Its a weird feeling that you want to get closer to them. Kind of butterflies sort of thing. There’s others but I’ll tell you when you’re older. DON’T ACT SHY OR STUPID!!!!! People do that a lot when they like you, so you’ll know if they start saying stupid things or start smiling a lot and blushing it’s kind of cute.


I agree with the first poster. I also want to add that you know you have a crush on someone when your face feels hot whenever you’re near them, you seem to care a lot about your appearance all of a sudden, and you can’t stop looking at him/her.


I agree with both the first poster and this other person. But one more thing to add: when your heart feels like its pounding a million miles away, and you cant stop thinking or dreaming about your relationship. But remember, at any point in time.. some *** face could come and steal what you had and leave you there to rot and die in missery, alone.


I agree with the first and second poster, but not the person above…. although it is true…. its kinda creepy… and disturbing….


You sometimes think about them all the time and cannot stop. However, this does not mean you think about them absolutly all the time, but when you do think about them it lingers for a long time. You also image them in many different scenarios (places and times) and try to be with them a considerable amount more (if you’re a friend of theirs).

Any excuse to be with them you will accept (unless you’re under exceeding pressure. Eg: friends, etc.) You may also browse sites like these looking for guidence or advice from other experienced people.

Other things may not seem important when you’re thinking about this person. You may also blush/be embarraced around this person. Or, you may suddonly be really confident around this person. You may even tease this person!

Everything depends on your personality and the person in which you love. The true thing is, you will know yourself.


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