Muahahaha XD


Weeeeee~ Me Voodee and Viruz pwnd them all! Muhahahah lc summore lah cbkiaz. Go crash and burn.

Saved the replay too… my best Juggernaut. ^^

Anyway, I’d watched err… 5cm/s. Damn damn damn damn sad weh. Tho I didn’t emo nor felt like crying… it’s just pure sadness for me. Mellowed lah… ofc… duh.

It’s a good watch. Animation engine damn good… each and every detail… every corner… how the snow appears… nice weh. They really paid a lot of effort in rendering the Anime. Thumbs up to that.

Story line same as Hoshi no Koe… just that this one animation is nicer (IINM), and then this one there’s 3 chapters. Always guy meet girl since small, both like each other, then got seperated. Guy will meet another girl. =__=

The theme is solitude… according to Weroth. Good job for recommending this anime XD

I ❤ it.

… and the girl character damn pweeety =P

Guy damn handsome too =P

*Sunday edit

Best part of the anime.

The guy and the girl.

A letter the girl wrote for the guy.

Look at how much detail they paid in the anime.

The train.


Hmmmm. Ate a fortune cookie… and got this:

You will share great news with all the people you love =)

Yeah the smiley face came with it. Hmm.



Ah well.


One Response to “Muahahaha XD”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    whòohò… i am Ieaving now
    ciao dude
    i’ll buy you something when i am there

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