This morning… I woke up at around 9 or 10 I think 9… someone called… quite noisy background sound, and I tulan… cos so damn early and I can’t hear jackshit… so I stopped the call, dropped the phone, and went to sleep. Around 10 TM called me again, and I just say oh ok ok ok bye. Then dragged myself to the laptop, played “where are you”, and went back to sleep.

Woke up around 1 something… mum chased me out of bed… ask me to have my lunch.

Then I stayed in the room… played dota, she sms-ed. Then later in the evening… watch TV lor. Was playing rubik’s cube… and suddenly I just think of…

Took my bath, and then dinner. Was watching “The Art Of Seduction”, a korean movie, quite funny lol just around 10 mins then I go out and take my dinner… it’s around 9PM. Claypot Chicken Rice… woo. Then saw… eh?! Train Man? I straight away sit down and keep laughing… cos I understand how that guy feel… and the japanese emoticons are super kawaii~ lol. It’s just funny… and the girl quite brave. Haha.

But in the end, don’t really get it… wonder why the Densha Otoko The Series was actually linked with this Densha Otoko the movie… I need some JDrama fans to clarify this for me.


Ah well.

Just after the movie finished… Kok Hoe called. I’m like eh? “Hi boss fan kao mei?” lol. Then 5 mins later come and fetch me go yumchar. = =

Went to the toilet, changed, and weeee off to mamak. First went to “tin wu” or whatever cocked-up english name they give it. Ate Bubur Caca… Lol. Then chatted till jaws drop. It’s been 2 years. Kar Mun, Jun Soon came too. Saw Kok Hoong… and lc Simon (I couldn’t give a shit anyway, don’t want to greet then fine lor), and other random ppl.

Then… supposedly went to the market for something to eat… as the shop is closing… = = so off we left to Kampar Market… and nothing left there too… all closing ady. Man, at night Kampar is really a dead town.

Now Playing — Bellefire – What Hurts The Most (lol random)

Err, went back to Bandar Baru again… = = Sorry Kar Mun… there goes your petrol… we wanted to belanja him makan for bringing us makan but he never eat or drink during the second session… = =

So went to Gurney’s Corner (roti canai sucks! Dhal too!) and ordered. Talked here and there, dota, this and that. A lot. Until I feel that I have a sorethroat. Gg.

Steph sms-ed. Was informed that someone watched the replay several times already… cannot play watch also good. =(

Then she’s leaving at 8AM tomorrow… I mean today.

Tried calling her and she thought that I play missed call. = =


So after the second session, they sent me back, it’s around 2 something ady… now it’s like 2:41 AM. = =|||

Brushed up, and blogging now.

While I’m brushing my teeth I suddenly hear the music… “He’s the reason of the teardrops on my guitar…” damn loud… it’s not really loud, but clear, as it’s at night… I’m like… ok…

How many ways to say okay? – okay, ok, okeh (lol), OK, okie, okies, okiezz, a ok, ok bitch, <insert here>

Back to topic, so I started blogging now due to request… a request which I cannot reject…

I’m particularly sober right now…

Guess that’s all. I’ll pour more somewhere.

eXP (was called as is)

*edit — I saw someone that looked like Kristy. = =



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