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Triple A! Sieg Heil!


I woke up this morning to find that it’s 2 PM. O_O Well I did wake up earlier, but I drank water and slept. =X As usual. Have that habit already… geez. Maybe it’s a good thing.

Then, clean up, ate bread with fried meat. Plus one box of soy bean milk. Then I couldn’t really recall what happened in the evening… as it is by the time I ate it it was at 2:45 PM ady… very late lunch. Then… I guess I lurked around, and then I studied the book (L License), and then bumped into a thread where JS commented last night… and read further and decided to try it. Post my birth time too lor… if ppl jampi then too bad lor, karma will be inflicted back to them I don’t really care anyway. Then after a few minutes I got my results… at first I didn’t realise that it’s actually 2 PMs… separate PMs. So I actually read the second one first without realising the first one.

Commented in the thread, and it’s actually quite accurate. Chatted with Cubbie and got to know the software. Then when I check my gmail only I noticed that there’s 2 messages, so I wasted like 2 hours reading it… as mum was like yelling me to come out from my room and chat with her. = = Walk in and out. = = Then I give up and just sit outside finish eating and when dad came back I dashed back to my room and finish where ever I stopped.

All in all, I think I finally know why… answers to all mysterious questions. Not all, but most of it at the very least, for what’s worth, it’s a good software. To be able to elaborate until such detail… I give it my highest respect.

Tho dad went like “Astrology? Not as accurate as Chinese one lah”… then he continued on lol. I do agree that it is and will not be as accurate as Chinese’s foretelling. But at least astrology tells me what I want to know and I have my answers so forget it dad if you’re not telling me anything else fine. =P

Now Playing — Beethoven – 4th Symphony (Complete Album)

Was washing my face when I heard the ‘frog croaking’ (deemed by my mum) noise from my speakers. So after I’d finished everything, replied, and then I noticed, it too late.

Ah well so I’m blogging here to kill time record today’s event.

Damn viruz cannot login. Silverhawk also tulan ady. Count me in.

Hmm, found ebook version of Harry Potter lolz. Haven’t check it out yet.

Hmm, I guess I’ll quote something so that this post won’t be that dull:

It is also possible that occult studies will attract and fascinate you. You may also find yourself with an ambivalence toward power, leading you to demonstrate rebellious attitudes toward established authority. You may seek a position of authority, if for no other reason than to be your own master, and then run into the difficulties inherent in maintaining such a stand, once achieved.

Lol. Occult. Right, indeed. *no sarcasm intended*

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.
With this aspect, you can be rigid or stuck in situations; unbending. You have an attachment and also great difficulty with authority; for example you may endlessly achieve positions of authority and then have second thoughts about it. You likely suffered through potentially painful experiences as a child, when you were forced to submit to an arbitrary authority or limitation of some kind. Perhaps you had the experience of a bad father. The relationship with your father was damaged in some way; perhaps it was a relationship you had to get away from, either from his overbearing nature or from his neediness and lack of presence. In other words, your father figure was either too strict, or not present and therefore not strict enough. With this aspect, you need to make your own form of personal authority, independent from the parental influences or that of society. This gives you the potential for great strength and leadership, if you can integrate your powerful and perhaps repressed emotions regarding your concept of authority. In this way you can lead others into the New Age. You may be one to re-work the structure of society itself in some way, or to become an advisor or even a leader in the social sphere; perhaps in connection with organizations devoted to new age healing techniques. You may also feel the need to redeem yourself or your family; to restructure the constructs that you have internalized from your heritage, perhaps even your entire relationship with the physical realm.

It made me look like I can travel between realms. Lol. I’d crossed out non-related stuffs.

The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.
This combination gives an individual with a personal involvement in the energies of the collective. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You have a subtle intuition and unusually clear insight into others. The influence of the unconscious is especially strong in you. You need to connect with your higher self in order to be happy. You function at your best in service to the world, helping to move it closer to a vision of spiritual union between all mankind.

I might be a clairvoyant, but not a medium!

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.
With this combination of planetary energies in your chart, you may have gone to the depths and back again in your life. You have a particularly strong access to the world of dreams and inner fantasy, which may serve as an escape valve for you. You may also be extremely sensitive to the psyches of others, may vicariously experience their pain. Something keeps you out of touch with consensus reality, but you also are not comfortable with this role. It is as if you stand on the other side of a glass door from the rest of society, through which you alternately gaze longingly and then lose interest and wander away into your own fantasy. You are capable of tremendous spiritual powers once you have begun to work through these difficulties and establish a better sense of where you stand vis a vis the remainder of society. You may exhibit great poetic or musical talent or the empathy of a born healer. Having come through a painful examination of your own psyche you are able to see more clearly and compassionately into the minds of others also.

I lazy censor ady XD Spiritual power… reiatsu? XDDDDDDD (Bleach)

.. and tons more of elaboration… but I guess the last one should be more than enough lol:

Pluto in the Twelfth House (or sign) gives a “divine discontent” to the personality. With this placement, you may feel confined and limited in the physical world, perhaps feeling more at home in the world of unconscious fantasy. There may be a way that you are not accepting your own power. You may compulsively try to escape the physical plane of existence, by whatever means come readily to you, especially if Pluto is poorly aspected in your chart. In any case you are likely to feel preoccupied with your own inner world, or may find yourself so sensitive to the pain and suffering of others that you retreat from fully involving yourself with them. There are places within yourself where you fear to tread, and the danger is that you deny an important part of yourself in the process. You have a deep need for spiritual renewal that does not easily find its resolution in everyday activity. You may experience confusion and a loss of identity until you make an effort to move toward a more universal sense of self, learning to subordinate your personal will to a more spiritual outlook based on the true needs of others and the life of the world around you.
The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:
Pluto in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives you a serious and willful personality, with an intense focus on personal transformation. You feel deeply, and may have an almost psychic awareness of the feelings of others. You have strong desires, and are single-minded about pursuing them. You may need to combat a tendency to manipulate others for your own purposes. You may also exhibit compulsive behavior around the issue of sexuality, or in insisting that you get your own way, and you benefit from loosening your grip. There is a tendency to project onto others the issues that you are called upon to deal with in yourself, in your own inner temple, and to seek to change your situation in the battlefield of sexual encounter rather than through the independent actions of your whole and entire self. You will likely go through many changes as the course of your life unfolds. The challenges that you meet are for the ultimate purpose of allowing you to see more deeply into your own inner motivation. You may become fascinated with occult studies as a way of tuning into a deeper reality than that of the surface. It benefits you to turn away from manipulating others and to learn to use your powerful presence to regenerate your own life, transforming self-centeredness into a more spiritual sense of personal power.

Note for the orange text — Holy shi- omgwtfbbqsauseonpasta

Which means I’ll be more delusioned?! Lol.

You are potentially a rash and ardent lover, and you may marry early.

There IS still hope. LOL.

The Moon in Scorpio gives a moody and serious cast to the personality. You may need to lighten up! With the Moon in Scorpio, you are very sensual, and your feelings are strong and run deep. You are passionate in your response to life. Your early home life may have been difficult, and you may react especially strongly to emotionally charged situations in your adult life because of it. You are extremely loyal. You may have a tendency toward control, or even domination of your partner. You can be stubborn, and are possessed of a powerful will. You should beware of being overly critical of others.

The Moon in the Twelfth House represents an emotional sensitivity in subconscious realms. You enjoy mystery. You are in tune with the subconscious realms that others cannot perceive. You may become overly sensitive to other people’s feelings and instinctual emotions. At times you may feel the need to keep secrets and to not share your private feelings and emotions. You may be quite sensitive at various times or feel a need to escape from your intense inner awareness for brief periods. You can also live in an inner world of vivid imagination. You can be quite creative. You may be restless, shy, or moody. You may prefer to work alone in secluded and isolated ways. You can be self-sacrificing if you become overly emotionally involved with those around you. You can be of service to those who are not as in tune and aware of themselves. You need to take time alone and isolate yourself to recharge your emotional energy.

The core. Core core core core core core core core XD

I feel like I’d been headshotted multiple times lol.

BTW I’m a Chiron… the wounded healer. Lol paradox.

Chiron is called “the wounded healer” because it represents the archetype of imperfection and loss which when integrated leads to compassion and understanding of others’ suffering.

Woot I love myself XDDDDDDDD ❤ ❤ Daisuki~

So anyway after that I’d chatted with Kristy and Anna… anna was like laughing all the way and Kristy Eeeeee all the way because I’m telling her my experience in NS regarding supernatural activities… XDD

Well… it’s “fun”. I don’t want to try it again, but yeah.

Anna went back… beh tahan ady lol. Too bad, if not I’ll get to know how much they charge you in in-campus clinic XDD Damn expensive… for normal diarrhea medicine they charge me Rm45 for jack. = =

I know my mild food poisoning medicine costs the same, but way more medication = =|||

Ah well, what can we do, it’s the ONLY choice esp for me if I cannot travel to Semenyih by my own… don’t remind me about my food poisoning period… x_x I tell you that’s the worst thing that can happen to me.

*stones a while*

Wtf am I night-dreaming about XD

Woot 2098 words. XDD

Anyway, later after dinner, I went back to my ‘workstation’. Checked a bit of stuff, and then read my L License book… then finally finish during midnight… and viruz cannot login to any room in GArena… Grr.

Was pissed… hawk too. But now ok ady can’t care less already. Voodee already asking no more dota ah? Lol.

So basically I’m lol-ing-wtf away when I read it. Lol.

No wonder Cubbie says that mine was the most interesting one… so “intense”.

A quote:

“Btw, experience’s chart is the most intense chart I’ve ever seen. O.o”

… and silverhawk has the best thing one could get in terms of Astrology… Grand Trine. WOW. What’s that? I don’t know, but apparently he haves it and it’s very good for him in terms of work… and other stuffs… no blockage, everything runs perfectly smooth for him. Aww damn good weh.

Another guy/girl, shattered I think, if he/she works hard, definitely will be somebody next time.

Me ah, I’d won the most intense chart award… lol because I am a triple Scorpio. O_O Yeah I went O_O when she ask me… eh your time is before or after x:xx AM? I say before… then she say oh ok… then you’re triple scorpio O_O I what…? o_O?!


Apparently I have Scorpio (Rising, Moon, Sun) in Pluto. =__= Wow.


My mum just told me that dad actually just found out that on the 3rd day of my month was actually “more powderful” than the 5th which was rumoured to be teh powderful date… and that was when I’m born, on the 3rd. XDDDDDDD

Triple Scorpio… now if only I can triple kill triple kill! XDD

God lol.

Now I know why HE asked me to concentrate on my studies. Lol. XD

I’m a born… paradox?

Ah well, I’m glad that I was not born with any downpours or sicknesses… like some of the others.

Cubbie herself got Hand of God… she said, “in a funny way, god is showing me middle finger”. Lol.

Now Playing — Hirano Aya – God Knows

It’s been a while… and the volume is like… can’t hear shit… lol cos dad coughed just now I straight away tuned down the volume *increases a bit*

Really god knows. Lol.

I’ll get my exam over and done with ASAP now. Muahhahah XD Gotta read the other book which I’d bought (it’s a must… there goes RM6… damn JPJ).

Anna failed her test because she never study… lol. =P

Triple Kill Triple Kill!!! XDDDDDDD

I’m somewhat contented now. Finally.

Now, guess I should concentrate on what’s left.

Signing off,



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