Voting Function


If only wordpress have voting function… geez.

To change header or not to change…

It seems to give a very sombre effect… tho it looks cool in my opinion.


p/s – Caleb, your max DL speed how much? I kena capped…

Weroth – Aust connection torrent fast or not?

Nat – If you read this, how’s the exam?

Tuckie – *random* cut your beard lah lol

TMNet – Screw you for capping the internet

Stephanie – just to park your name for fun lol

Bleach filler new char *edit*

The witty ones will notice it.



… and so I am curious about what the lyrics meant for BoA’s Waiting (Korean)… so I googled up and went to BoA Nation. As expected from her lyrics… but never thought of it being really really that sad. Geez. Wonder what’s the translation for Happy Birthday… is it the same from what it’s rumored or not… Hmm.

BoA – Waiting

The first time, I saw your smile
like you were an angel that came from the sky
You took away all my long depressions

You were kind, my shining star,
my full moon that has been my guiding light.
But why did you make my heart sadden?

You made me hurt, covered me in tears
left me in the dark, with no way out~
But I loved you more, so very much more
And now you are out of my arms

I still love you, And I miss you
So please keep me in your heart forever.
You’ll be in my heart, I will never forget you.

I’ll never meet someone like you.
You were an angel that walked on this world.
Do you think I will live with out you beside me?

Can you see me, from where you are?
Do you think I’m happy, without you right here?
Time has gone by and my heart hurts more
and I cry every moonless nights.

The sun is dark, without~ you here,
the stars are dull, without~ your smile
But I love you, with all of my broken heart.

All I can do for you, is to give you my love
and to hope that you are still smiling with your joys
even though I’m here in tears~

Please forgive me for being this way
I know you don’t want me to be sad for you.
But I still love you, and I’ll thank you for all you did

I’ll be waiting, if you want to come back~ , to me~
hey, hey~ yeah heh~

Please tell me if you have trouble singing with these. Enjoy~

*third edit* Apparently the guy that posted in that forum that time ain’t joking… it might seem innocent… but apparently it really seemed to swing that way. Be the judge yourself.


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2 Responses to “Voting Function”

  1. weroth Says:

    whee 300+kb/s

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:


    Damn I’m coming to Aust XD

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