SC gang… damn funny. Lol. COABH gang, damn sober XD

Can never stop laughing at their jokes XD

This morning woke up with nice songs, nice combo but in the middle damn trance song damn putus stim = =
But now playing Song from a Secret Garden… = = sombre-ness lol.

Been thinking too much this morning… blur-ness always kicks in the wrong time. If not I won’t be blur right?

I’ll see what’s next.


Weroth, god damn your assignment marks… how I wish I got almost full for mine XDXD

Anyone with Rapidshare Premium Account message me I’ll help you to utilise your bandwidth.

I love notts… lol.

Thought of the day:

Gamers who play dota == or != to Dotards?



edit – wtf Imeem needs Itunes. So gay.


One Response to “Lmao”

  1. weroth Says:

    LOL. Piece of advice. This is what I told myself: This is something you gotta do for yourself, not for anyone else. No one is gonna hold your hand and say “Everything will be alright.” You have no one to depend but yourself.

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