ʎɐʍ sıɥʇ sʇɐǝq ʇɹɐǝɥ ʎɯ


Current question… 211. Still got 289 to go. X_X

Just finish dota-ing just now… so I read lor while someone is blogging and timelag in skype.


*twists neck*

That felt better.

Let’s see… Anna is down with sickness… have a speedy recovery… Me going to finish and memorise the book… lilgirl’s departing on this Sunday… which includes her sis… err, blogspot is down since 9PM… today line stable back again and can host game smoothly but I just fail to understand why one guy with ping 1 and still face lagging issues… I suggest him to take a parang and cut his streamyx line.

Melancholy of experi3nc3 indeed lol.

Been saving pictures of Saber… still fail to find nice stock photos… ish. Got candidates lah… but later lah.

Hmm apparently something is tweaking the level of my hormones. Lol. I don’t know what but if it runs fine then I’m ok with it. No complains.

*heaves a sigh of relief and despair*

Combinatorial explosion… is what I’d been feeling. Used to be.


Now Playing — Toploader – Dance In The Moonlight

Eh this song not bad… random played. Hmm.

*takes note*

I look at the undang book also… sigh. Dota ah… hmm won lor… but ofc other ppl trash lah. Lol.

No longer have first blood… not with Voodee or Viruz. T_T

So I kena fb as drow is DREAMING.

Forget it.

lilgirl was like kena scolding by her mum… and I got mine today too. = = talk about mirroring effect, coughing at the same time really makes me go o_O

Dad always keep some secret from me… ish… “it’s not the time yet”… swt. Fine fine I’ll wait until I graduate lol.

You know everytime I thought that my mic is not sensitive enough… I think I have to reconsider it.

Suddenly my mind just went blank. Oh geez. God.

What now garbage collection (java lulz)?

Ok blogspot is down. Ish.

Se7en interlude… woot.

Never mind lolz.

Anna, will reply you about ‘that’, I forgot what I wrote XD and again, hope you have a speedy recovery.

OMG half of my Desktop gone… lol.

Well… it’s inevitable when mum asks me not to sleep so late and who am I talking to >_>

*looking at the trophy I got from NS stating Ketua Penuntut Keseluruhan Kump 3 Siri 4/2007 Kem PLKN Jiwa KacauMurni*

It’s weird for me to say this but this solemn aura just have to hit me at the wrong time. O_O

Now where did my brilliance aura went to…

If I dye my hair blue… XD

Now Playing — Yui – Life

I’m starting to feel lifeless again… where’s the light… it’s dimming into sombre-ness.

*looks at a glass container full of stars with mandarin characters on it*


Something is blocking my neurotransmitters… I can’t hear what my heart wants to say.

It’s gonna take years for me to end this post judging from the rate I’m typing lol.

Now, if only skype is on when someone is playing “Way Back Into Love” using a piano this evening…

*stares at point blank*

Alternative Current.


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