I tell you…


The Star’s horoscope is VERY ACCURATE. Tho it happened a day late, but if you minus the GMT difference from here to US… it’s accurate… very.

I was talking to Kristy for enlightenment on whether I should continue my training or not… and natakaasd even tan_pang…

But then noooo supposedly I wanted to send yesterday night itself… then I hesitated saying that I need more time thinking… Ah now think summore lah smart Alex…

I just got a PM from Lisa half and hour ago saying that they have to dismiss me due to my long period of inactivity… and everything didn’t turn out right.

“Something will end tonight…” yes it’s 1AM in the US. = =

That’s what I call accuracy.

I’d PM Lisa… and we’ll see how it goes… most probably I’ll head over to SWI or GTG or MR… join tan_pang lol.

Sigh… I really miss TSF man… even though I hate it when I made mistakes over there… they really treat you like a family, despite the fact that I’d made tons and tons of mistakes back then.

Now Playing — Bellefire – What Hurts The Most

Sad songs just have to kick in at the right moment…

Guess there’s no one to blame but myself.


Access to subforums have been revoked, and there I am a normal person again.

I hereby take this chance to thank all of those guys in TSF Team which taught me a lot while I’m at it. I really appreciate what you guys had done for me… esp tetonbob, sUBs, Deckard, Lisa, and others. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, at the very least I’ll bring them on with me as I proceed further.

I’d failed sUBs’s expectation… that’s the real sad part.

I’m ashamed of myself.



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