12:48 AM. Wow.


Yes… it’s “early” blogging for me. I wonder why… well I think there are stuffs that cannot be explained right…?

This is the following I did when I’m installing SP3… and it hung there…

1:54:39 (cross solving)

1:59:33 (non cross solving)

1:35:77 (cross solving)

failed (non cross solving)

2nd attempt 2:09:14 (non cross solving)

2:02:01 (cross solving)

2:26:71 (non cross solving) WTF timing is this

1:58:64 (cross solving) damn if only I memorised that formula

2:37:83 (non cross solving) how the hell can you do Heise technique?!

Yes SP3 installation is farking slow. >_>

The above is in minutes and seconds… so 1:58:64 is equivalent to 1minute and 58 seconds… which is damn slow! >_< Then I terminate explorer and another thing and then it manage to complete… I still haven’t restart tho.

I’d lodge a report via the internet yesterday night… and today the connection sucks… cannot even surf. So I called 100 and chose TM Technical Support. Then lodged another report… then straightly after that I’m not accessible to the internet until just now where it’s just my will to get logged on and see… the… *pauses* that will be more than enough.

Apparently my DSL went blackout… just like that after that call. Sigh. And yeah later at night I check my DS margin it’s 12 digits… lol.

So… I’d been playing rubik’s… and the above was the timings… Damn I suck. If only I can complete them in like 60 seconds or less.


No music is played as I’m watching Fate/Stay Night… I’m at episode 16 now.

Let me start from this morning…

I woke up… and I tell you it’s the hormones lah =P So… reluctant to get out from bed and keep hugging my pillows… Lol. Damn XD

Brushed up, bathe, and then ate.

Been watching Fate/Stay Night, rubik’s and that’s about it. Boring evening right?

Just now finally installed SP3… nothing to shout out yet.

Today’s agenda ends as such. Nothing much besides the fact that I complained to TM and hopefully the MSN issue gets solved soon. Well, it must have something to do with the routing… as not all face that problem. Blame the earthquake for that I guess…

It’s been a while since I last read newspaper… so I got mum to buy The Star for me. Read quite a few interesting paragraphs and columns. I saw Jusco Seremban II in Business section… and I’m like… oh that place. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then… a couple of interesting photographs, and then articles showing Malaysia’s leaders’ stupidity… especially the MPs… God knows what the hell are they doing after all these years.

I’m not a political blogger so I shall leave it as it is. As for other stuffs, yeah I’ll comment on those too. For instance, the shopping “guide”… seriously an interesting read.

Well Steph messaged me at around 12 something and only I manage to link Penang and her “MIA” status. Geez I’m slow. =X

Hopefully everything’s alright for her auntie… God bless her kind soul, children and family.

One might be wondering why my post is written in such a way that differs from my normal writing style… haha I thought it’s time for a change maybe?

Perhaps I don’t ignore the fact that I started to see things which changed my mind and all these while I’m making a very terrible mistake. Even so, sometimes there are incidents where one just are out of control of it. Yeah, crudely put, mistakes are often made when you can’t control something. (Psst just like pre-marritial pregnancy?)

OT — The header for my blog is not loading… damn the Ichigo Header is nice… =P Must be my connection… Proves how inefficient TM is routing the network traffic over here.

Thank god I solved my wifi frequent disconnection issue. If not I need to travel all the way back to Lowyat Plaza. Lesson learnt, go to TechARP and ask for help if else fails lol =P

Sorry for the delay *ah well it’s not like you’ll stop for 5 minutes and continue reading this anyway lol* was replying an SMS… so yeah back to topic shall we?

I can have the weirdest dreams in my life… just that the problem is I forget what I’d dreamed of today. Geez. It seems to be… very extreme X_X

A few days later this one particular word in dictionary had been haunting me and made me traumatised. It’s even worse than being hypnotised by Ilya’s eyes LOL =P (Fate/Stay Night)

Anyway, Caleb highlighted me something way back then, the moment where she sit on Shirou’s lap… (Well it’s BDSM err bondage? got tied up to a chair… ah that’s how it should be… it is anyway LOL) then… “will you be my possession?” Err, no, she said something more misleading at first and now I forgot… then Caleb was like…

“Choice 1: Yes
Choice 2: No
Choice 3: Don’t Know”

Now, I’ll go:

“Choice 4: Fuck it”

Lol. XD Err… it’s just like… ero / hentai games where you have selection of choices on what you want to do? Anyway F/SN is derived from it’s hentai game so…

Damn Saber fell in love with Shirou after the… “we need more physical contact part” — said by Rin… that was… *speechless* and *priceless* too lol.

Excalibur… the next episode I think Gilgamesh is coming out…

That arrogant bastard. Lol. I think he’s useless in FatalFake (a simulation fighting game for FSN, 3rd party).

I just went through my sent box… am amazingly shocked by myself. I need to keep track on it later. Wow. I broke my personal record… very very personal record some more lol.

Hmm… Anna is not around… probably busy for her assignments (and yeah she’s sleeping now anyway lol).

Yes… I think I can do more for my blog theme… at least someone appreciates it… unlike… other people. Hmmph.

Good god I forgot what I wanted to type… ah yeah. But it’s a bit too sensitive… but who cares anyway lol.

I actually told myself… (this is hard to believe but I manage to hypnotise myself before I sleep…) damn it’s powerful and it really works @_@ If only the internet connection is not sucky this morning… I mean afternoon… Wow.

The thing is… one need to practice on other people and they must co-operate in order for it to work. Well, once one masters such dangerous skill… one must not misuse it… like for instance I won’t hypnotise Kwang to get his account’s PIN number and balance… lol. XD Or maybe *raises eyebrow*

Walao… inbox full. God knows how many messages I need to clear up later. @_@ 1k limit reached. =O

I saw “horny apple pie”… aww.


I can’t make =3 with my mouth, can I? =3 Lol.

… and yes “don’t watch porn without me LOL” huh…

I’d just cleared up some space by deleting porn >_> Lol.

… and yes thank god Music and Lyrics (my version) is clearer and louder than Ivan / Jeevan’s. Yay.

I still have quite a number of movies to watch… like Jay Chow’s Secret… Van Wilder… I even have a damn TVB series in my laptop (*facepalm* don’t ask me Cornelius gave it to me since I bought my laptop).

I’m addicted to her song… oh my~

Apparently my winamp hated Teardrops on My Guitar lol.

Ok that’s just random… ah well let’s see what will happen in these few days.

Tho I despise the lyrics for Take A Bow. Seriously… give me a break.

Well anyone’s selling potions to control / remove / or suppress my level of di-auto-perasan-ning-ness-fy-kan? I am more than happy to buy loads of them… in exchange for… well a magic trick performance? Lol.

Speaking of which… I abandoned cards… apparently it’s natural… and inevitable (well not really but we’ll see). Logs… oh damn. =X

God I wonder if sUBs is reading my blog all along. =X I lagi major SWT weh. =\

But I seriously respect his knowledge and keen-ness on helping people… especially those retards back in Lowyat Forums. Tho he got pissed off by them even though it’s a voluntarily helped by sUBs some just don’t appreciate it. That’s why he left. Hmm.

CF… well.

I feel like listening to music whilst blogging… but… I feel like watching anime straight later. So… forget it.

Me myself know that I for one that doesn’t like to read… at least printed materials. God forbid, I just have the tendency to sway away from the current article I read… tho it’s not the same when it comes to Computer and Computing Security… Like Art of Deception… CEH (certified ethical hacking)… etc. >_>


Any girls up to the task to un-geek-ify me? =P

Err… *…* *speechless* dang… I made myself speechless lol.

There are some things in life that we do not have control of… say nature… feelings… fate? Let’s just say that it’s out of our boundary for that. Which when it comes it comes… but god knows when will it go (esp for feelings… for someone)

There’s a popular saying… I don’t know who started it but I know that it might sounded like a wuss if it’s for a guy to say it…

“You came into my life through that door, you messed up my life, and you left me and walked through that door just like that leaving everything else in a mess”.

Does that somehow ring some bells? Haha.

Yes… having a crush one someone and makes you think of him/her 24/7 really drives you crazy huh…? You know who you are (I don’t even know if that person reads mine lol). =\

Ah yeah I feel like going back to previous episodes and put up a screenie… brb.

Oh wait I got the screenshot already but imageshack is… just not loading as usual.

Weroth how do you say “Oh my…” in Jap? I know it’s `Mataku`… but that makes me go mata aku XD

Man I’m tired… should I F/SN or Dota… Hmm.

Wow someone’s in Clan War Room… no wonder… that explains the items he got when I played with him.

Ah finally…~

Fate Stay Night

Lol… women are evil. Lol. According to Issei. Lol.

Well I would say those who don’t know how to care for guys are evil… they just get them as a stepping stone / accompany (cuddlebitch dilemma) / ATM machine / etc. I’m not referring to ALL, some. ‘There exist’ and ‘for every’ makes a very big difference… talk about mathematical notation.

Ah yeah where are you Nat? Lol.

Wow… their level… is like… omg.

1.7k words…

I’m not her toy or anything… but why I’m actually acting that I’m “owned”… *drawing circles on the floor*



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One Response to “12:48 AM. Wow.”

  1. T.C Says:

    Well, OK I’ll admit it, you are a bit scary, & what’s more, I KNOW that you’re gonna LOVE hearing me say that..

    Don’t be presumptuous, & insecure, sweetie, you might find that just being polite & pleasant, can incur a favourable conclusion..
    Get my drift?


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