This is a random title. (3214)


The following is a random sentence:
I think I found a list of blogs-to-read from now on… if only it’s earlier. Lol.

K nexttttttttt (not sing K punya K ok?) [Damn I love parodying XD]

*skips song*

Now Playing — Shimizu Kaori – he_yo_reason&mechanique

I always like Jap songs… wahahhahahha. Not because that they sound cute… nooooooo but for the fact that they have a unique tune to it… something like JTrance or that feel… ahh… orgasm to the ears… at times. Lol. Well having that said, I have to exclude “yamateh” as it’s annoying LOL. XD
(that is if you watch Japanese porn and you understand what it means XD)

So, *changes song*

Now Playing — Kawai Kenji – Kagayake Shounen Shoujo

Ah… how I wish to enjoy life with her with this song as BGM (damn I watched F/SN too many times issit XDDDDDDDD)

Back to where we halted, it’s just funny that such a short paragraph being able to convey the message to effectively with such beautiful phrases and words… just wonderful. Tell me about being praised if you have good English… The thing is, I can notice what other people’s mistake, not my own (well if I’d noticed it myself, I will correct it, and it’s no longer a mistake fgs).

Thanks to Nathaniel, I found the word I’d been searching for… the word I’d go up the hill down the valley just to get the exact, accurate word for it… and here I present you the word, “almanac”. = =

I remember using it before, and I’d definitely remember that during my secondary school. God forbid, why would I forget it… = = Ish.

I’d been to blinky’s blog… very insightful and interesting languaged used. Well, he as a writer should be better in playing around with sentences compared to the rest right? Lol. Tho the fact that he was heartbwoken… too bad bro. *added to stalk list XD*

Decluelessone… personal ady. Tak boleh dah. Now, if only I know how to hack blogspot wahahhahaha XD *ok I’m obviously daydreaming lulz*

So… where shall I start harping (wee =D) on and on and on… till eternity… as long as mankind can breathe, so shall thy’s blog. (woot, it’s a parody of shakesphere’s work wooooot XD)

Saber… awww *wub* as elegant as ever. Likes tiger soft toys. Lol. I can still remember that episode… Damn cute… well me being a fan of hers of course I’ll say she’s cute XDD If only I have her gasha or figurine… *ponders* She somehow reminds me of… her.

Ok today I’ll learn how to reverse… (I have to learn it during practical classes for my license soon anyway XD) I’ll start from what happened today then “ghost-turn” back.

I’mma chatting with Viruz… that good-for-dota-nothing-else guy. Lol. (Sorry lah I have to say as such as it’s kinda true… got assignment you duwan to do now wait tomorrow morning rush = =) that fella keep dc rc dc rc until like there is no tomorrow. = = So I waited, waited, and keep waiting until he manage to get into the damn room.

God knows, but I hate anything that starts with J and ends with K. = =

Music choice is very important during dota matches… it determines whether you can farm or not, can pwn or get pwnd, or can you actually survive in that game… = =||| Learnt my lesson today… next day onwards… I’ll loop the damn song. XD No more freaking slow jazz.

When all boils down to none, what can one do…

Tho I got thrashed in the game… it’s still fun. As long as she’s playing… =P

You know why, because I can say fat panda =P Lol.
(I’m just talking cock so that I don’t look like a fanboy *ahem*)
Err… this morning… I woke up, moody. Last night lah, wanted to sleep at 2:30 AM… the same damn syndrome I face that time for L license class… insomnia. God, that sucked deeply into the deepest blackhole. (where else you want? lol)

… and so I defragged my system. XD Played minesweeper too… it’s addictive… who says DotA is addictive when you have a software created by the ever-so-genius Microsoft Cooperation called “Minesweeper”… wow, ain’t that sound cool? Lol.

My mouse pula got problem ady… Worst come to worst I might really get a Razor Krait… (eh very expensive ady, I’m a poor stud) It’s a luxury for me to have a laptop itself, don’t even talk about expensive peripherals. Woot. Unless I work with my own hands and buy it with my own money. Now we’re talking.

… and YES Kristy, thank YOU for telling me that I’m lifeless. = =

I know I am.

Which brings me to this current hot topic of mine: Should I continue my malware removal training or not?

It’s like… I know I can pull it off currently as I still have time and INTERNET. I can help people, gain knowledge, and then get better while I’m at it. Pass the test, and then get promoted as an analyst, and start pwning malware.

Downside is, I’ll have to endure everything again… which is what I’m willing to, as a STA currently (Senior Trainee Analyst). Reading HJT logs aren’t really the major PITA… failure in removing malware is the PITA. We’re talking about real life machines where normal users use in life, for their daily needs, not some dummy box like VM for my VM Battles.

So here’s the catch… if I continue… I’ll be able to fill up the gap when someone goes to MMU for further studies… and I’ll get to finish what I’d stopped earlier (due to exams, overflow of work, NO INTERNET) Else, I’ll hang there just like hangman = =

Guess if I really made my decision, I’ll PM Lisa and see how I proceed from there. I’m gonna take that responsibility and put it on my shoulder, like what I did, once again.

Guess most of my readers wouldn’t know jack about what I’m yapping about, let me tell you something, ever heard of ASAP? It’s an acronym for Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals™. TechSupportForum (TSF) is in as one of the schools for educating people in malware removing… which is the one sUBs recommended to me way back aeons ago (well 2 years = =).

Here’s the link for more info — Click Here

So most of you will be guessing, what will I be doing? How can I help?

I’ll be requesting logs from user, analyse it (well that’s why we are call analysts, but I’m just STA now heh) and provide fixes for the user.

The same thing like what I did for Steph… just that it’s really short for hers as she’s damn lazy to do it back then when I have to yell her to restart her computer. = =

Now Playing — Lucky Star no Minna – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

… and one of my parent woke up. God knows if it’s my dad or mum… better hope it’s mum… if it’s dad I’m DEAD.

Oh great, it’s my dad. = =

Ah well.

I think the main cause of my sorethroat this morning was that small, tiny, neatly packaged in golden wrapper, delicious and fattening Ferrero Roche… Aih. But later on pump water only then ok ady… and mum bought me curry puffs… GG lah tomorrow morning. Sure KO ady.

It’s like I’m the lord of Death… as mentioned by Cubbie. = = Well come to think of it, the world’s solemnity is at my fingertips… not really but in Pluto’s house… (astrology). So I will have the advantages and drawbacks of Scorpio, entirely. I’m a good example for a complete full set Scorpio. = =


Which means the first thing that I will encounter… Jealousy.

Yes, I’m jealous when Steph plays dota with Viruz… because I can’t play damnit XD

Triple Scorpio FTW. =D (well, at the very least, it’s powderful. Muahahah XD)

Back to topic… so yeah I’d been reading lines and lines from logs… who am I to complain where sUBs and tetonbob and the whole bunch of them in TSF and ASAP allied forums are helping people 24/7 whenever they can… Really respect them.

Imagine them spending their own time to educate us, HJT helpers. They’re burning their own personal time just to educate and guide us so that we can help others by the time we graduate. I mean, they have their own life too… just that they still continue doing this just for the sake for dumb and noob users out there… (well not entirely but those who usually visit forums to seek help are those who doesn’t really understand how their system works, else they won’t get infected at the first place right?).

This world is just ‘give’ and ‘take’. We just cannot run away from the Yin and Yang concept… forever until the end of the world it will be that way.

Ba Gua, the 8 sides of the thing, is actually composed by North, South, East, West, and the following opposite sides of the 4 mentioned directions (Yin and Yang), so 4 + 4 = 8. (supposing you failed math, I show you how to count).

Basically today nothing much happened… just that someone is preparing to move from her place to college. I hereby wish them all the best (yeah it’s them, so?)

It’s gonna be… one hell of a roller coaster ride for me.

So today’s agenda ends here.

Well, sorry for being such a jerk, but I just can’t help it, at times something just bypasses my brain and I’ll spill it out as is without filtering… guess my filtering mechanism failed to kick in at the right time and I’ll call the failure “short-circuit”. = = Well if it’s not, why would it bypass my brain? Short-circuiting a device (well the name is actually self explanatory) electric will always take the shortest path to reach it’s destination. So in short, I fucked up.

I hate to admit that being somehow a clairvoyant in my life, I tend to somehow show the personality of someone else… while being with someone. I can mirror image someone without me knowing that person at all. For instance… I was said to have the same, same, SAME personality as her boyfriend… where I never even met him before, (I did lah in NS when he visited her ._. but still); [just to clarify, NS – National Service, not Negeri Sembilan ffs XD]; and apparently I’m a ‘improved’ version of the mirror image. Tell me about it, it’s just like the same effect one would get when a hero takes the “image” rune… So that really sucks. It’s not the first time anyway… God.
(But all in all, I promise to you that I will not hurt you again… I try to.)
Notice the fact that when someone possess a certain ability in life… there’s a big responsibility behind those powers. I’d learned that from NS… well… it’s not fun being a medium where one cannot resist not to help others when they are in trouble… and once a medium, always a medium. You cannot run away from that, until the day you depart from this miserable world. (well life’s miserable to a certain extend, note why in Cantonese the world is called fan-kang)

That’s probably the best and closest example I could give to convey my message… =\ So if you still don’t get it, forget it, you’re just normal… as you don’t possess the ability, and you won’t feel the consequences.

Just like if you as a child, you foresee what will happen in 2 days, where someone crosses the road and gets involved in a car accident… will you prevent it from happening? There’s a task or responsibility right there… from that moment onwards, it’s like part of your life, where you have to serve for other people. That’s responsibility. Unless you’re crude and a bastard which couldn’t care less about others then so be it we’ll see what happens when you are out of breath. Yeah, it’s exactly like the movie “Alias”.

I use to foresee things… which I think that it’s cool… until the day that my mind is no longer pure… thanks to those mofos I’d met after I pass my PTS… was gg-fied. There goes all my supernatural abilities… it’s not a bad thing… but it’s a loss.

I don’t blame my parents for what happened to me in the past… it was fated. I always deny the existance of fate, until it really hit on my face that certain things in life are really fated… and I’d accepted the fact just the way it is and continue on living…

Well back to topic where I became a bastard and hurt someone’s feeling… I felt very miserable after that. Really. It’s not like she’s nothing to me… she means a lot to me… yet I treated her so badly… it’s normal if she doesn’t even want to talk to me nor forgive me… I won’t blame her… it’s all my fault.
I dislike the fact that I reminded her of her ex, as no one like to become the image of another person… it’s just basically denying your OWN existance. So, that’s one of the disadvantage of being a clairvoyant… if you get it after reading the previous paragraph, that is.

*yawnz* yay I’m finally sleepy. Wow.

Now only Jazz songs kicked in…

One of the things in life which I hated the most is everyone in this world wears a ‘mask’. We are entirely masked by our own… desire… thinking… mentality… and that’s what you call *goes back to thread and find the word* Rising (IINM in astrology). Aih… sad lah.

A word without mask… is the day where we humans no longer have emotions… which is basically saying that we are no longer human… feelings makes us what we are… In short, we are emotional creatures XD and that’s the fact.

Oh yeah I always long for Microsoft MVP (now that’s far-fetched XD). MVP here stands for Most Valuable Professional… which is hard to get. *wink*

I wonder why sUBs don’t get it… from the rate he is working no one else deserves better for the title than him. Well I guess he is a low-profile dude, and I respect the way he is. His passion for the community… speechless. Stay up late at night just to push out updates and fixes for his creation… ComboFix.

Too bad those retards in LYN don’t appreciate mods like sUBs, Sempurna (where art thou… you left us without a notice), and lex. synz ah… he knows nothing about malware removing, and he’s no longer a mod now.

I don’t get the fact that I’m so agitated to update my blog today. = = Should I get a round of applause? *claps hand* (perasan mode on).

Well hopefully I can sleep soundly tonight.

Steph has to go early… due to personal reasons and I truly understand that, she is really facing a hard time back there. You have my best wishes and regards, and be strong. My prayers will always be you, and only you =P (well additional information is not needed, but who cares lulz)

Damn I’m out of water supply. Gah x_x

Wee Lv 14 in GArena. = = Like that makes any difference to my playing skill… man I really deteriorated compared to last time… I never knew, I thought I might improve (cos I manage to pwn Jon haha), or maybe his standards dropped. Hmm… I will never know.

I’m gonna quit dota soon anyway… as I’d harped before this… I’m not a born gamer… I would end up better studying instead (tho I really hate the fact that I need to study, who doesn’t?) I would prefer gaming like a professional and earn cash by playing for teams and clans in competitions… woot. Lol.

Ok, me in my delusional thoughts again.

This is what happens when you have no siblings to talk to and my blog is the only thing I can let it all out. Poor blog lol.

If I don’t blog… I think I’ll write a diary… and that’s when the real sentences will come out… I’d been preventing obscene sentences to appear in this blog… well they do but in a very controlled manner. Lol. Sounds easy huh?

It’s no fun to blog when others will know your dirty lil’ secret over the years… unless the viewer knows jack about you in real life, and they couldn’t care less but their reading enjoyment. Now, how often you will get that… I only experienced it once… in real life. Haha.

No matter what, if someone appreciates you for what you are, it’s an honor, to a certain extend. Give me 3 reasons why I should appreciate you. Get my point? You need a reason to appreciate someone… well for my case because the opponent appreciates my existence in their life.

I think I broke my record for the longest post… 2.7k words. Wow.

I can make it to 10k, if I’m on a crack. Really, no joke. I’m no pedobear / teddy-bear (Lennord) and I won’t spill jewels out of my mouth like what he will do, but I clearly know that my thoughts are different from most of the people. I’m a mystery in my own life, even to myself. Guess that’s what happens when your house is Pluto… death, solemnity, and sombre-ness.

Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Meaningless Kiss


“It’s just a meaningless kiss…” woots XD xxxxxxxx Lol.

I wonder why they do xoxo instead of xxxxXXxXxxxx lol. The latter looks way cooler. Self-preference, I would say.

God I did not touch programming at all (Java) for these 2 weeks… dota eat sleep blog dota eat sleep blog. Argh.

It’s 3 AM in the morning…

Insecurity… is the word I must delete from my life. That’s what been screwing myself up with.

Well, I’m the Death Knight of the Solemnity Abyss woots XDD

Ididitforthelulz… no, didgotdiditforthelulz?


Problem is, it’s not that I don’t accept the fact I have ‘power’, the thing is how DO I USE THEM in the first place… it’s no more than a fluke once or twice when it happens. = =|||

At the very least I know Tickle is not bullshitting when it comes to revealing my results in ESP. XD

For other people, that might be bullshit, cos it’s not tailormade for them at the first place, and they are just lucky to get whatever-crap-results they had during that test. Period.

It would be fun… when you can just talk to someone… oh so that’s you playing the piano this evening… in your house… playing ‘Way Back Into Love’… =P =P *ahem* I mean it is fun. Haha. =P

Well that’s good writing style right thar *points to blinky’s blog*

Wished I can adapt to his style of writing… that would be cool. So why don’t I pick it up while I’m at it, you asked? It’s not as easy as it seems, but definitely I will try.

Hopefully it’s no longer the NATO thingy, No Action Talk Only.

Oh man, I’m thirsty. Guess it’s time to end this post. I’m about to retire… this is it.

Signing off with love and care,
(Your not-friendly-always-hide-in-the-room neighbour)

[3:11 AM 6/6/2008]

*edit for spoiler

On a side note… eating chocolates really can cheer one up. =P


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  1. stephanie Says:

    hohohohohohohohohohohohohoooooooooooooooooooooooo duwan share ferrero lahhhh now sorethroat ^_^ dai sei XDXD

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