Yay… It’s me. Wow.


“Oi… domo… Hardo Gay des….” – would normally be the phrase me and Jeevan yell on the peak of our voice when we’re NBTD lol.

Man Nagasarete Airantou man… I didn’t take it from you fuck… >_<”

It’s… 2:04 AM 5/19/2008 now. Can’t be helped.

Tried to torrent… and slow… even though I port forwarded it already.

Lol Susan in UK suddenly messaged Happy Wesak Day. =D

Happy Wesak Day to all. =D

Actually I have to sleep now… wake up early tomorrow morning… x_x My instincts apparently often lead me to the path… where… I avoid the most. Well that’s what you call shit happens.

Should I download Bleach too while at it? And yeah that episode is pure filler… tho it’s quite cool lah. Lol.

Fate/Stay Night… have to watch everything again. D-Gray.Man, didn’t get the episodes from Kwang shit… ahhhh fuck it.


Anna told me not to stick to my laptop and go out. Lol. Which is what I did, find those guys.

Damn… come to think of it right… I don’t know I should be happy or sad… as yes I manage to geek-ify myself (well last time I planned to be one… apparently…) but how to un-geek-ify lol.

Thoughts anyone? Weroth I know you’ll come out with some genius idea lol.

Well tonight I can sleep in air-cond room and my bed… ahh. My room. Finally. Tho really makes no difference as all you do is just sleep, so anywhere comfortable enough for you to lay your body on to sleep then settle already. I mastered Kung Yen’s art of sleeping on sofa. Lol.
Ah well what do you know… shit happens.



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