Alright… Everything’s stable?


Thunderstrike just now, mum came back, and she never turn on the power switch after it fell… so I was wondering eh why not on yet one…

So after me nagging she turned it on, and then I don’t know that she pulled out the plug for the router and modem… and I thought that either my wifi card or the router is fucking up… when I check =X *facepalm*

Anyway, hopefully after changing the wifi channel I won’t dc anymore… at least I hope.

So… ah yeah after high-tea (5:30PM I know it’s a bit late but what the hell), call TM. Damn line.

Well, should I start with a definition of words or err… elaboration on not-so-important words first?

*rubs hair*

So the latter comes first I guess.

Weroth showed me two Youtube videos… guess what Tales of Destiny… lol. At first I thought about what’s so special about it… then I looked at the video… then I stuncock. Combo time… keep combo-ing. Walao. Damn nice weh. If only the quality of the video is better… I’ll download it.

Ah geez my mum nagged again, this time about the router and computer geez. Well I don’t blame her but such an easy logic one should understand right? How the hell can you use the router when it’s not powered up? Aih…

Here are the two links. Click here and here. (I have to give kudos to the players as the timing is very nice for the second video)

Weroth was like saying, I wonder why I would take this course; he mentioned that his interest is actually in action games (well FF, Tales of Destiny, and a lot more that I forgot the names of the ones he mentioned like 2 years ago lol)

Well basically this morning woke up at 1 PM. Opened my eyes, and hear my hp buzz (I forgot to turn it back to normal mode after last night), so I have to delete a few messages (inbox full, my biggest nightmare). After that, received amyhs99’s message where he complains that the computer labs in APIIT blocked every possible way of using MSN, web messenger, Friendster, proxy, and even gmail chat. So after that I messaged Anna and gave her motivation because of it. Lol. I am quite grateful for we can still use GMail chat, Friendster, and facebook for the -tards out there, and msn messenger if you’re on wifi.

Tho she can’t chat for long as she have class at 2, so she said farewell. I washed up, and took a bath. Went to the kitchen, and mum called telling me that there’s no roti chanai but nasi lemak (oh geez I thought the mamak style one), but it turned out to be ok and I excluded the sambal XD

Then finish eating ady, throw it away, and started foruming… then I decided to watch 27 dresses. Lol, was like chatting halfway with Weroth, then he gave me the two aforementioned links, and I paused here and there to check out the forums… the first part wasn’t interesting enough for me, still I keep watching until the end.

I don’t know why but I don’t seem to be amused with the starting point, overall it’s decently made. Just that really never expected the 27 dresses were worn on by the maids of honour…

Damn why does this remind me of Shrine Maidens from Lucky Star (Kagami and Tsukasa) XD

Well I’m not a loli-fan (if you get what I mean), and will never be. Why on earth would one like flat-chested girls man? I have yet to discover the answer.

Well, don’t look at me Weroth, I know mel pulled my shirt that time and I just… lol you know. So… well she’s not exactly flat tho XD what to do she’s just form 2 that time. =\

Where’s my pillow I feel sleepy *looks for pillow*

Hmm so let’s see *sorry for throwing you away last night XD*

I saw fourzerofour’s website quite nice indeed after a while since I last went back and check out stuffs to DDL back in campus. I can still remember the first time I went Notts and I downloaded one episode of Bleach in less than 10 seconds! I went OMGWTF I’m staying here for the rest of the day and I did till 8PM and I need to walk back to TTS 5, back then the bridge was not built yet, so I have to take the main road, walk all the way, turn into the shortcut junction, and walk all the way to TTS5.

Anna, I think you should know the path I took. Lol. Damn far right? At night summore you know, I almost skipped dinner and sleep there for forum-ing XD.

Tho two weeks later they capped the speed… geez. Still good enough 200kbps for some time until it went down to… 20 or 3kbps?

Now Playing — Yui – I Can’t Say

The only thing that I touch is rubik’s… and my laptop. Barely touch my cards now…

Steph mentioned that I look more confident in handling cards rather than rubik’s, although I don’t know what she wants to imply and she just said never mind nothing and changed topic. =X

I will never be the first priority…

Downloaded Bleach, watch later.

Tonight ah… see how lor. Friday night? Dota lor… before I say goodbye to it.

Probably tomorrow go out and find that fella… basket working in Crazy Cafe lah now?

Damn I think I’ll watch Factory Sealed later and perform to my teacher if I go back to SMK Meth (ACS) Kampar lol. Scare the shit out of Mr Chang’s ass muahhahaa XD That’s for picking on me that time while I’m the ‘Pengerusi’ of computer club (and I can’t do shit because of the principal grrrrr)

O_O Wow. How long ago since it last played…

Now Playing — Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar She’s Away 3 days =(

Well, if I don’t play it often, I’ll like it more. ^^ Won’t get bored of it like those guys lol.

Or maybe my winamp just know how to read my mind… =P

Installing SP3 Final by tonight I guess… get it over and done with.

Yes my laptop is wobbling I think it’s caused by the slightly bent chasis (genting trip).

Maybe I should go and get some e-books on guitar learning just for fun haha.

Oh sheesh CSS… for theme… ah.

You know there’s always a phrase used in movies.. “What Am I To You?” Don’t ask me why but this just suddenly came out from my mind. Lol.

I like the way they kiss in movies… so nice. Hmmm.


Well apparently I can do something better when I’m sober. Hmmmm tested and proven last night.

Anyway, shall put this to the end. I’ll do something else later.




One Response to “Alright… Everything’s stable?”

  1. weroth Says:

    lol it’s action RPGs not action games XD

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