Woot. XDDD


Now Playing — Kawai Kenji – Emiya -Kenji Kawai ver.-  In Winamp (first time, it’s always MPC).

Woot! XD

Oh damn raining. Hmm.

Now where should I start from… =\



  • F/SN OST rocks! (well ofc)
  • L license exam on next Tuesday… (I knew it)
  • Be strong Steph
  • Compatibility test… apparently I’m ‘ngam’ with JS and Cubbie. LOL.
  • Insomniac. Can’t sleep.
  • GGC New Patch Suxxors bigtime
  • I love Skype ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Heard Anna’s voice for the first time (and she hung up VERY quickly =( )
  • Dig a ditch 6 ft under, and threw it inside, bury it.
  • Woke up with a sneeze… and water keep flowing out from my nose
  • Hormonal imbalance… due to last night cannot sleep. Gg-ness.
  • I believe in what I see. (hint hint lol)
  • Anyone can help me to unlock my premonition abilities are more than welcome to PM me. LOL.
  • Woot… now playing Rolling Star XD
  • Dota-time. Ngek ngek (hopefully I don’t get trashed X_X) [parody of someone’s tune LOL]
  • I’m a paradoxical applicator (lol ignore this XD)
  • Must remember a place called xanga.
  • Must remember to view other blogspot’s source for insight and design details
  • Guess nothing else. Lol.

Well… something concerns me… did I mention a story 4 years ago regarding the accuracy of Star’s Horoscope section? I went out to Ipoh and stayed overnight for 1 week in my friend’s (now my pet-sis) house, and I went out with 4 girls and 1 guy (myself). So walked around, and then all the other girls left besides my pet sis and her sis. So we walked to her father’s store in the market in *omg what’s the damn name of the complex I forgot shit* err ah Super Kinta. Lol. Then I grab the Star and went straight for the horoscope section… and it says:

“You will be going out with 4 people of your opposite sex today.”

That’s it. I stuncock there, petrified. Tell me about accuracy. But that was 4 years ago. Lol. Now not so accurate ady… too bad lolz.

Well… current one is:

“Something will end. There will be a bitter-sweet flavour to this ending but this is to be more or less expected.”

Hmm… I don’t want to anticipate bitter-sweet moments man… ><

Alrighty, that’s all.

Peace to all.

Alex the unlocker. Lol.


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