Where hope starts from… here


Let bygones be bygones.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, dress like them, and thou shall go to hell <- Hellsing lol.

Where the light seems to end… where the hope starts from… here.


I tend to get enlightened at times even though I hate to admit it but it is a fact. For god knows what reason, but from what I read… the effect is there. It might sounded superficial but it’s just like a fore tale. Lol. Yes I am clear of what am I saying… or maybe it’s just the Yin and Yang concept which puzzles my mind currently XD

Break the stick, and let it go.

How to break it? Hmmm. Trying to… trying to.

It’s just like a wooden house with 4 stilts, break 1 of those, and the house will collapse. Let it be… but how?

Now Playing — Raki Suta Motteke! Sailor Fuku [Choushi Koite Gyokusai Mix]

Am being pampered too much. I agree. Heck, my dad told me if I were to be born two days later… oh man. After knowing what will happen to me, I went… dad! Why don’t you tell mum to ‘caesarean’ me (I know it’s not a correct usage for it but ah well) 2 days later XD Tho not everyone in this world is suitable to such a life.

I know my cousin brother swung to a bad way… =( Yes, that’s his fate.

Lol, you might ask why I believe what my dad said, it might be fengshui or some crap where you can refer from books. Yes books, but what books first? Go refer to prediction books? What genre? What kind?

I believe it… because I’d been there done that. Notice why I’d been ranting since small (well ofc you don’t lol) until I reach Form 1. Dad told me the reason, I was petrified on the spot. I’m like, why don’t you tell me earlier swt…

Anyway, as it is I’m being pampered a bit too much… who knows what will happen to me if I were to be born 2 days later. XD

I know I will be an idiot if I were to be born 10 years before… which I trully believe in this =P Lol. XD

Talk about premonitions lol.

Mum told me that I should sleep early… I have panda eyes ady. Swt -> @_@

I don’t know what went into my head but I went and download DiamondDust Reballion (the reballion is spelled as such for the movie) at least from what I’d noticed in the torrent.


I woke up… and it rained heavily. Tell me about a gloomy day when you wake up. ;_;


Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Love Autopsy

Maybe I should just keep quiet about the ‘source’. Muhahahhah XD

Err, let my secondary blogs be a hideout for my kokoro. =P

傷付いたって 好きな人には好きって伝えるんだ
その想いが叶わなくたって 好きな人に好きって伝える

Don’t ask me if it’s grammatically correct or not, I don’t know Jap XD

GGC failed me today… just now I got dc/ed by GArena… bloody hell. *furious*

I find no point about blogging something which will spoil everyone’s mood. Hmmm.


I look at the newspaper this afternoon, or evening, and I’m like… flipping through… oh Grand Saga case settled ady… ok, next… boring, flip… XD

Not like yesterday’s paper… whoah… interesting… read… laugh my ass off… etc.

Damn. Tho the comics section will always be interesting XD

Guess I’ll just have to do this the hard way huh? =S

Ah yeah… one miss call picked up by the Digi operator from Kampar to Seremban charged me RM1.60 When I told my parents they went what? Like that better message XD

I petrified on the spot too. I’m like… ok lah… reload on the spot… I’m left with 20 cents. Then after reload… check balance ok… that amount… misscall… curious, so check again… wtf. *stuns*

Damn… last night I turned into a necrophiliac. O_O Serious.

Man, I’m scared of myself. I watched too much anime perhaps? XD (well considering the fact watching while other people are watching counts to…)

Anything but pedophilia and necrophilia and homosexual.

I told my parents I don’t want to marry in the future and they went omgomgomgomg and my dad gave me an instant lecture XD

I wonder what will they show on their face when I bring a girl back to my room now XD Will they be happy or sad or <insert here>? Hmm. *evil grin*

Quek’s theory works… “you want me to put a GUYS naked wallpaper or cute girls?”


Right… guess this ends it. For this post.



One Response to “Where hope starts from… here”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    I miss you you arse… 🙂
    and i feel your stress…
    you should’ve followed my advice…. and bought the d-link…
    its been 11 days and the connection with my sis’s new lappie still hasn’t dc’d…
    anyhoo… take care man.. will give you a call before i leave for OZ… 🙂

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