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June 29, 2008

Lol first time sighing as my title eh. =P


I’m in a very awkward position right now, as just now GArena-ing and low battery I went OMFG and ran back to the room. So now I ended up sitting on the floor and my lappie on the ABC Table (lol damn old table since small).

*loosens neck*


Out of curiosity,  I thought of trying to load youtube but failed… so later dc rc lor maybe.

Then I head on to the next 2 tabs, and clicked. I’ll show you what I mean by tabs later.

Load… and read.

… and lol-ed.

Not to forget… = = and O_O

Weroth, your mum knows me, just that she can’t recognise me la. Cos my mum not with me XD If my mum is present before she left confirm she will notice me XDXD

Ok back to topic, so after that, I suddenly found something I wanted. Lol. Well I somehow manage to find that substitute feeling, thanks to someone, and I hope that I’ll be able to complete it by tonight (impossible).

Impossible is Nothing — Adidas (to me it is something lol .__.)

Shyness. Weeeeeeeeee. Good gracious.

Hot cos the fan is blowing my hair not my body .__.


Lin Dan won the Thailand Open… nice dive, nice save, nice jumping smash, you name it. Bloody international top seeder.

Somehow S.Macky (not smacky) made his way here (I think he’s a guy right?) and commented. I thought it might be a prank or something. Lol. Anyway I’m gonna bloody memorise the formulas. Lol.

And read up what he posted.

So agenda for the night:

  • Finish what I’d stopped halfway, and fix the damn bug! (yes the old one have a page bug ._.)
  • Learn AP (Brush up on it, I sucked to the max, and I will not let my ego drop just like that xD)
  • Dota — that is I’m too lazy to do the above two (._. “)
  • Sleep late (and blame someone ;_; )

Now I know why they like deep voices… lol. Ha ha ha ha… hah.

Nyaaaaa... (omg I can't believe you heard that >"< )

Meepo… see also I trauma ady. @_@

*hugging bolster*

Now, if only next time when I work, I’ll hug my bolster and code XD.

Actually this post is just to rant about my choppin’ skills being lousy and I can’t stand to watch myself deterioriating that fast while others improve. .__. Aiks.



I hate formality. It sucks. Aih.

*shakes head*

Sighs. =(




June 29, 2008

Youtube not loading. Tomorrow la. I mean later today.

Just came back from housewarming in Tofu’s house (and yes Weroth I saw your mum XD but she didn’t notice me)

House ah… ok lor. Quite nice. I like the plasma TV in the hall and his fucking bedroom.

And yes got gf and staying overnight with his mum.

Now Playing — MPC — Maksim – Croatian Rhapsody

So let me briefly highlight what happened this morning.

Woke up around 12… and drank water. No more stomach ache (I know why, my bottle is infected with virus)

Dizzy… tired.

Blasted and then woke up around 1, took wantan as breakfast, and 30 minutes later took lunch with dad outside. Anna was like waaa beh tahan you have a huge stomach lol = =

I don’t really recall what I really did this morning.

Talk about split personality… lol. ‘Bear bear says goodbye’ =X


After lunch, came back, dota a few matches…. a few matches either ppl dc, remake, or lag. = = Then didn’t notice lilgirl messaged. I should have left the stupid game… really wasting my time. 1 hour gone. = = Stupid host go burn in hell.

So then later on I… er…. dota-ed? yeah 1 more round and liost. Then I took the initiative to write down 21 PLL formulas on the A4 paper. Gonna photostat it, master it, and learn OLL pulak.

At least did something.


Then ah… around 6 something… never dota ady. So just lurk around, said goodbye, prepare myself, bathe, and then went there.

Aih as usual la I will be the silent one.

Talked to OYenKen first as we are the only one there (others all auntie uncle). Tho Vincent’s mum came and ask me something.

Weroth’s mum left quite early.

Then when the others came ah I just stone and take harassments as is.

Kai Yeong’s mum in the end came and ask me why did I not bring my gf here = =

… and then ask where’s CYK when I say I don’t have a gf.

I really went o_O what’s with her now la (what’s your damn problem?)

Joined them to Khakapo (or some retarded name, yes there’s no longer IMAX), Saw canny there (WTF is she doing there she’s from SKy Online = = unless this is under sky as well wtf) No pc, left out, stranded, whatever.

So I left.

Saw ChunKit and Wailoon there also la… say hi, ask a bit, then leave ady. Saw some other random ppl too.

Came back, and online-ed till now.

Damn should have stayed back with mum, and then can enjoy red-wine. Screw cc next time (well no more next time).

Guess my mentality and ‘them’ are totally different now.

I prefer to be as is now.

Anyway, some pics.

Mum’s herbal soup that day…. (lol now only I post XD)

Someone welding the cover for the drain (like how many weeks ago)

My lunch (for a few days, a week before)

… last but not least tofu and his gf. She looks nicer in real life.

^ above picture taken by steven habeng with his n73

First time, in the morning, read the whole article. Wow.

I Shouldn’t Be Doing This

June 28, 2008

Yeah 3AM in the morning, I should be sleeping, shouldn’t I? JUst feel like typing something now.

Now Playing — BoA – Best Friend. What a song. Man. Lol. No la… common sense will tell you that for those guys who are going for their motive target / target practice / admirer / prey / whatever you call it listen to this song imagining the aforementioned people telling them that… walao.

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Well at times I tend to drop down to the deepest valleys of mankind. Well that’s exaggerated of course but you should have a rough idea how my brain works. Do you?

So let’s see, is this post another individual bashing thread, or another individualism thoughts… I really wonder.

One have to take account that anything can happen in this world and for instance now I’m typing subconciously without knowing what would I input next. I just let my hands do the typing and I’m not thinking, my brain shut down since a few hours ago lolz.

Well talk about stoning chats… I get that often. Sad to say maybe I’m the one affected as I always stone for no reason. Well I can’t be called rollingstone but I prefer rolling star (yes the one Yui sang FTW!!!!). Rollingstone reminds me of 2 ppl, niggers, black, kuro, hitam, hei, whatever. One is Nottingham Idol (male, there’s a female too, thank god not nigger LOL) that sings quite well, and another is my ex house mate where when he baths he just leave the door open so the first thing you see after waking up and heading to the shared toilet with 4 cubicles, you see a black guy covered in foam biting a toothpick (I ain’t kidding ya) singing (depends) and you see a dark thick shlong swinging. Oh god my eyes.

So thank god I’m not staying under Pioneer anymore, those bloody bloodsuckers. So darn expensive, and then the internet connection provided in the Hostel is just slow. Tho minus the fact that Quek somehow got that fella to open some game ports so that some of the students now can play Cabal Online. Wtf. Ah well I don’t play that so forget it.

Well that shows that it’s important one learn business in foundation (I hate to admit it but I actually learn something from it AT LEAST) Business is all about getting things done through people, guess the above case study says it all. Lol. Need I say more?

Caleb told me that day that semen glows nicely under UV. Well as usual I went = = and dude I wonder what have you been doing… then he say fapping la obviously. = =

Well being hit by a nigger isn’t that bad afterall. Well for Nottingham Malaysia for instance everyone (I believe) came with a scholarship by their own government, and then they have like 2kUSD as pocket money a month. Some even bought 2nd hand cars over here and drive around like there’s no cops to bust their ass. So let’s see, if you’re somehow being targetted by niggers, fret not, first say, you have cash? (most likely) Where? (location, so that you can run like a bitch after him giving you a treat [say dinner perhaps?]) and duration (how long, well if you want a black **** by all means go ahead. I know some do, in our campus. Well……. that’s life. They go by measurements instead of performance.

Oh not bad today I typed a lot and quite fast. XD

Thank god black girls don’t go around and hit guys XD



Anyway, SPGs. Sarong Party Girls — aka girls that will go for white skin people, rich, influential, you name it. But usually the trend is the girls are particularly rich in the first place… so normal guys, you can retreat back to base and hide while the white generals come with their elegant horses and leap over to grab her on. It’s more or less like a headshot done by a magnum sniper on your head in less than 1m. Yes believe me the impact is that severe considering the fact that I was culture shocked once due to this. (well thanks Kwang and Jeevan for elaborating that time XD)

Let’s see… something about myself. I’m bored to death, no motivation, nothing better to do (actually I have but I procrastinated) and now I’m blogging about myself. How Ironic.

Well first of all I hate dota… I played once… first time anti-mage and I went to the tower and suicide. I actually came out with a theory that lv 1 go suicide at tower, you whack of some hp, and ressurect fast, so keep doing it until the tower is destroyed. Noobiness of me back in those days. Nevertheless on that day itself I learn how to press on keys, evade attacks, and I improved a bit. Still I hate dota… not until several months later when I see ppl play so I watched, learned, and then I somehow worked in a cyber cafe after SPM… that’s when I really picked up dota. Have 2 friends as my master… well they taught me well… just not enough for me to survive still… so I still suck. Until I meet Jon and Daniel… that’ swhen I started to improve… KK that bastard lolz 5.84 player damn pro one. So after a while I picked up and now ok ady lor… considered not noob and not pro cos always get thrashed like just now.

Which comes to the fact that DotA is actually enjoyable. Fun game. IF and ONLY IF there’s good teammates, good opponents, no leavers, lagless gameplay, and then the game won’t crash. I can still remember me and my friends owning KK and others includin the bitch that uses Lich (Agnes LOL) and we slammed on the table so freaking hard and jumped up when FATAL ERROR pops out. SO we went WTFFFFF and whole cc looked at us lol. We couldn’t give a shit as it’s really pissing us off. I can still remember ina  random cc in Sg Long me daniel and jon were like yelling OI COME ATTACK LA ***** Lol along those lines. Whole CC was like surrounding us to see what happened lol. That was fun. UNBELIEVABLE COMEBACK TOO. I still have the replay, but I don’t think that the new WIII can view it. =(

AH well damn my hands are tired =P

Nyaaaa guess I shall rest now.

Damn when I’m hyper I can crap.


Whatever the topic might be

June 28, 2008

Now Playing — Toploader – Dancing in the moonlight

Damnit my winamp seldom random this song… I’m so bored of other songs ady. I even got ‘This Is How We Overcome’ from Anna ady. *facepalm*.

Lol those were the days where we have our meetings in Kampar Church and have to sing that at times during meetings. XD


Hmmm… I forgot where I halted. Anyway, so today I updated, dota-ed, cursed a lot, connection’s been sucky again.

Poor girl got hit by niggers. Well that shows that you’re attractive enough. Lol. =P

Another friend went hell no, it won’t happen. One fine day… one fine day… =P

*dancing in the moonlight*

I forgot what I did during the evenings… ah overtime dota. XD

Then ah… lurk around lor.

Never chop or do what I am supposed to do, but I went and chop a new avatar instead. = = *facepalm*



Today I have to go to a friend’s house… housewarming. Geez, how am I gonna go there, walk, cycle, dad?


Couchpotato. =\




Whatever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I only have inspirational topics after I wash my face… I really should put my laptop in the kitchen last night.

And I had a weird dream this morning… and now I forgot.

Farking weird weh.

There goes one day. Really wasted today.



Misses whither than white, darker than black,

Lala is a lala is a lala

June 27, 2008


David Wee you lala-wannabe farking fail XD

Random rant~

And so… gotta wait till mum’s free, drag her with me to pierce.

You did not see that.

Anyway, damn GG taking years to update, when I finish update ellokawan almost finish his game I think *looks into blank air*

Err, let’s see. Today = boring.

Boring boring boring.

And I just have to add desu desu desu into the end of every song = =

I’m tired but cannot sleep… if not tonight sure gg already.

As it is last night 3AM. Gosh.

Long chat with Natakaasd and tan_pang… (yes by the time you read this nat it’s gonna be 2 weeks LOL)

TP is free, nat is having is Form 6 miserable life… oh well.

Me? Slacking to the max, bloody couch potato @_@

Now if only I can work and enjoy like this…. lol dream job of a lifetime. XDXD

Found wkkay’s personal site… drooled over his yagi antenna. WTF 6 stories upstairs wifi signal 1MBits. = = WTF… *drool* pro sials.

… and so if I wanna make my whole street able to receive my router’s signal… 2 yagi anthenna to the left and right… GG. Confirm Kit’s house also can detect XD


I rather spend my money bribing TM to change me a better telephone line and uncap me to 4MBits XD



I’m not doing anything =\


Noooooo my speakers sot again = =||| annoying… well not mine lah amyhs99’s one la… 4 years on loan XD

Come to think of it, tattoo-ing is as bad as smoking… but… of course tattoo = instant effect la. *whistles*

… and I woke up with a major stomachache again due to cold water. WTF, last time I never even face this kinda problem…. wtf.

But good la, stomach detoxifying by itself. Lol. Who needs medicine when cold water works well XD

Ok that’s looking to the bright side. The downside is, I have to forego my sleeping time, wake up, go to the toilet and withstand moments of agony and pain, and then throw myself back to bed.

So, pain == detoxification

What’s that called… err… Law of Equivalent Trade. (Full Metal Alchemist)

… and yes screw you retards I like that anime it rocks your socks.

Tho I don’t have the OVA… Conqerer of Shamballa. *weroth… ngehehhehe*

Eh how you downsize it to 700MB?! O_O What is the name of the software?

Which reminds me I have SUPER but I didn’t install it and try = =

My speaker = =|||

*turns the cable round and round*

… and yes Ichigo just have to be trappped into that stupid vortex again and there goes two episode. = =

I like the ending part tho, damn farnee la both dads… Bloody shinigami and quincy.

Wooo skaters waltz ^^

Now Playing — johann strauss – the skaters waltz

I love this man.

If life were to be a waltz, I hope my partner would be you.


Aaaaaaaaa x inf (Scrap)

June 27, 2008

Scrap 11:11 PM 6/26/2008

I’m about to exercise each vulgar syllable I have in my arsenal. Bloody hell what’s wrong with TM now. Dah lah 60.54.*.* suddenly cannot connect to GArena server, then I disconnect and change IP and cannot reconnect via my router since 9PM until now. Bloody hell.

Now watching Deal or No Deal in NTV7. Mandarin version. Quite intense haha. This kinda game show really takes your luck to the next level.

Lol the highest amount just got canceled XD too bad. The MC is a joker.

Anyway it’s 95.5% for the duo-episode of Bleach 176-177. Caleb always have to say that this epi sucks, that epi sucks. I think to him Bleach sucks la. Lol. I think it’s getting better at artwork, but battle scenes and stuffs right, the one in Seiretei Soul Society Arc is the best. Seriously, Blackburry spammed youtube videos which consists 2 random vids of Bleach MV. Damn cool come to think of it as that time Ichigo just got his Bankai and stuffs. Ahah.

Bleach-tard here. Damn.

Better than narutards bleks~

Ah so let’s see… I’m so damn reluctant to wake up… very very tired. Sigh.

Then forced to as it’s 1 PM plus… dragged my body and washed up, had breakfast + lunch, char kuey teow (well normally I’ll be damn happy to have it but I’m having butterflies in my stomach that time so I went… ugh omg).

I forgot to include that Jeevan woke me up via phone call, and then he greeted me from Melbourne, Australia. Apparently the telco over there is cool, 50AUD for 300AUD calltime credit. Now, if that’s available in Malaysia… I’m forking out that RM50 XD

Anyway, am glad to hear from him. That dude seems to be enjoying himself.

Now I wonder, as he mentioned, “Dude, you should come. You could have worked as a IT admin (or something along those lines)”

If I went… I don’t know lol.

Damn. I won’t be stuck in Malaysia doing L license and now doing nothing >”<

Ah well…

Did I mention that I’m sitting on my sofa, laptop connected via lan cable DIRECTLY TO MY FAITHFUL MODEM, awaiting Bleach to finish and screw TM tomorrow morning? Now you know.

Hot~ Dang

So as I said, been having a bit too many butterflies in my stomach, so paid a drastic amount of visit to the washroom. So as I’m inside I went… oh god… no… ahh… geeez. Lol.

After that… I dota-ed. POTM. Sucky gameplay… tho I like one of my stuns. Lol. That one beautiful, very, just that after leap I’m stuck within the trees and cannot kill the opponent. = =

POTM, worth the time to play around with, cos I got first blood without noticing. Lol.


After that, I alt+tab, and noticed someone messaged my MSN (as I’m using 60.54.*.*) so I went… @_@ what? I thought I’m blur, well judging from the fact I am, I won’t be surprised if my eyes played tricks on me.

Look properly, and the time between replies, and an educated guess, it’s real. So I replied both, and they seem to have a fun time in MMU (need me say more? Joining french class for french kiss wor lol)

I forgot what I wanted to type after watching TV lol.

I want my pie! I don’t care whatever pie can that be, lol. =P

Well so by the time I started to chat mum came back, and as usual I have to move out to the hall, and I do my own stuffs (well nothing much as last night’s restart rendered my photoshop materials gone = =) and practically ignored the movie in NTV7 even though it’s quite interesting. I saw that in Astro before, think in amyhs99’s house.

So I was having a fun time looking around and chatting. I wasn’t expecting that tho… got quite startled. Lol. Serious. I somehow felt slightly embarassed to reply. XD

But ah well it’s all good. Shhhhh 😉

Ah yeah my winamp keep playing ‘Way Back Into Love’ for the 5th time. I’m like… first 3 times ok la… then 4th time… 5th time. I went… I’m not ditching winamp for any other music player lol.

*stones for a while*

Quite envious for MMU students as their connection is fast… compared to Notts… god forbid, what happened to the damn connection? A few days ago received an email saying internet service back there is somehow disrupted. Sweat.

What’s the freaking use of having a Mynic spare line and ExBB 5Mbit line… WTF. Go and die man ExBB.

Then continue watching movie until 8, took bath and dinner (instant noodles lol), and then for the first time after so long I came back I wash the dishes. Lol.

Yesh! Finished downloading! Woot watch in the room later 1 hour special~

Then I’d been fidgetting around from my room to the hall just to get my connection straight, unfortunately, it’s still so fucked up. Gah.

Can’t even surf the net like 10 minutes ago.

That’s why I post a scrap lolz.

Deal or No Deal reminds me of a ‘trick’ game Caleb intro-ed me that time. It’s from 24… the 3 cards select thingy. Interesting theory, tried to explain to mum but she just refuses to accept the fact = =

Then saw WWE in TV3 and lol-ed. Great choreography man. WTF is this faggotry, run out from a coffin and stand beside you on the ladder. = =

So what can you do when you’re bored… well constrains imposed — hp credit expired, internet sucks, can’t sleep early.

God forbid mannnnnnn


Jap, French… I prefer English / Mandarin to both aforementioned.

16 lines… that’s call long. *stuns*

Well one just can’t treat things seriously lol.

I suddenly feel weird. *shrugs*


Or merely something is playing with my head.

God parents sleeping, I better move inside to my room, just pray hard that I can connect via my router. Damnit.

At times when you can use a lil motivation to continue striving further,
Alex. 12:09 AM 6/27/2008

*Imagine’s Self Holding A Ciggarette*

June 26, 2008

… and I’ll go, “my ex told me that I’m burning 30 won between my fingers”
— Art of Seduction (Korean 05)


Now Playing — Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)

“Fast and Furious… Drift Drift Drift” xD

*nods to what my mum says*

*ohh* (I really did this)

Ok now, I’m on my bed, pillow behind my waist, my laptop, rubiks, handphone on my portable table, 45 degrees to my left, external keyboard and mouse on my bed.


I should create a portable toilet, and put one ton of food stuffs beside me. I can virtually stay here. Lol.

*drinks water* mouth feels salty after drinking egg soup.

*licks lips in a very sexy way* (ok let me perasan pls)

*looks at the two bolsters beside me*


I gave up on Sudoku… easiest level…. 23 minutes and I can’t do shit. God, what happened to my 7 minute solving spree? Lol.

Probably not in optimal state, shall try again tomorrow.

Rubiks ah… F2L Fridich Intuitive Method took me around 1 minute. That’s just F2L. God. If I use the old formula it’s faster swt. But well I’ll continue on practicing. Well see how will it turn out to be.

BTW, when we are emotional, we tend to be expressive. That’s a good thing, as sometimes even the worst things you can do (like write a beautiful sentence in an essay, for instance) and the next moment you notice that holy shi- did I came up with that?

Tho I didn’t come out anything la lol. Too bad lor.

I like that sentence… even though for the fact that I hate it. (Paradox = =)

Now Playing — Rolling Star MV

Yeah, like what Jeevan says, Yui have a big mouth. Lol.

and God knows what he thinks with her big mouth *rolleyes*

Wait, looking at my rubik’s doesn’t feel good when it’s partly done and must undo everything to complete it.

*goes and reach rubik’s and solve*


Weeee hare hare yukai

*dances hare hare yukai*


Damn thank god I’m not Haruhi with bunny ears and go around saying I want to meet ESP-ians, Aliens, UFOs.

I don’t want that kinda girl anyway in my life lol.

Unless I’m an ESP-ian la… then different case.


I’m chopping something halfway…. complete it tomorrow laaa

Tho the creator of that wallpaper is a genius… really like the background. Nice.

Gonna do a complete re sketch for my skin. (Well if you can do it for your real skin then it’s gonna be cool you’re gonna see lines of codes on my hands lol) It can be better, and I know just the correct color for it now.

*stares at the ceiling*

am bored.

Weee BoA – Diamond Heart desu~

*looks at last bottle of bird nest*

It’s been almost 3 years. God, I better finish it soon.

My Fererro Roche… where they went?

Well who cares actually. Just do what I can lor.

Yes Caleb thank you very much for telling me that I’m weird. Lol.

and Thanks for telling that there are cards better than Tally’s and costs RM2! = =

Pics or it never happened! Nevaaaa

Bear Hill… nyaaaa

Nyaaaaaaaa~yawns. Oops.

I think only Jeevan and Kwang heard me go Nyahahahhahaha XDXD lol.

Oh yeah tomorrow download Bleach… 1 hour special *hyper*

Being a kampar-ian really sucks (*blaming myself again*)

I need fresh air!! Wait, the fan is facing towards me lol so job done. =\

Today never dota. Wow.

Let’s see… what I’ve done today.

Woke up around 2. Internet. Chatted.


Do nothing.

Cursed (no electricity while skyping = =)

and terzha-dou as today final episode for NTV7’s show. ‘Yin Chi Sui Fan’.

Oh yeah summary. I hereby announce that I allow someone to treat me next time for this 😉

Damnnnnnn I feel like watching F/SN again. 0_0

*goes and search for summary*

*copy pasta edit*


Wee… synopsis starts here.

Mingwai bring everyone to dai sou’s room, then show the medicine box, but then that bitch hid the box. Damn…

She’s reading the letters her husband wrote to her when she’s hospitalised that time. (Ming Wai)

The son’s uncle and auntie, saw their pet-son, and then the pet-son give em money, treating them as vagrants (padan muka ady).

Woo that uncle went havoc, take a butcher knife wanna chop Yao Yip, then Yi Fong saved him using her shoulders.

Went to the hospital, doctor says she’s safe, and then missed her lungs. It’s a miracle that she can survive wor. Wow.

Lol Yao Yip went outside, saw ‘lou sing’ (meteor rain, well not really rain la lol) and wished Yi Fong recover fast.

Then Hew Cheng came and give him his coat. =|

Weee Hew Cheng decides to leave Yao Yip. Yao Yip accepts the fact and say thanks.

Alamak. now that bitch take over the accounting stuffs.

Yay, Ming Wai and Yao Yip actually framed that bitch now wahahahahh, Yao Yip found the pills in the garden as some of the flowers died, so he decided to dig them up and found the pile of medicine. Then Ming wai just said that to trigger that bitch to kill her husband, and they saw.

Weee that bitch finally admitted what she did. Every single detail. Ho Keong is actually her village mate. My god. = =

Commercial break… damn what happened to the damn reception. x_x

LOL, uncle meet auntie, this time different. Uncle in jail, lol. Uncle sot jor. Ooo. Awww.

Auntie met Yao Yip and Ming Wai while both of them wanna visit uncle. Auntie wanna move into the temple and turn into a nun lol to ‘min pik si gor’.

Lol that lawyer, got some sickness, as he always got blood flowing out from his nose, 3 months life left. So got tons of money also no use. He laughed like an idiot in the end.

Weee Ming Wai’s husband got response finally. Wooot.

Now all standing in front of dad’s altar. Oh Yi Fong and Yao Yip gonna marry each other.

*bows* (they bow in front of the altar)

Weeeee happy ending. Synopsis ends here. (29 episodes or rollercoaster).

Lol that’s about it. “So much for my happy ending” — Avril Lavinge

My legs argh tired as it’s in contant position on my bed lolz.

‘Sweetie pie wrap up and sent to bakery store in _’ lol =P

Talk about pie… I’m hungry again after my soup just now lol.

Ah yeah I still have leftover pancake, dad didn’t take his part.

Weeeee can eat later. Weee. =D

Damn I feel innocent… wait I am xD

At least my heart is.

I think I’d really sidetracked. Too much. Well, I’d been using my brain the wrong way lulz.

I mean it’s vacation now right. So why I go and stress it? Let it laze around for a while la. Lol. (I don’t know if there’s a word laze in the dictionary or not LOL)

Wonders of English. ‘I can’t miss your hugs’. =D You know who you are, don’t you?

Harry Potter! OMFGWTFBBQSAUSE haven’t touched it yet. Maybe I will, after I clear my Desktop @_@

It’s like covering everything besides my beloved Saber there lol.

‘Saber’. =3

Tigress. *hint*


If one can relate that, I have nothing to say. Sharp intuitions.

Which boils down to the fact that mine’s inaccurate. Dang… I need moar practice desu~

Well doesn’t change the fact that I’m weird LOL.

= =

Ok that supposedly not an achievement but I manage to make it sound like one. Wtf.

‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ — Saw that in one of my contact’s personal message. In econs I believe… that bloody curve graph.

Then later got what errr bellcurve thingy la, I also forgot the name now lol.

Geez Econs suxxors.



I wonder if shy goes well with sly. =.=

Woo god knows.

Now Playing — Hirano Aya – God Knows

I wonder if the music is a bit too loud as my door is opened. =\

*tune down volume*

I really need my headphones, unfortunately I don’t know where did they went. Dang, gotta get a new one anyway, since I use skype now. Lol. Get a pair of them maybe, can skype with parents if Kwang’s house got internet already.



*yawns* dangggg

*rubs eyes*

Snowball effect is scary.

It does ‘Ring A Bell’ (lol weroth that song XD)

Which reminds me, ehh is it expensive for you to do groceries in Aust? How much would they normally cost? Do you cook there?

I think if I can go overseas after Degree… either UK or Aust. Lol *daydreaming*

Ahhh not going to Japan. Sure gg one.

Ok I’m just being random.

“I miss you Hui Joo”

Let me pray that Michael doesn’t read this and he’s busy all the time xDXDXDXD

65… on the spot. XDXD Thank GOD. Seriously. Thought gonna suck this time due to insufficient time studying. *respects god*

Well I did put an effort by studying early in the morning la… *tho I don’t know how much I can actually absorb in the morning XD*

… not forgetting a big thanks to someone who accompanied me throughout the 2 weeks without fail… that’s really sweet of you. =)

That was one of those times where I went, oh, cool, *ties handkerchief on forehead* and study hard. =P

Damn…  =p

Ok a bit too much here.

Err, let’s see.

*bites off a fair portion of pancake*

am hungry again lol.


Where am I now? (well I know I’m in my room thanks)

Here’s a random fact. At times when I call ppl a certain way, it does mean something in real life. xD

For example… Caleb -> Cable.

Thank you for ‘rewiring’ my brain last night lol.

Cable… woooooot.

Inivisible thread FTW… oops.

I want to be… me.

*omg* I’m still hungry =3


Guess what’s left is the meatbread waaaaaa

Jelak ady…

I want cendol!!!!!!!!

Those big hard red beans inside… ah… orgasms in your mouth.

I suddenly feel like…

“Beribu bintang di langit kini menghilang,
Meraba aku dalam kelam,
Rembulan mengambang kini makin suram,
Pudar ilhamku tampa arah”.

Damn I can still remember xD

Lol out of mind blanking-ness I saw my Prinsip Perakaunan Tingkatan 5 there lol.

I can still remember how Puan Cheng taught us Accounts. =D

Yea almost all get A1. Woot.

Accounts is easy. If you can remember what to do la. Lol.

Tho I forget all ady. T_T

Ah wells.

Since now I’m staying in Kwang’s house instead of TTS 5… I wonder how can I access internet at night. Ivan left ady, so cannot leech internet. Walk to campus? Caleb, what say you XD

Ah yeah lol.

My mum ah… always go… who’s that girl? How old is she? Where is she studying? = = Sheesh. Should I tell my mum next time, no ‘she”s my boyfriend, older than me, I slept with “him” = =||| Wtf.


Damn I feel like playing Syobon Action XDXD


Ok la, guess that’s all for tonight.


Coincidence… Lol

June 25, 2008

Now Playing — Enchanted – So Close OST (3 times in a row).

Wait, let me plugin my external Pleomax and type on my tigh. Lol.

Yay, done. Hands on my lap.


Itchy nose… wth.

Skyping… and kept hearing sms tone. = =

So, woke up this morning… around 8 something… I went wth and O_O look at the watch, and slept.

9.30 someone called to my house (and I finally knew that it’s my car instructor = = damn) and I ignored it, let it rang, and just continue on sleeping.

Then woke up around 12 or 1 I forgot, just blast the music, forumed a bit to keep me awake, and brush up, wash up, usual routine.

After lunch (lunch was… errr… *damn I forgot x_x* never mind) so I think I dota-ed… yeah. Oh yeah, my Lich owned like lv 8 dominating with 3 ironwood branch, and one boot only XD

Ah well… best lich eva. =D

Tho I suck at the next game as god knows what happened to my godamn teammates.

After that, did something to my bloggie, and asked for comments. God, I know it’s square. = =

Then, mum came back, I forgot what I was doing (I am not aware now).

Whatever la. Just skip to movie part, I went omgomgomgomg and typed a synopsis. Yeah it’d done what it supposed to convey so I’ll skip.

Then after bath, I went and check my lappie before dinner, then I see… eh?! Lol so I chatted a bit.

Have fun extracting your teeth tomorrow. It’s gonna be one hell of an experience.

3 inch needles… XDXD

Then I went to Kit’s house and trashed them in Dota, CS, and StarCraft. Damn should have just ended the game in 10 minutes… tho I really forgot what to do lolz. Daniel, I wanna play starcraft with you guys Again T_T

Oh, tongue tied.

Never mind.

Actually right, it’s gonna be weird if everyone in campus calls me experi3nc3. Wth lol.

I’m stoning.

Nothing much to shout about… really. =(


Guess there’s still room for self improvement.

I hope.


I typed in mandarin wtf. = = Language bar fault.

Ah well.

I need hugs, no I wonder what I need. =|





[01:46] (F)[c=4][̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅][/c] [b]eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™[/b] → *The Last Waltz* My Result OMFG *sierra: chill la
[01:47] (F)[c=4][̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅][/c] [b]eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™[/b] → *The Last Waltz* My Result OMFG *sierra: my usual quote
[01:47] (F)[c=4][̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅][/c] [b]eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™[/b] → *The Last Waltz* My Result OMFG *sierra: rant when one’s single, rant when one’s attached
[01:47] (F)[c=4][̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅][/c] [b]eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™[/b] → *The Last Waltz* My Result OMFG *sierra: never fucking fails
[01:47] (F)[c=4][̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅][/c] [b]eXPeri3nc3™ – Notts™[/b] → *The Last Waltz* My Result OMFG *sierra: =D

100 Million Dollar Question

June 24, 2008

PuAs / Naturals / Players sekalian… How do you know what ladder you’re on?

Let me know.


Weee lolz

June 24, 2008

I will only start blogging when winamp play nice songs. Lol.

Now playing — Enchanted OST – So Close

First of all, Firefox 3 FTW!!!

BTW out of randomness that day during FIrefox download Day I did something which will make either someone to go WOI or awww lol.

Not gonna post it here LOL.

Bite me.

I’ll keep it to myself, so?

I woke up just to find the clock strikes 1. God, so I switched on my lappie, turned on the music, and wash up, brush up, ate the pork noodles which is blank in colour for the soup, and then wasted 1 hour cleaning the roller for my chair. So that’s the damn part which is trapping all the hair and dust and whatever-allienated-items in there. Farkkk damn hard to pull strands of hair out. Well if you think that seeing this makes you go ewww, try pulling it until your forefinger and thumb sore. I ain’t friggin kidding, I can’t dismantle the bloody roller.

AH well.

After that I lurked around, and did the blockquote thingy for my skin desu.

Watched the 6 o’clock movie, and here is the synopsis of the day. Just important details.

The mother of the girl that the 2nd child of the family like (not hew cheng) said this in a discussion with Ming Wai and one of the characters in movie regarding guys being not loyal:
“lam yan mei dou 99, lui yan ngan dou um hor yi tou”
— a.k.a as long as men haven’t reach 99 years old women cannot ever divert their eyes from them”

Breaking news — Hew cheng is currently staying inside the residence (all thanks to the bitch’s suggestion)

Ming wai’s husband ‘caught red handed’ — it’s a setup by his English Teacher (which was bribed by that BITCH to trap that guy and ‘memporak-perandakan’ their relationship) and well yeah somehow everyone was there and kantoi-ed on the spot.

That ends synopsis of the day. (Well do I get a kiss for this? =P)

Then I continue watching TV2 and asked Alexa bout my skin… well blogskin lol.

Dinner, then Kit came and chatted quite a while, wasted my time outside. Well this happened and it’s not fictional. Lol.

I reached my laptop, first thing, check msn, then forgot that I changed IP, so I closed MSN. Reached skype, saw anna. So might as well say hi or just go nyaaaaaaaaaaaakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol. Double click on chat and then in that motion, she messaged.

Now, that moment right, I actually went… *stuns for 3 seconds* *wow*


Tell me about co-incidence. =P

… and so buy original, piracy sucks… hor? Lol.

I don’t support piracy… doesn’t mean that I don’t use them — Quek’s line XD

Wow it’s late.
Ah yeah anyway, I manage to get the blockquote done with transparency… well can be fine-tuned more later la, and then header, footer (a bit), the footer for the divs, and then maybe a swappable div for contents… random message ticker and stuffs… yada yada yada.

Gonna make it as clean and easy for readers. Later complain ‘oh I get lost in your blog’ XD.

But wait a min it’s gonna be… *ahem*


My legs hurt T_T

Thanks to the jogging… yeah painful but it felt good. =\


Guess that ends it.



Oh yeah I almost forgot this random quote I typed in Notepad.

“It’s nostalgic to be in my room at 8:55 PM 6/23/2008 when my winamp plays Elliot Yamin – Wait For You.”