lulz? lonely underestimated load of zealous-matic-me?



Yeah I did.


Anyway, am seriously considering to swap blogs… private <-> personal.

Because of the fact that my skin was designed… I think I can actually turn it into a review centre. Lol wtf.

Or maybe I’m just thinking a bit too far… thoughts anyone?

I just noticed that when it comes to handling girls right… it’s even harder to handle heroes in dota… well at least you know you suck when you fail to control you hero, but you don’t know who,how,where,when,why, and what you screwed up when it comes to girls. Lol.

I think it does make some sense, don’t you agree?

At least they won’t really point it in your face or just humiliate you as is (well I know some do, but those are out of the question) in your face which will be pretty awkward if you two are facing each other [provided that the girl is not thick-skin faced]. Hmm, I really wonder how awkward will that be. Actually I don’t want to know >_>

Getting better. I hope.

Err, been receiving complains for my skin… I mean blogskin… mind you. My skin is better than most of the girls out there… lol. Well at least I know my palm is very smooth comparatively with other guys. Muhahahaha XD

So… what can I do… if I were to venture into a professional looking design… it’s gonna be in seperated divs where they can be manipulated easily. =\ Or else it’s no more than the normal template you can see everywhere. At the very least I’m not saying that mine is unique, but it makes it stand out as a ‘different’ skin. Lol. That’s what I’d wanted in the first place…

Well the fact that I didn’t really wanted to start “again” another blog because it’s gonna take time to handle and manage and come out with something genius (which in fact won’t happen most of the time) and attract viewers (depending if it’s private or public). Gak. I’ll die man… not of stress… boredom. Unless I’m getting a six-digit-income from blogging I don’t really care lol. *remembers the photo I posted 2 years before when I started blogging not long ago*

*goes search*

*found it* -> Click here

Now… be amused. XD

OMG I’m hungry…

and I brushed my teeth and my retainer is on. Gah.

Well guess I really need to speak in mandarin before I forget how to XD Mum…~

Sometimes in life… you just have to believe what that seem-to-be-what-you-call superficial. Indeed. Lol. It’s just like… for instance (non related to anyone dead or alive), “someone” tells you not to go to that street at that time that specific date… and of course that gives you goosebumps… Lol. So the next day, you saw the street, and you avoided it like a plague. God knows when you wake up the next morning you look at the newspaper “A guy slashed to death by a group while protecting girlfriend being raped at <insert here> alley”.

That’s when you go OMG HOLY SHI-

Well… I think that happened to me… to me I call that premonition… what about you?

… and I seriously think that I should not skip breakfast anymore…

Potato couch, I think I’m turning into one… lifeless one. I miss someone(people) telling me to get out of my laptop and go enjoy myself… lolz.

Oh wait Anna got an Iphone? OMG.

Pictrars anna pictrars (despite the fact that I hate it, still, I want to see it XD) I wonder what version did she bought… Hmm.

Now Playing — Whatever It Takes – Lighthouse

Yes… I know the placing is opposite… (normally it’s artist – song name but what the hell it’s not like someone actually NOTICES IT =P)

Meganeko meganeko ❤ ❤ Lol. I know it’s wrong… but what the hell XD


Eh the song seems nice… *jots down*

Oh shit I still have undang to study T_T geez. Can’t it be easier… >_< (yeah I suck at it lol)

*tune down Imeen* oops a bit too loud. Speaking of which, I need to play around with Imeem… never really explored it yet… same goes to Facebook…

Live logs… oh DAMN. DAMN x infinity. God. Continue or give up, that’s yet to be decided… can some girl just come in to my mind, make up for it, and then see the outcome? XD

Wait a min what the hell happened to my winamp… did I close it? Oh wait I did. = = Blur case.

OT (well my blog is OT enough ady lol) – Google changed it’s favicon… from the good ol’ G to the infinite sign g (well tilt the infinite sign then you will see a ‘g’ lol) I don’t like the new one… give us back the old one!

While I’m at it… RM5 for sex. Wow. You know, that girl right there brought sex and payment to another whole new level… as it is in the past RM3 for hug and RM5 for kiss (CMIIW).

That’s even cheaper than finding a whore or getting a blow up doll… =O And yeah DUH it’s SO FREAKING OBVIOUS.

Well if I’m one of the students of that school I seriously don’t know I should be happy or sad lol XD But this shows us what’s happening to us teenagers nowadays… as it is pre-marital sex is being a taboo ady… now cheap sex sold in school. Great, just great.

Downloaded the opening for F/SN the game… noticed that the song tune is so so so so dull and different… it’s not that I don’t like it but I will prefer the anime’s opening OST. It’s completely the same, but different tune and BGM.

Konfiuzed? Don’t be. Listen it for yourself, go get it your own lol.

Lmao I found this… out of the blue:

Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway.

Now if only I really can make a happy-go-lucky person that comes to my blog, reads it, and weep like a wuss… now that’s uber cool XD

Aura of impending doom… ultimate solemn works lol.

I can’t help but to think of it, over and over again. It’s just like an old recorder, VCR recorder to be exact, playing those VHS tapes way back in the 80s and watching those over and over again. Man, I’m back to the past. XD

Which reminds me I think I’d deleted back to the future from my comp… *goes check*

Oh wait it’s there…

I think I should list out what I haven’t watch yet:

  1. [ASIAN] Please teach me English
  2. 200 lbs Beauty
  3. Back to the Future Trilogy Boxset
  4. Black Lagoon (anime)
  5. Curse of The Golden Flower
  6. He Is My Master (ecchi anime)
  7. Independence Day Special Edition dvd rip xvd.Rets
  8. Live Free or Die Hard 4.0
  9. October Sky
  10. Over.Her.Dead.Body[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo
  11. StevenChow (Holy shit…)
  12. Taegukgi – The Brotherhood of War
  13. The Art Of Seduction 2005
  14. The Drive of Life (TVB Drama Series @_@)
  15. The Pianist
  16. Van Wilder

OMG… damn a lot to watch XD

DiamondDust Rebellion… I want to watch =( Nagasarete Airantou Second Season…

BTW lilgirl showed me an anime she found in LYN… which is actually Yaoi gayness and I see two guys kissing… = = WTF.

So that’s what she’d been doing all these while when she’s streaming youtube videos.

Wait a min… WTF is THIS doing in My Documents?! (Xcn_vs_Zenith_Game_1.w3g)


… and I forgot I have Bioshock to play…


Talk about stuffs to try out…



Well, time passes very fast huh… there goes 27 minutes already… what about a few days, a few months, and a few years.

For the first time in history, I went to Single’s Club and everyone is asleep. Wow.


NBTD-ness of mine.

I have to give my highest respect to the one who wrote this:

“Tiada syair yang ku mampu ciptakan tuk senyumu yang indah nian
Terima kasih… kerana menerangku dalam kegelapan”

Yes I’d been reading lately lol.

It’s cool… I think I came up something similar for my novel writing contest… speaking of which due to the fact that my teacher dislikes my novel dissing teachers (well it’s partly a real life story where I empathetically dissed all of my classmates for being a bunch of pussies and do not stand up for the truth and dissing a particular bitch [my teacher] for misusing her power by threatening me for my leaving certificate) if not I would have gotten the first… well the teacher told me that… I’m so sad man…

All I know is, my malay is actually better than my command in english. WTF. XD

and that’s what the forecast mentioned too… tell me if it’s inaccurate XD.

The sad thing is because I didn’t practice it now I forget most of it… so it’s like from the peak of Mount Everest back to the ditch near the foot of Himalayas. >_>


What happened to my resolve… I thought I’m gonna sharpen my programming skills… lol.

Damn I can barely open my eyes now… it’s like 1 tonne of weight imposed on them… poor eyelids lol.

5cm/s OST… touching. I look at the lyrics and went wtf…

The same I would do for F/SN first ending OST… god.

Why Japanese just have to come out with such touching lyrics and when they sing it it actually sounds nice and cute and stuffs where if you don’t look at the lyrics you have no freaking idea on how deep the meaning is which is masked by the tune of the song. Wow. That’s a long sentence right there XD.

I achieved something today wee XD

MMU… all I need is feedback from the teaching there… and we can do a down-to-earth analysis of Notts + UCTI + MMU already… woot.

Well all I have to do is… err… find someone studying IT in MMU… which is… not available in my contacts. *swts*

Dad coughed… *looks at the time*

I better sign off now.

Lol google translator tak boleh pakai… wtf is INMAIHATO? I know when you read it it means the same thing but wtf XD

Je crois que je vais oublier son dans mon coeur bientôt … Je l’espère.

French kiss… ” Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied
“there’s nothing else I want.
eXPeri3nc3. besides you, my important person — 5cm/s OST”
[3:45 AM 6/3/2008]


2 Responses to “lulz? lonely underestimated load of zealous-matic-me?”

  1. stephanie Says:

    i watched that cuz saw in lowyat ma.. im not interested in gay porn leeee.. =.=”

  2. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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