I have a weird feeling that something big is gonna turn up this weekend… been bugging me for a few days.

Silverhawk is correct, I’m hoping something. Man…

So now Hock Ken owes me Pizza Hut. Yay.

Things will not happen twice… like “pisang tidak akan berbuah kali kedua”.

Well if it really happens, it’s gonna be the end of the world.

Writing in BM really pisses me off as I forget how to use it. = = It’s been 2 years… and I ‘ ‘ drastically.

Now Playing — Seihai – F/SN OST

Yes, the correct song for current atmosphere.

Wait, the next one seems better. Talk about solemnity… F/SN ones really damn sombre.

I feel like… there is no tomorrow. I’m trapped within the surrogate of myself.

Perhaps it’s time to learn that it should be that way.

Well, at least I’m still conscious now.

Geez why my room so hot one despite the fact that my air-cond is on = =

Sometimes I do wonder why am I born as Scorpio… planet of the extremes.

Yeah, there’s humanist, naturalist, and extremist. Take a guess.

So she said we deceive people huh? Well I have to admit that it’s the fact. Collateral deceiving happens too… it’s all based on the person itself, on how to portray it. Once it gets out of control, it will be our-so-called delusional piece of mind.

‘Art of Deception’ by Kevin Mitnick really teaches a lot of stuff… and I just had a glance of it.

Didn’t read Harry Potter (knew it lol).

My ego is over 9000 (tested and proven all around the world)

My line is giving me problems… The irony part, I can do everything using 60.54.*.* IP besides accessing to GArena. What can I do? Go burn TM phone line?

Tried to master Heise’s method, but still stuck after the squares. I’ll see what I can do.

This Saturday is my car course. 6 hours. God.

My silhouette is no longer there… in ___ place. I know it’s time to ____ away.

Scorpio, scorpio.

Now I understand why “With great power comes great responsibility”.

I really hope someone can knock it off my head.

I’m just a sad… guy. *mental breakdown*

Ah yeah just finished dota-ing with smacky plus AI+ easy = = Sniper… powderful late game. But still lag. Sigh. At least *note the keyword* we played.

Well, am I that scary?




2 Responses to “Premonition?”

  1. fjamer Says:

    yep., ur.
    piece of mind, or peace of mind??

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Piece of my mind.

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