Rule [2]


Scrap Post 7:16 PM 6/9/2008

Now Playing — Hirano Aya – God Knows

Just finished watching Please Teach Me English (Korean Movie). Quite funny. “watashi…” *hums*

That day I watched “Art Of Seduction”… players movie. Lol. That’s a good one right there. Quite a number of catchy phrases too. A bit unrealistic, due to the fact that I’m not there yet, so I fail to believe that it will happen… lol.

Internet down… while I’m downloading gunbound around 69%… >”< grr

If I could simulate my current heartbeat… it would be the following:

*saves printscreen*

Yes… it’s just the same as the graph.

Now Playing — F/SN OST – Anata ga Ita Mori (TV Size)

Nice song… Now I understand why Caleb likes this song so much that he could loop this song for the whole night. Very meaningful lyrics.

Saber… T_T My ‘Saber’…

Downloading KungFu panda… damn line. I’m gonna call TM tonight.

Today… first time… never GG-ed yet.

Sudden change of timetable… due to the fact that internet has been failing me…

… and someone is stalking me.

*Va len tine dayyyyyy kissssss uuuu* XD

Raki Suta desu~~~~

If I have a revolver with me now I’ll definitely gun down not Kagami but of course Konata grrrrrr… lol.

Tomorrow’s test… I’ll prepare everything by tonight.

It’s been gloomy today.

I’d been hugging my bolster for as long as I can remember.

God… bread crumps with ants. BRB.

AC. 7:26 PM 6/9/2008


Rule number 2

Trust your instincts, not your feelings.

Lesson learned? Ok.

3 minutes difference… and between Triple Scorpio and not. Lol.

Downloading KungFu panda… hopefully can finish by tomorrow. Played dota 1 match due to the rapidshare waiting time… got axe and swapped with furion, and lost. Can win one, those idiots just died suddenly and lost the whole game = =.

Saw lilgirl online in Skype. I went o_O and said hi. Then after quite sometime only got reply, apparently the connection in that cc sucks. = =

Anna was like… lol. Chilling out… yeah you better do so. Lol.

hiatus = a break.

Was slightly upset at times… esp when I can’t understand Heise method. = =|||

I think I better off now. Read Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) = = Never even touched that.

Alright, wish me luck for undang tomorrow. Jya~neh.

Signing off,




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