[2:35:40 AM] Stephanie chong says: u write
[2:35:44 AM] Stephanie chong says: today i wake up at ___
[2:35:47 AM] Stephanie chong says: den i eat my ____
[2:35:50 AM] Stephanie chong says: den i play ____
[2:35:52 AM] Stephanie chong says: den i miss _–
[2:35:56 AM] Stephanie chong says: den i scold ___–
[2:35:59 AM] Stephanie chong says: den mommy nag _____-
[2:36:04 AM] Stephanie chong says: den daddy scold ____
[2:36:06 AM] Stephanie chong says: den lunch i eat

Alright just for the sake of fun. Templated provided as is without warranty of any kind.

I woke up at… err… 1? Mum’s at home. amhys99 called and asked me how to go to LYP. So I told him take the same exit like what you will do to reach Times Square, and before that just turn right and you’ll see that building there.

Well, I thought that he should have known where it is. Ah well.

Now Playing — Stacey Kent – I Didn’t Know About You

Then brushed up, in denial to wake up at first but like… ah wake up lah. Then bathe, eat… rice tapao-ed by mum.

Err… surf around, check this and that, fixed my blog theme for 1024 x 768 (thanks weroth for pointing that out I’m using widescreen so it’s completely diff). Tho I still don’t understand why 2 divs will make it float on top but 1 will take the measurement… (technical CSS, ignore if don’t understand).

Then… Did I dota? Ah yeah I did. Then leave game as host left the game. =__=

I miss the times where I’m doing my assignment and someone messaged me “Hi”. Well, using messengerfx isn’t that much of a fun afterall… but it’s good. At the very least I can still use msn. Heck, it’s even smoother than my current line condition. =\ Miss… miss… alot. Yeah… alot. You know why? I played with Steph, Ern, some random dude and got Rikimaru… well smokescreen. *hint* (Even if you don’t play dota, you should be able to catch the drift)

I scold…ed my mum. X_X Yeah I know I know.

Mom nagged about me being incompetent and err… not caring about others. As usual.

Dad scolded me for taking my bath late… ish. >_<

Dinner… parents went out and get food for me, I err play rubik’s, this and that.

Was quite moody yesterday and today. Sigh.

Chatted with Anna and apparently I ter-drag-ed her time for 1 hour plus… Sorry yea. =P It’s a nice and “interesting” chat muahhahah XD

Skyping all the way with Steph (I want to see how smooth VOIP can be) and it turned out to be very, very smooth. First game someone dc/ed… so remake.

Then another guy came in. So continue. Then she hung up.

I’m like… watching Fate/Stay Night… hmmmm all the way then dota. Hmmmm.

Damn why this feeling just have to come back when I wanted to blog. Man… God…

*heaves a sigh of despair*

Was planning to write this post in an mixed array form… no encryption just mixed sentences… it’s gonna be fun… but… never mind.

Maybe I am thinking a bit too much. Yeah thanks Anna for the advice.

To add to that, apparently what I told her, reflected back to me in the end. Wtf. Paradoxical Commandment eh?

It’s just like… those who hurt you… then love them anyway.

I have that in my NS diary… uhh *oh it’s in KL*. =__=

And I still haven’t find the laminated picture drawn by my friend. Today lah (later).

I guess it’s clear as the sky now.

Me = “Not” ++ “hing”

I’m taking my license this Saturday… need to sleep early. Why I feel reluctant to go… I wonder.

Time to choose Kristy’s path. Lol. *yes Weroth if only Harry Potter in ebooks are quite easy to read <_<*


Yeah humans err. We all do.

Just that I’m too keen on what I did in the past.

Geez I feel hot in my room despite the fact that the air-cond is on. I used to complain that it’s too cold. Time to clean the filters.

Sometimes I just don’t understand girls… they give you false hopes. Well, to a certain extend yes.

Maybe I just have to learn on how to ignore.

Well… In 20 years time Kampar will become the next KL? Nah, not until you have skyscrapers and super triple deck highways over here. Or even another SMART Tunnel over here (well it’s useless as if it floods here KL’s a goner) We’re on the mountains damnit, love Perak for it’s nature! =D

I’ll be pondering… please educate the mtfkrs back there. At the very least I manage to get out of the circle… I hope.

What if I don’t post this and keep for some other day… someone’s gonna kill me.

Yes, and I need to read Art of Deception again. Ah yeah… speaking of which listing down names helps when it comes to search stuffs in Google. I missed that out. Damn.

Come to think of it… if it’s gonna be a personal blog… I can’t post everything and anything there anyway… what’s the point of me wasting my time there. *facepalm* Miscalculated again. Aih.

I actually manage
It is funny when
I never like before
to like someone
that it is actually
and then Anna said
to think of it from
a crush… but come
humans tend to find
what I read before
similar to them in
someone who is somehow
really ponder about
any way and when I
some sense… ah
it… it does make
to be, she will…
well if she is meant

Alternating sentences. *Weroth array add 1 swap with 0, 3 swap with 2, array++* Lol’d.



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