… sometimes story telling really helps huh.

Now Playing — Beethoven – 4th Symphony – Complete Album (34:23)

Holy shi- well that’s what I went when I noticed that it’s that long… lol.

So let’s see where shall I continue… hurm.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day… thou art more lovely and temperate”

Lol don’t ask me how did that come out.

Well… so… today, woke up at 12… drank water, went back to sleep. (as usual), woke up at 1… turned on the volume (switched off router and modem, let them rest since last night, and music on for the night). Rubbed my eyes and wanted to surf the internet (that time I forgot I switched off my router) then like eh? I switched off my wifi? Oh… then stoned there walked out of the room and went to the toilet. After that, get the connection back on, and surf the internet. Brushed up, this and that, ate, and then surf as usual lor…

Today it’s quite windy… and it rained. Mum called and ask if I woke up… and asked me to take care of the house (well of course). I forgot what I did exactly… but I know I wasted quite some time for the theme. Ah why is it have to be so damn hard, why can’t it be a bit more simpler for the damn theme? Tho I’m not complaining much as WordPress native files are all in PHP =P so… yeah.

At least I get the footer working =D and a chatbox lol.

MSN still reconnecting by now… sheesh.

Ah yeah the funny thing is, this afternoon, after I reconnect MSN no problem at all, and megaupload running at fullspeed! Yeah Weroth I finally manage to download part II of your songs lol.

After that gave pass to someone that says that wanted to read… ok lor…

Then I GGC (bloody techie XD I kena pwnd T_T) Well, then again, I am a noob lol.

Don’t really care much, I really forgot what happened… bloody short term memory. Anyway after that exercised… sweated at least. My legs… damn need to stretch them more.

So at night after dinner my parents was like chatting to me and today dad told me his education background. Well honestly for me I should appreciate my current education background as my dad didn’t really have a good one. It’s more of like those take it or leave it that kinda thing last time… heck they don’t even have colleges that time.

So after that story it came to a part where my dad say that he met my mum. Lol. I heard of that before, but the first time today seeing my dad arguing with my mum on that lol. It’s like… funny. My mum potrayed my dad as a miser and stuffs (well my mum worked for her mum [my grandmother’s shop]) so that’s how they met. Dad teaches mum maths, and you know as time goes on… haha.

Dad made a joke, “Because of you lah I never go overseas” (lol’d). Then mum was like, now blame me lah? I told you to go what… lol.

So I just sat there smiling and stoning too.

But the moral of the story is… when I get a chance to study, make sure I really study instead of wasting my time fooling around in University. (well yeah you’d heard this over and over and over again by now)

Then amyhs99 called me… he’s in APIIT now. That day when I came back then he left. Ah yeah talk about Kah Min later =P

Err, so he called for a while, ranted this and that, (I just finished my bath that time and heading for dinner), then after dinner he called again and the call lasted for 55:16 minutes. So now you experience what I felt last time when I’m alone in a foreign land so far away from the motherland lolz.

Well apparently a good thing about APIIT is that they get the what-you-call err license key for Microsoft Products for free. So Windows to Offices to Softwares… Microsoft stuffs lah… all free. Working and can be validated.

Woots. Yayness for them, gayness for us. Geez.

If only my university has that…

MSN just reconnected.. it’s just time before it dcs… mark my words.

*wipes face*

Now, to a more conceptual side.

Actually why care on what people throw at you? Lol. I can’t even understand such a simple logic. Geez… and I’m taking computer science summore. Paiseh lolz.

Well attitude change innit… >_<


As long as I can continue breathing is okay… else just get it over and done with.

Rubik’s… ah… if it’s rubik’s revenge I’m screwed… bigtime… how the hell can you master that 4×4 cube when the 3×3 formula is damn hard to memorise ady. @_@

Reflashed my router… and apparently now it doesn’t dc until just now just for a few milliseconds… still fine with it.

Ah… beethovan.

I think now I understand why other people have a private blog.


I forgot where I put the laminated picture I got from a friend during National Service… (she’ll probably forget about it long time ago)… I wonder where it is… hmm.

Ah well too bad then.

I miss my Chinese Chess mates in NS… back when we used to play… lol. All kinds of names… come to think of it also damn funny.

Maybe it’s time for me to… go on ‘that journey’ again. The same old thing… here we go again. =D

Lol just when I thought of that song XD

Now Playing — Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon

Man I’m collecting like god knows how many versions of it XD I love you winamp haha.

It’s used as NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion) OST too. First time Caleb played it I went… eh?! Ain’t that fly me to the moon? Lol.

FSN… tomorrow tomorrow XD

27 dresses… soon soon XD

other unstated movies… yet to come yet to come XD

Well… can’t say much… after all this place is a public park. So… guess this ends it.

I not stupid, (when will the third volume come out lol)


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