And so…


… I was watching Little Manhattan and chatting with Steph. Out of a sudden I told her that I dare not walk out from my room. Lol.

Reason being; imagine this; you’re watching a film, talking to someone, and then out of the sudden you hear a click, and then some sound just started playing outside of your room. You paused the movie, and it’s quite familiar to you.

For me, I heard that, the tone is monotonous somehow, not like the usual prayer chant I will hear out from that blue little box. The thing is, why all of the sudden it started playing? Why not earlier or later?

So I called my mum and asked her whether did she turned it on or not… and she says it’s not been switched on since last night. I went omg… omgomgomgomgomg… lol. Sat on my chair and stare at the radio for a while… stoned a while and =O So while talking to my mum I put my hp beside the radio and you can hear the sharp voice (well it happens to speakers too), then I pulled back. What can I do? Switch it off lor.

Then I went back inside and told my friends whoever that came online. Lol.

Me and steph was like saying, it’s a good sign of things to come. Hopefully… (that time) and it is.

1 hour later, Mr Azlan, Head of Security called and said that my email has been restored this afternoon (apparently there’s 3 other guys). I’m like omg damn happy lol. So I asked him what is the most serious disciplinary action that can be taken… it’s expulsion. Expected.

So… no more busy bodying about uni stuffs ANYMORE. Period.

Yes, it is an enlightenment. Lol =P

Ah well… Another weird adventure by…




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