t know. I tell it out, I do not know the consequences. Am I willing to take the risk and play?

I really don’t know. It’s not up to me I guess. I don’t hold the cards.

Just that come to think of it after all these while… seem to be a waste.

It’s still a mystery for me myself. =|

To test someone’s intelligence is very easy… just ask a simple question and see how far would they go to answer it.

Unawareness is always the best way to get information… else you think how will they be able to scam your information via online banking, this and that?

Art of Deception, it is called.

Again, it all boils down to intuition, logical thinking, feelings. Which should I trust now?

I know my life seems to be “it’s now or never”… it happened too many times that I couldn’t recall.

I need some inspiration… not just another random intuition or logical expression.

Have a lot to learn… indeed.

Now if only I possess *goes check* “excellent powers of logic and reason, and an insightful and detached mentality” like someone LOL.


I’d been thinking too much.

No point emo-ing, that’s the point. Emo kills braincells. Lol.

At least I know mine was damaged lolz.

Bad sector in HDD… that sucks I know. Lolz.

Actually I skipped lunch… can save some money as the food there sucks and I have no appetite after seeing the toilet… so ate sandwich. Then came back ate a bit and visited the sinsheh… and came back and devoured another sandwich… no appetite ady.

Not feeling well for the night, tho I still manage to learn new moves for rubiks. Power of Youtube.

Then around 12 something when anna complained that she’s having a headache it struck my head too… wait since like 9pm?

Then after a while reading here and there waiting for time to pass everything seems ‘fine’ after that. Wanted to dota with Viruz and Voodee but both hesitated… viruz cannot login I think, voodee say GGC too many noobs = =

But then… I don’t know.

God, I’m lost.

False memories… memories of nobody… Senna (bleach)… False hope…


Now Playing — Maksim – Croatian Rhapsody

One of the only song that manage to make me into ‘trance’ mode.

Need to try this with speedcubing… lol.

Yeah this is it. Today.

Let see what happens today…

My heart… just feels…… that way.



2 Responses to “3:31 AM”

  1. stephanie Says:

    eh eh.. hahahahahah i play it and you dance ok? XD

  2. stephanie Says:

    eh yesterday.. damn sweet lah ur family…….. T.T jelezzzzzzz!!!!

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