Current Thoughts


Now Playing — Se7en – I’m Sorry (Interlude) *cool opening*

Current thoughts –

Change the word Mao into Alex, and you’ll see what I mean.


To Caleb,

I might be quitting magic soon. I’m cursed. I am. A deck of cards no longer have life in my hands anymore. It’s just not the same as last time. I can no longer feel them.

It might be superficial but it all started no long after my last and best performance to your friend Adib. I tell you that was the best night ever. Lol. At least I know I enjoyed myself.

The thing is… it’s no longer there. I’m not sure the reason. Another thing, the moment I wanted to practice, I’m shooting blanks at the ducks on Nottingham Lake. Nothing comes up, unlike before.

Now if you were to ask me to crack a trick on the spot the only thing I can tell you is ACR which ends less than 1 minute… or maybe shape*tut*

I’m no longer… fit for it… sigh.

Guess I shall forget it.


Got bored of my song, and I remember Weroth sending me Kingdom Hearts OST in MegaUpload. So downloaded the first part while I’m sleeping and now continuing second part.

Everday loop the same few hundred songs ofc boring lah. Time to add Kwang’s slow and romantic songs… jazz woot.

Yy’s sick. Flu. I’m having a slight flu (as usual) and cough. Geez.

Later ggc with him I think… dunno lag or not, I’m DDL-ing. Little Manhattan finished last night, still haven’t watch tho.

I fail to control my emotions again… tho I’m not really emotional right now, it’s more to… well… close friends will know.

New students will still be having their lessons in UNiM, while me free now. Tho I feel like I’m so busy and a lot of stuffs to do, just too lazy to execute them.

Oh yeah I forgot I downloaded SP3 final build. Haven’t install loll.

Now Playing — Pachebel – Canon In D Minor

I never knew Canon in D is a love song… until I search for old threads and saw tan_pang’s remarks.

Prison Break… can’t wait for Season 4.

Probably go and craft my skin… or lurk around.

We’ll see what comes out for the next 2 weeks.


Hinata (Blushing for the one she loves)

Now, if only there is one single girl that will blush for me… Lol.


1 – me through the night



One Response to “Current Thoughts”

  1. tan_pang Says:

    Googling around and found my name in here… 😛

    By the way, when I said it is a love song??
    I think I said it is a wedding music before… But that only mean it always used in wedding… 😛

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