Additional Info =P


Ok lah… since someone complained that it’s just 8 sentences… this is some additional info lor =P

And just now was playing Motekke Sailorfuku (Raki Suta)

and now… *wubs*

Now Playing — Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love

Awww. *mellows* I love you Winamp.

Tired… I just came back from Mambang Diawan… it’s actually Mambang Di-Awan. (At the sky, yes). One of the most packed communists town in the country, way back during Tanah Melayu’s era. For those who actually studied and noticed it in the Form 5 History book, congrats, well done, you’d performed well. =D

Yeah I was there to see the sinsheh, or what you call… err… ‘tabib’. Lol. I forgot the word in English, someone remind me please? Thanks.

Dad lah, I just came back from Tambun from that car course thingy, tired and thought of online and sleep… and I didn’t have lunch… T_T

Alright, guess I’ll start from this morning.

Real kicker. I thought I’m not gonna have any more dreams… but when I thought I don’t have any, one came. A very weird, unexpected, sweet dream that dropped my jaw after I woke up and I manage to get a grip of myself and realised it. I swt-ed at first but I’m… quite happy =P

Well… maybe it’s called psychology effect, we used skype ‘too long’ ady. =P So before I woke up, I suddenly have a vision (well I’m dreaming) so I alt+tab at my laptop and look at my skype’s contact list. All offline… then suddenly see Steph online… Ok, so I messaged her why so late?! 4 am? You need to see your aunt… Then she replied you too lah you need to take your car course. I thought you’re supposed to be sleeping now O_O. Come to think of it I’m actually XD-ing still lol.

Then I said… something sweet lor. Got a sweet reply too. Ok, maybe that sounds superficial but what the heck it’s my dream so I care. =P Lol XD

So I woke up when BoA – Waiting played. Then after I manage to realise what happened in the dream, I laughed, and rolled on the bed, waiting for my mum to drag me up XD Lazy mah. Then after a while mum didn’t call me and I heard the sound of motorcycle leaving the house, which means she’s out to get food for us.

Hesitating, but I still stand on my feet and ‘float’ed to the sink and wash up. Took a bath, and dressed accordingly. Dad asked me, you wash your head? = = I told him, “Take bath mah, cannot wash head one meh?” = =||| Then he mentioned something about washing head in the morning blablabla I didn’t really pay attention to that as the hair dryer is quite loud lol and I just woke up. = =

Mum came back, I ate, then followed the uncle to that place. With a girl inside. Side face looks a bit like Kah Min *facepalm* but Kah Min’s way prettier than her la LOL.

= =
Ok ahhaha, then I… sign in? Went to the class, I actually missed my rubik’s so much, I should have brought it there, so damn bored as it’s not time for class yet. We went there early, as usual.

After listening to the course for the first 3 hours, I dozed off the last 30 mins. I never even noticed I dozed off = = Then when I woke up I see him handing us back our IC so I =3 and waited lor *in my heart I went yay I rested a bit XD*

Got my IC, went back to the counter, sign out, and sign in again, for practical session.

I tell you the damn clutch ah… cos my leather shoe is thick (I wore formal dress back hometown, didn’t wear not bring my sport shoe back… GG) and it slipped. Can barely feel what I’m stepping, hence the car died quite a few times, on the hill too. Then that fella keep ranting and tell me don’t let go the clutch. I know lah I drove Kwang’s car before lah yorrrr = =||

But then it’s quite fun driving around, but controlling my legs to the accelerator and clutch at the same time while releasing the handbrake is PITA… damn hard for me. *eh I drove less than 2 times ok?*

Almost crashed into the incoming lorry, he told me, then I stepped on the break, didn’t E-break lah, still far. XD

Hmm, today there’s 2 cute girls there… well compared to the previous ones, I rate this very good ady XD

The one that catches my eye, she looked like someone in one of those random photographs I have in my computer. Lol.

I’m tired.

Ah yeah, I skipped lunch, but I ate the sandwich I brought there, emergency food supply XD Too many ppl there buying lah, and it’s expensive, plus after seeing floating shit in the toilet I said, sandwich is good enough. = =|||

Real life shit beats all those 2 girls 1 cup thingy. XD

I never watch that vid, and will never will.

Answer for someone, yes I blog a lot. XD

It’s 6pm now… I wonder how’s her aunt. She have my regards, and hope she have a speedy recovery.

Which reminds me, Sempurna MIA-ed until today… guess something really happened. God bless that poor soul.

Ah yeah, the ‘tabib’ asked me after he inspect my body and count my pulse, “you sleep very late hor” I went “O_O yeah”… then after a few secs he said “Waa everything inside is so damn hot huh”, and “is your shit dry?” I XD-ed a bit and replied, “err ok lah, maybe sometimes? XD”

He shot me on the head by saying I sleep late which caused me to have liver failure. O_O Well not really failure yet thank god but it’s not performing at the rate of what it should be. *stuns*

… and I prove my mother wrong. There’s nothing wrong with my lungs! XD Yay =D

I actually think a lot during the class… a lot. Random thoughts, I even build castles in the air. x_x

I think I have the answer to my questions now. Lol.

Tell me about inspirational thoughts XDDDD

I’m gonna break my record 1 min in rubik’s cube… Grrrr.

Last night hand itchy, so grab a pack of cards and started recording =D Too bad I suck at my sleights, and I forgot most of it *drawing circles on the floor* but what the hell XD

I remembered why I didn’t blog so much that time… I didn’t want to make what I’d posted look fake. 😉


Guess later at night I’ll take the medication prescribed.

So before I end this, I’ll spend 1 min to pray for the need and recover fast for all.

God bless.




2 Responses to “Additional Info =P”

  1. T.C Says:

    You have a wonderful soh, btw.. (seriously)

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Soh? o-O???

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