Photoblogs… Which costs RM0.00 and 100% Interest Rate


Bread I bought… hungry that time lol.

Dimsum at Jalan Ipoh

Fingerfan with Jon’s Viper Deck *Drools*

A chinese temple got caught on fire while we are traveling to Sunway Pyramid that day.

First Kenny Rogers Meal (and I mean it)

Candid shot of Jeevan and Family =D Lol

Meh just woke up

Night View At Ampang Top View *something something* Took by Yaozz N95

The Rusuhan at Batu Sembilan (in Kajang Police Station)

Inside SMART Highway

COABH Gathering! Yaozz~ Rich kid

The “legendary” Taikor of COABH Yy

Forgot to take tuckie… damn. Lol. Those are super lucky candid shots man… if not I can’t even get a chance to snap. =P

re-define sober:
5. Marked by seriousness, gravity, or solemnity of conduct or character.


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One Response to “Photoblogs… Which costs RM0.00 and 100% Interest Rate”

  1. stephy Says:

    mine clearer~~~ lalalalalalalalalal~~~ xD

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