I’m back~~~~

Minasan… kombawa. Alex-chan des. <- I know it’s incorrect but what the hell XD

Yea… been to hell and back.
SUPPOSSEDLY I have to sleep by 11. Then I purposely drag my time until 12 something… well… then after that Steph asked me 1v1… then ok lor… then suddenly her friend pop-ed in. =_=

So I have to leave… hoping that I would forget about it and sleep.

Apparently it’s not the case, as I’d past my sleeping time (either I sleep at 11 or 4). So… yes, I fail to sleep. My brain just won’t shut down, and it keeps on playing and playing and playing. Random stuffs, particular songs, particular venues, particular premonitions, particular photos, particular moments, particular experiences, particular photographic memory… man.

Yes, the brain keeps looping. Until 3 am. God. First hour… songs… never mind. 2 am. Then went to toilet and come back a few times still cannot sleep. Geez. Drink water. Sleep… cannot. Wake up, roll here and there, change direction, position, place to sleep (yeah at last at around 4). Second hour… photos hauting my memory… I refuse to believe but let’s just leave it as it is… it’s not ‘important’ anyway.

3rd hour, mellow-ing effect. now this is the hardest part… imagine human head with sheep body jumping over the fence when I’m counting sheeps to sleep. WTF. Err, what else, “seeing things”, etc… you name it.

Scary huh, don’t be. I beh tahan ady then I go and sms horny smacky, then she replied she finished dota and don’t know what she is doing in that game. I’m trying my best to cast cancel lol.

In the end, the retaliation stopped, after her message kicked in. Like 15 mins later? XD

Woke up at 6:45 AM… god it’s just like barely 3 hours of sleep. Took a bath, dressed up, and ate breakfast, then sat that SLK (small little kancil) to Tambun, Ipoh with 2 guys behind and a girl in front. Was half awake that time… so blur.

Went there, registered ady, attended the blind colour test, full marks ^^ and then went into the classroom. Well that’s where the fun begins… I know the first instructor is boring in his tone… but he does make jokes… for those less educated people from ‘chinese schools’ (no offense) which they deemed that they NEVER learn Malay… the instructor straight away shoot back lol.

Swt… why deny, just say that you suck in Malay lah. *facepalm* Then one girl mentioned that she’s from Yuk Choy… and then kena tembak again… I can’t help but laughing all the way. XD

And apparently I’m called smart because I’m in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (he asked me) and he asked me whether I played guns in NS (he asked me too) =\

Well I don’t get that often anyway XD

So I was quite attentive to the class until my tiredness kicked in… tired… but didn’t sleep yet lah.

Then breaktime came… ate lunch… expensive sial and the food sucks… well better than nothing. 30 minutes break time only… then went back in and continue second half.

As it is we (guys) were waiting for the damn toilet (it’s packed and you can actually see ppl lining up XD). God.

Err, second half, changed instructor… and I like this one. The way he gave his speech, and the way he wants us to think… I’m impressed. Tho the fact that he looks like Chinese, he’s a Malay. Haha. The bad thing is, when he’s about to reach the peak of his speech… electricity got cut down… and that’s all for today.

I slept in the class… damn hot, I’m sweating like a mad man, and packed. Bad ventilation. I manage to sleep for 1 hour in that condition… tell me if I’m not tired. X_X then later on tried to sleep also lah… then cannot so just close my eyes and take a nap. I stayed in the room until I feel like fainting, as I said bad ventilation, so I dragged myself out of the room for some fresh air. So I’m like walking in and out, nap, walk in and out, nap until the time ends. Even waiting for your turn to take back your IC takes like eternity. >_>

Then, I came back lor…

Ah yeah the path he took to the school… impressive. Took the NS highway, then exit via dunno where, somewhere before Jusco Ipoh, and then took a road… small little hidden tiny road just behind the PLUS building… so I was like wtf is he trying to do turn into PLUS building, topup touch n go meh? Then see him turning here and there and we reach a small path and there’s a opening in that very tiny hill… I’m like ohhhhhhhhh walao pro. Lol.

Damn I need to study 500 questions… geeez. Nyaaaa~ >_<

So I came back… fired up the internet… then bluescreen… >_< Restarted, and then chatted with her, and asked her for dota tho she says she have to go… so played a while… no mood one at first… *sighs* so just feed lor… then she says her bro play now. Instantly wake up. Lol.

Whicked sick only… Haven’t Holy Shi- lol. But good enough.

Muahahahahhaha XD

Time to… <what are you looking for XD>



3 Responses to “Tadaima~”

  1. stephanie Says:

    ohhhh i play you sleepy lah, my bro play you wake up la…… <_<
    i feel insulted. XDXD

  2. ikiru Says:

    hey, just dropping by and saw a mistake in ur jap lol. it shud be tadaima instead of todaima =)

  3. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Duly noted and ammended. Thanks!

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