On A Streak!


Not really, but hopefully so.

Now Playing — Lucky Star no Minna – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

You know I’m happy when you see the above XD


Anyway, err, let’s see.

Tomorrow going for L-license… the seminar. It’s gonna be boring but what the hell I still need to go. Barely touched the book, but I did jumped a bit here and there. Colour-blind testing question are all free marks lol. =P

Hmm just now wrong Stephanie online. Lol. I have like… 4? Lol XD

I thought I can have a peek in a girl’s room but JiaHui says that she’s at her friend’s house and it’s not convenient wor… too bad lol.

Am downloading… oh, dictionary completed, another second part for 5cm/s. High quality as deemed by Weroth… and the creator’s previous work is actually Hoshi no Koe. OMG. omgomgomgomgomogmomgomg.

As usual, weroth told me to prepare tissue box. When a guy tells you this, it’s either you’re gonna come from the top or bottom. Either one. Lol.

But for this case I know he know others know that it’s the top. Lol.

Damn sad one lah Hoshi no Koe… and this is even better wor. Try lor. I know Hoshi no Koe made me stone there on the spot after finish reading that manga… Caleb’s. So I’m like… err… dude, where’s your Ichigo 100% manga? XD Anti-stoning mechanism kicked in.

GG-ed with Steph, and really gg-fied. 2 v 4 and we lost. *stuns* but she says it’s fun wor… well it’s not fun when you keep dying because of the god damn fat butcher and ghay naix XD.

It’s been a while.

Now Playing — Aqua Times – Alones (ringtone version =__=)

W00t! Rawrrrrrrrrr.

So fast end ady. Ish. Potong stim.

Now Playing — Mai Hoshimura – Sakura Biyori

Take note that both also Bleach OST. Lol.

I have a taste of my own medicine today… I never knew that it’s that ‘bitter’ *pukes* No wonder Michael’s been bitching about the way I reply. Lol.

Am sucking on my Yakult… ^^ Hmm just now I took a glance in my fridge and I notice there’s a full stock load of chocolates… excluding the Fererro Roche in the box. Muahhahaha XD But I’m having mild cough. ;_;

It’s gonna be the first night in my streak that I’m gonna sleep early. =O What to do tomorrow I have to wake up darn early and travel to Ipoh. Ish. I wonder who’s the other guys… don’t really care anyway.

Should I bring my rubik’s? XD Earphones? Cards? XD

Eh what is “Chinese Yearbook” doing in front of my laptop…? o_O *calls dad*

Oh walao. Looked inside and went @_@ If only I know how to read Chinese x_x

“Kan Cheong Weh”… lol. Damn “kan cheong”. XD

Hmmm… downloading… should I gg? ellokawan haven’t reply me. Ish.

Apparently my Firefox is faster compared to last time… I mean loading time. Muhahahahah XD

Direct-translation from cantonese… XD

You know what is God?
God used to be human.
But because God can do what humans cannot do,
That’s why God is God.


Ah well.

Just keep it short. Muahahahaha… I wonder why I’m laughing so hysterically. Lol.

Alex is an alex is an alex.


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