Does It Really Matter?


Now Playing — BoA – Beautiful Flowers

I just have to recycle this picture. Lol. Dad…


I shall post other stuffs first as my mum is in the room… God knows what will she do if she read this post. Like what she did to my National Service Diary… that’s when I kantoi-ed in my face. *shrug*

And so, let’s see. Err, hands itchy, so went back to an old link, changed it, and created a new link. Copied the template and tried to edit, successful (at least the notice part and the userbar lol).

Was chatting with Anna today and apparently Skype appears to be more interesting than MSN besides the fact that the user is typing is actually a small logo of a pencil scribbling when the user is typing (duh) instead of the usual ” is typing a message”. I wonder did she listen to the song I sent her lol. Probably she’ll complain that it gives her headache. That is if she listens.

Connection’s been bad, router acting up, god knows why, I can’t access with my firefox but IE it’s fine. Some other random ppl tried to connect to my router again… Banned. =D Lol. I believe no one here knows how to mask MAC Address (not only that they don’t even know how I restrict them lol).

Yesterday I dc-ed… then I came online. Then suddenly I feel sorry…

Lolz Yy came and corrected my mistake in that post. XD Thanks dude.

Aust internet speed that fast… geez.

So this morning I woke up at 1… actually way earlier but I went back to sleep. *private issues* So after that check laptop, and then Music and Lyrics finished downloading. Checked the quality, and satisfied with it. At least the sound is louder lol.

Just now Little Manhattan just completed too. Gonna watch it tomorrow.

Ok, back to business. Good night mum.

Dad was like asking me… How’s kee shu? (She was a friend I know from memorising her number from my friend’s hp and then sms her for fun =P, and then we traded SPM state papers and that’s about it) *Mum just put a towel on my shoulders… scared I’ll have a cold from the air-cond… Thanks mum*

So, I instantly went wtf + burst out in laughter. Looked at my mum and shaked my head… then I asked, why?

He was like replying just to see if you got keep contact with her or not lah…

Then I say… walao you like her issit, get her to be your wife lor.

Dad replied… the killer message:
“Because she’s like the only girl you keep in touch with, not much girls in real life too, so just asking.”

I went o_O|||

Then my mum continues on the topic and I sat there listening and laughing.

But come to think of it, it seems to be the case. =X

Anyway, hahaha, well, *snaps* wait a minute… I think I know why. Oh shi-

Anna, you can read my mind? XD

It will take some time for me to craft a new skin… for somewhere. Lol.

So I was chatting with her till… she went back Semenyih. Same goes to Steph where she went for exercise. So I’m like… ah yeah what happened to my resolution huh… *smacks head* so I dragged myself to the mat and then… ah well get it over and done with.

Warm up, and then stress test my leg muscles (god damn I never knew it’s that painful if I never continue stretching it for 2 years x_x), and then some pump ups for my body. Mum suddenly came in and then thought that I’m sick (because I’m lying on the mat and then she saw my perspiration on it).

Apparently I didn’t get tired (for my legs) after resting… can go further… *evil grin*

Cats… Neko… =3 Dogs… Inu…

Nekosama and Inukami… lol.

I think I’m in a transitional state. Dad told me that everything starts next month. Everything. That’s like 2 weeks away… I’m… hoping for the best.

For the next 2 weeks, I shall expect nothing non-exciting to happen (at least I hope), but please make this 2 weeks worthwhile, God I pray for it.

Well there’s a saying, “A love to kill”. Watched Prison Break and saw this:

Well Michael Scotfield… Sarah Trancredi… Ah.

We’ll see what happens in Season 4. If it comes out.

Let’s see… there’s no use for MSN anymore… maybe using Skype. Might be quitting dota too… and this time it’s for real.

Prepare to backup data… and then do a clean format… still thinking. If you know what am I referring to lol. It’s definitely not computers.

As I said, transitional state.

Now Playing — Bellefire – Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

“I don’t need another love song… ****”

=3 ****”You’re the only thing that turns me on…”

Ah well. “All dogs go to Heaven” — No fair weh, then cats leh?

She tempt me with chocolates… no fair!

I’m mellowing right now… lol =P

*reaches for his pillow*

*rubs face against it*


I can’t believed I typed that.

Speaking of Fate/Stay Night… I still haven’t start to re-watch. LOL. XD


Everytime I look at the pack of cards… it’s like I’d been… cursed. Haih.

Everytime I look at the rubik’s cube… I’ll keep turning and solve it, and do it over and over again, each time I put my feelings inside…

Everytime I go to my blog and post something I hope that no one else notices what I don’t want them to notice and vice versa…

Everytime I go out to check my router status whether I need to power off and restart or not I’ll heave a sigh and ask when is the download gonna finish…

Everytime I looked at the mirror I asked myself, am I doing it right?

Everytime I ask myself, I’ll think a lot.

Everytime I might look like I’m doing nothing… but the fact is I’m thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking over and over and over and over again over stuffs which randomly pops up my head.

Horny song just kicked in lol

Now Playing — Kenny G – Careless Whisper (feat. Brian McKnight)

Damn I’m mellowing again… geeez.

And this line just pops out…

“Everytime I kiss I think your lips… everytime I cry I see your smile… and everytime I close my eyes…
I realise… that everytime I hold your hands in mine…”

I forgot the lyrics… Lol. Back when NS just about to end. I got that song.

*heaves a sigh* of despair

Guess this shall end it. Sorry to disappoint various parties because I didn’t come out with “quality” post today… we’ll try another day. Tho there’s like… 2…


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye



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