One word — Sober.

Bad connection… very bad. Managed to get KungFu Panda done. Gonna watch it tomorrow.

It’s late. Guess there’s nothing much to highlight about.

Heise method… gonna master it.

Why… must I be sober.

… and I never knew my Winamp is still playing.

Am I wasting my time?

Study partner. Lol, good idea. Need more motivation.

Unawareness is always the best intuition decision making.


Gotta listen to the car course this weekend, either Sat or Sun. Uncle Chooi will call.

45/50… guess it’s still ok. Can’t beat Voodee’s record for 49/50 in 7 minutes. Ah well, how long it took him to memorise everything, and how less of my effort threw inside to memorise it… can’t be blamed. As long as I pass the exam ok ady.

I don’t really care about marks besides education marks now.

MMU, new start eh.

Ouch, I just tore my mouth. *slight pain* but it’s nothing much, really. Physical pain can’t kill you. Well at least minor pain like this lol.

I’ll end here. I’m… err… period.



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