Omg… tell me about it.


Based on your birthday …
Your emotion is hard to predict. You can be sad this minute and happy in the next. People might find it difficult to follow your emotion and understand you. You tend to take things seriously. Your Love, You take your time to study a person before falling in love. Once you decide that he or she is the one, no one can stop you from making progress, even your partner.

— from Facebook Application


well usually never thought of this kind of replies… but… lol.

Now Playing — Ryosuke Nakanishi a.k.a. r-midwest – Motteke! Sailor Fuku Bak-Bak-Bakoon! Mix

1 min left and off to sleep.

=__= so many ppl join… I’m forced to go.


Mikuru beam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




One Response to “Omg… tell me about it.”

  1. stephanie Says:

    LOL is that your bday a?

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