Don’t… don’t…. Ah.


I feel so fucked right now…

Life is about making decisions right? Crap.

Don’t do anything stupid… you wasted a lot of time already… don’t… just don’t…

I’d never felt like this before.

*edit 2:20 AM

Man I can do wonders when I’m sober. I cleared up the amount of junk piled up in my OWA (Outlook Web Access) for my university’s email. =\

That ain’t really a proud thing to shout about huh… =((((

*edit 3:42 AM

Yes I know I should be sleeping… like 1 hour before?

Editted header. And added something to the front page. Am utterly amazed by the creator of that wallpaper… kudos to the flames.

Me heads to bed and forget the rest for now. Nyaaa~

*edit 3:51 AM

Edited profile. Well god knows why am I not asleep. Oh yeah, I went to GGC (GArena) [Desc – Something like Hamachi, to link multiplayers to play virtual LAN Games] and yeah somehow joined a random game yesterday… and suddenly Milozz (not real name in LYN) asked, experience from LYN? I said yeah.. and later on I chatted with him (he’s my teammate) and then only I know he reads my blog…

A real shocker was he cried to it, I ask if I may know which post… he said the NS post. I went… Ah. I never knew that my blog is that powderful.

Well… that’s a content for me… at the very least.

When’s mine to come… not another emotional breakdown oh god please.

Signing off.

*edit 4:20AM


Anyway, blog theme finish… everything’s fixed. There, there’s my son over there. My hope… my hideout.

I really need to sleep. See yea~.

yume ni mite ita ano hi no kage ni todokanai sakebi


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