Ahahaha Time To Update (Day 1)


Well finally I have the time to update. Planned to type this sooner but never mind since I’m in the mood so let’s get the ball rolling shall we?

Weee I’m down to two piece. =P Lol just came back from Yum Char session with schoolmates.

But first of all, let me continue from where I stopped yesterday then on forward we go to today’s agenda.

Well, so last night after the last sms… well apparently I’m already sober enough (don’t ask why god knows I don’t want to know), then after a few seconds the glare came back. The glare I hated so much, the glare that makes everything to go wrong. Yes, the glare of adrenaline rush. I got that in National Service, but that one due to the red praying powder used by Indians. The last time I get that glare was in an argument with my dad that almost caused me to throw the chair. =X

Well, so now only I realised what’s the real definition of emotional. I brought it to a totally different level last night. That glare… that deep breathing sound… that… that muscle tension… that stressing effect as in you’re in a fighting-to-death-match… well probably in your mind you can visualise that already.

Yes, and it is not FUN to feel that. That sucked… I actually threw away my pillow. =X Went outside and switched off my modem and router… then went back into the room and gasping for air. Keep having that constant glare… Thank god the air-cond suppressed the effect… and a bit of self-control learnt from National Service (lolz) then everything turned back to normal after remembering Darklight79’s advice to pump yourself (as in bodybuild) when you’re emotional… I did 10 times 3 secs down 1 sec burst up. I never knew I can do that… then that moment I know that it’s a real adrenaline rush.

Tho I feel like shit when I sleep lah… but after a few minutes everything’s back to normal.

So as usual, this morning I woke up and I’m particularly fine. Lol. It never fails. Switched on my laptop, connect to the internet, and then checked some stuffs. Forgot what I really did, but yeah later on after lunch I watched 27 dresses. Well not exactly what I expected, and quite a good movie, I despise the beginning tho, but yeah decent enough.

Then later on I slept. Then woke up and then checked something over the forums, and then dinner. Then I started asking questions about the next 2 weeks. In fact from what my dad say it’s just 1 week. Hmm, I have yet to see it coming.

I asked him about this and that lor… his interest field. On that moment only he told me that when I’m a kid my luck is not that good… well to put it crudely damn ‘sui’. Well Dad thanks for telling it now =__=||| then I asked him why and he said that something related to the ‘stars’. I am interested, so he took out the book and then showed me the calculation. I went waaa waaa waaa all chinese words XD Mum keeps intervening by talking something related but most of the time I’ll be like swt ok dad continue XD

So no wonder I face all kinds of weird things since I’m small. Being possessed… can hear stuffs… this and that… get sick… then now education seems to be fine because of that specific star (well I hope it keeps that way lol)

Yes, the case where I’d being possessed… was actually my dad’s brother (the deceased.) Apparently my grandmother gave birth to 7 children (what you call 7 stars children in Cantonese), and two left the world because of god knows what reason happened during birth. Well, apparently one of them just decides to possess me… and I’m still conscious. Just god knows what happened when I entered the temple. That’s one hell of an experience man… you can actually feel that something is pulling you away from the temple… tho I’m still small that time and I just keep crying because I feel the constant headache and cannot control my body… until the monk came out and press my head and dragged me in the temple and gave me a cup of water. Then I just stone there sit there quiet ady lol.

Apparently I’m exposed to supernatural activities quite a lot since small… Hmm. Maybe when I was a kid I’m still innocent… and the heart is clear. Well, when your heart is clear you can virtually see everything. Well thank god that I never seen one of those if you get what I mean.

National Service… kena langgar by one. X_X It’s just like Bleach where Ichigo meets Zaraki Kenpachi that reiatsu effect. It’s exactly the same, different spiritual level, that feeling, I tell you I’m not cocking out a story. Anyway after that I stood still bending down because I feel like I’m gonna black out… I’m actually ‘floating’ when I’m standing still… another freaky experience. So I called Keong (the clairvoyant) and everything’s fine after that.

So lesson learned, if you so happen to be in a jungle or oil palm estate, just pray to god that you won’t meet one of those.

Then suddenly out of the blue my friend called me and asked me to go out yumchar. 9:30PM. He called me at 8:30 PM and I just had my dinner. =__=

Kept chatting with my dad till time’s up, and someone came and fetch me out. Weng Choun never changed huh… still that… well nerdy type?

LKarMun came, SJSoon came out too, Me, WengChoun, and KarHong (we later called him out). Expressed my condolences to him, and we chatted along. Well first time they actually discuss about primary school’s experience. Well, being me, I’ll just sit there and enjoy the chat.

Now Playing — Stacy Kent – More Than You Know

Jazz… it either makes you go jeez… or make you go yazzzz (yes) lol.

You know why? It either makes you sad… (jeez…) or yeah baby (yes *wink*) LOL XD

For me, the first effect kicked in… >_<

Ah well.

If I were to be born 2 days late… my life will be changed 180 degrees. If I were to be born 10 years before I’ll face a 360 degrees change and be a slacker and waste parents money (well I came to this world after ten years of my parents marriage… if not I’m a married man by now lol) [it was believed to be so according to astrology]

Well funny right? Don’t be.

I for one who doesn’t really believe in astrology at first ‘hit the plank’ (translate) and I, at that moment, just somehow or rather accepted the fact that astrology do play a role in life. Tho don’t be so obsessed with it lah of course. Like hell I will, but I will still believe in it’s accuracy (to a certain degree).

Like the boat case for my PTS XD it was mentioned that I’m like a boat floating in the ocean and there’s like a very slight chance for me to reach the jetty.

Well I can still remember I left out like 7 questions in that objective test… and came out. =\

So… for me to know, for you to believe or not.

Well I do acknowledge my mother’s effort for forcing me to finish like one pile of revision books… and I actually have the time to color them =X Swt.

Come to think of it, it would be stupid if I give up in life. It’s like… everything started quite bad (very bad in fact), and now it’s turning for the better (besides the fact that I’m drowned with responsibilities [well, duh?] and err… love? I don’t know) so just look forward to it and do my best.

It’s like for me, I’ll probably whine about it for a while then later on just forget it and get on with life. I don’t really stick to it real long unless it’s really something memorable or very important to me then I’ll sound like a wuss… a very big one in fact. That’s not the way tho…

Ah damn my nose. XD

Well it’s 1:31 AM 5/24/2008 now. I guess I’ll… maybe dota one round and sleep… or just retire for the night.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this… my dad told me that if I’m looking for a wife… (well some do get this from their parents, don’t you?) Get someone who’s belly button is deep deep inside (more children), somehow chubby face (oh my god…) and I forgot the other thing he mentioned. I know he mentioned about lips like 2 years ago? Lol but this time it’s something else.

What, if only girls can do a perfect catsmile =3 Lol.

Not even Hirano Aya can do that ahahahaha.

Damn Kristy’s language is good. She read a lot I think. *notes down to read more books XD*

I hate each and every single book I can find besides those who relate to Computing and Computer Security. Oh geez. *facepalm* I’m so lifeless. I can sit down in Borders or MPH and read them without noticing time flowing past by. At least that’s what I did when my friends went and watch movies in GSC in TS that time =X

Man… if only I love my lecture notes more. XD

Ah yeah downloading err FSN OST. That day Steph asked me about that BGM… and I didn’t have the initiative to find it last time (no connection). Hmm wonder what got me to do it today… maybe… maybe… I miss her?

Hmm 1.6k words… even girls don’t type as much XD

Ah yeah my nick consist of the chant for unlimited blade works casted by Archer some time ago… “I am the bone of my sword” thingy… while I’m searching for the OST I found something really interesting =D

Damn creative right? =P

AnimeKouhyou said that:

(To go with sound, it was terribly amusing to hear Archer’s voice actor chant long spells in english.)

Well, I concur with that man. It’s damn amusing. =D =D =D

I found this too… Geez imageshack is taking years to load. *rant*

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Well too bad my name is not in the list lol.

I think I can actually finish the… err… theme by tomorrow. I just thought of something, I can just strip the damn default div declarations and do whatever I want. Just put back the if else statements later on lah. I’ll enlarge the damn writing space… I don’t care about

1024 x 768 resolution lol =P Mine’s widescreen anyway LOL.

Oops. Paiseh… noob laptop only… paiseh >”<

Dang. Please tell me I’m not having sugar high, as at mamak I ordered LIMAU PANAS KURANG GULA and it came out as MILO PANAS KURANG GULA… apparently he heard that it’s the same order as my friend MILO but I actually said LIMAU and my other friend heard that too. Geez ah well.

WALAO eh still loading… zzz.

“So as I hand in, unlimited essay works” <- Respects XD

Guess that’s end of part 1.

Alexander the Great. (lol first time using strikethrough)


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