Heart… scared…


Well was chatting with Anna, and I suddenly remembered that… my exam results… oh god.

I think leaving TSF isn’t that bad afterall, I might learn to appreciate TSF once I left… I took things for granted. =((

Now Playing — Josh Groban – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Sweet song… *wub*

Lisa is as caring as ever. =)

I wonder if anyone really bothers to read my blogposts… as most of them come for F_D, not my personal stuffs… and since I closed Googlebot spidering bloghits dropped drastically as if someone closed the pipe while the water is flowing… to me now bloghits matters nothing… only thing matters is I can convey what I wanted in freedom and it won’t be used against me.

Freedom of expression, which is what I don’t have.

Random thought — It’s a good thing if someone blushes for you.

Was spamming in SC… lol. Now waiting Cubbie for the results… nyhahaahhahha XD

God, my waist hurts… maybe the way I sit. T_T Was sitting in the living room for the whole night until I got my router issue sorted… I hope it stays the way it is now.

I want to download KungFu Panda… XD

Lilgirl didn’t online today… and she complain cannot online… well Murphy’s at action again…



After further reading, I think I’m starting to accept myself for the way I am… well feeling this way, at the very least I know it’s part of me, and it’s normal… to feel that way. I won’t change it, as it can’t be changed in the first place… and I will just let it be. After that as long as it doesn’t affect my day then I’m fine with it.

No point struggling over it. It will just waste my effort and mood.

I’ll probably add a counter in blogspot. *hint* (doink, gotcha)

I don’t feel like typing much today… been sad for the whole evening… now feeling better after that dota match… first time no one leave and a complete 5v5 game. Tho opponent left last minute when about to gg. Haha.

I still have the replay… I can back it up. Tho my mirana lousy lah, but ellokawan says my ulti time damn on time one. =D =D =D

1 more day till I quit dota… or maybe not. =(

I feel like…


*heaves a blank sigh*

I’ll walk out.




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