1:31 PM 5/18/2008


1:31 PM 5/18/2008

Let me rant for a while please?

I just came back to this house back in Kampar not long ago. *sighs*

Damn a lot of stuff happened here, and yes I will never look at Kampar the same way as I did before.

Also, I really been through a lot lately… hopefully it will serve me as a guidance sometime in the future.

Now Playing (unpaused) — Motteke! Sailor Fuku Bak-Bak-Bakoon! Mix

Let’s see… starting from 2 days before where I prepare myself to go to Seremban.

Woke up, Kwang was still packing his stuffs… he managed to move out tons of his stuff into his car. Me, I tried calling Yy but he didn’t pick up. So I just don’t care about anything else, pack up what I need in 3 bags, and then ask Kwang to send me off to KTM Station. I cooked the raw meat left in the freezer. That will be the last time I see the annoying lil bugger David. Well kinda miss him in a way. Jeevan and Kwang too. Last time seeing there for a period of time, as it is we won’t meet anytime soon. Discard the fact that Kwang might come back just to collect the room rentals lah.

Walao… all emo songs meh.

Now Playing — Se7en – Come Back To Me (English Version)

Anyway, so he droppped me off near KTM Station, I walked to the nearest restaurant for lunch. Paid quite a lot just for that damn plate of rice. I can get way cheaper price and more quantity in Auntie’s place. Damnit. Satisfied my stomach, so I dragged my feet to the KTM station, used my Touch N Go (and then later I look at the board for the price from Kajang to Seremban and it’s like RM4++ I instant cough). Swt.

On the way to Seremban, been past quite a few stations… they all look lifeless and runned down. It’s like… unpopulated, station closed, etc. God.

Tuckie asked me to message him when I reach Labu Station. Then he say he will come later at 1:30 PM as he have something to do. So I waited at the station for a while stoning there with my walkman… thinking about whether want to call Steph or not (tho I knew that she’s not gonna be around). Then tuckie called and ask me to go to the opposite side of the road. Parade is just opposite the KTM Station… and Terminal 1 is just beside the station too… within walking distance lah. So I’m like ooooh so that’s Terminal 1.

Whilst reaching Seremban KTM Station, I’m like ohh… at least it looks nicer than Kajang’s. I see population! Lol.

Greeted tuckie, unloaded my bags, and sat in his Blue Swift. He just sent his car for repairs… around RM400++ walao.

So he took me around town for a while, went Jusco (we should have went down as Steph is there =__= but we don’t know either), and he went to his parents shop to pass the money to his mum (me playing my new rubik’s cube), and then thought of sending me to 363 Taman Seremban Garden but I hesitated and there’s really no point going there as she won’t be there anyway (proven too).

Then he say boring lah then he drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid (not that place again I just stoned there for 2 hours last night!), and we were about to find parking when his first ex messaged him and asked me whether if I would mind if she joined us as she got nothing else to do. Well, I’m fine with it so he went and fetch her.

Saw her, greeted her, and they chatted like there is no tomorrow. After breakup still can remain good friends (very good in fact). I’m kinda envious (in a very good and healthy way). Well, at least tuckie have someone to open to.

Went to McD, and he used his coupon to buy some Big Mac or some sort lah. I hesistated to get something to eat… but then again it’s gonna be weird if I look at both of them eating the same french fries… so I went to the counter again and thought of ordering fish fillet set to McD Porridge… then the cashier told me it’s more worth it to get that other set which I need to fork out quite a bit, so I opt for the Porridge instead. Large one. RM4++ quite worth it as it’s tasty. Now I finally tasted it… I can still remember that time when I’m sick…

So, they chatted, I stoned there, I didn’t talk with her much, when our eyes contact we just smiled that’s about it. Then I tried talking to her lor… break the ice, then it’s ok ady. Not that awkward lah, but still I’m not doing much of the talking. Well probably I’m not that close to tuckie as well compared to Yy.

Went to Medan, and onlined there, and posted there too (previous post). Played CS with tuckie… then he say he online lah *facepalm* so I tried DotA-ing with GArena, then remake like god fucking knows how many times, then I also tulan ady. Go kacau other people play CS lor… lol.

Went to the washroom, and then left. Ai Jeen’s mother called her up for dinner, so tuckie fetch her back.

Eh, so… as usual tuckie will tease me or some sort. Nothing much, I’m more or less like… not a least bit surprised too.

After dropping her back, we went SS2 Murni. Reached there around 7PM… and sat in the car till 8PM. (1 hour of fuel burnt just like that walao tuckie you damn rich lah now? =P)

Played with rubik’s… then performed to tuckie. Kept nagging me to teach him but I declined as usual. Man I suck at my sleights, can barely pull it through. Sigh… I suck. =(

From what it seemed to be eternity, Yy came with Yaozz. Was never expecting Yaozz to be that tall despite the fact that he’s just 16 and studying Form 5. International School student (Sri Gardens), and he’s rich. Lol. N95. Babi.

So sat there lor, ordered food, and the price there is like Williams in Kelana Jaya. Sweat.

Tuckie talked so much cock with Yy, I can’t help it but to sit there and just listen. Probably that was the time I started cursing back as usual… lol. It’s been a while. Anyway, chatted a lil bit lor… nothing much to talk about yet… tuckie kept cocking up with Yy tho. Funny combo lah both of them. That night I laughed quite a number of times… stress release.

After the meal, I took all of my stuffs and dumped them into Yy’s Saga. Said farewell to tuckie as he have to go back to Seremban before 11 PM. Nice meeting you dude. =)

After that, Yy took me all around KL… not really all around but to a few places where I never ever heard off and been to. (well duh). First, the haunted apartment named as Highland Tower, the rumoured place to be haunted in Ampang, where the building colapsed in 1993 and 46 people died in the incident. Well today I asked my dad about it and he told me that only 1 Indonesian maid and a child survived from that incident. My dad can still remember huh… I am barely 4 years old that time lol. Like Yy said, “what, you expect me to take the Star newspaper and read lah?” Lol.

Next place, Ampang Top View Point (or some similar name). Can see the scenery top hill (not really top yet we are just at the middle) of KL. Asked Yaozz to take a few photos and send to me via bluetooth… his N95… walao. Even Yy also now using N73. Lol. At least mine’s a W series =P

After that, Yaozz been nagging to go to Cybercafe to play… playful guy.

Went to Steven’s Corner (is it?) beside it was WCG Infinity… played there for 3 hours. Dota 3 match also 2 match lose like fuck. Kena trashed T_T Sigh.

As it is bad mood ady… and then kena trashed. Sigh. Then Steph came online and talked to her for a while… Sorry yeah apparently the headset and mic over there a bit cocked up. If not I might have initiated a video conferencing (tho I can’t see your side la lol).

Apparently Ernest posted something in CC… and Yaozz was like laughing all the way. Caleb… hmm.

Err, me and Yy was like laughing on stupid ppl posting in CC… what have sex lah this and that, then I ask him to read the girl masturbation part in Steph blog. We both giggled and sighed.

Then we continue on till 3AM where Yy cannot tahan and we went to his house and slept for a while. I slept on the couch this time, Yy offered me his bed again, I declined (paiseh lah… =P), Yaozz slept on the mattress Yy took out. Apparently I cannot wake up with my phone alarm for the first time… hmm.

Slept at 3 something, woke up at around 6. Greeted his mum, and apparently after I told her where I’m from she remembered me… lol she say eh you came here and stay here before right? I say yeah.

Hmm… random random random lucky star songs then Music and Lyrics. Lol.

Now Playing — Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love

So, wash our face, and we’re off for early breakfast. He took us to Jalan Ipoh for dimsum. Expensive… but ok lah once in a while. I would be generous if I didn’t spend like RM300 for my stuffs T_T Yy forked out quite a lot too for his trip to Penang. I can still remember I stayed in Hilton Hotel for free (Kwang’s raffle ticket lucky draw prize and stayed over in Pris house for FREE in Penang). Yeah thanks to them lor I’d been on a Penang road trip for the first time. =P Ah yeah Caleb you know the display photo of mine where you cannot tahan looking at it (really that annoying meh =( ), I took it in that hotel. Damn bloody nice lah the toilet. Lol. Probably one of my best shots up to date =P

Anyway, after breakfast, we sent Yaozz back. Yy was like telling us that those who went for clubbing will go there for early breakfast. We did see a few couples dressed… wow. Lol. The girl is like… very nice outfit, and that ain’t normal outfit for working. Lol.

So we went Maluri, sent Yaozz home, first time being to Sri Gardens… stupid school wor according to Yaozz. Ah yeah apparently he (Yaozz) got bored with the high class girls over there he liked a lala-mui instead. He was like eh how you know then Yy diao back leave school sure lala one lah lol. Quite true too.

Then, Yy sent me to Puduraya… got my ticket. 9 AM. It’s 8 AM when I reach there. Damn Konsortium no more tickets available for Kampar. WTF man. So opted for Edaran Express (which is not bad). Took my stuffs from his car, shaked hands, and we part ways there. It’s been 1 year plus since we last met (after NS) and 2 years since we first met. Yy was like asking me, *points to petrol station* “You remember that place?”

Me – “Oh that restaurant?”
Yy – “No, that place”
Me – “Yeah lah that restaurant lah”
Yy – “Our first time we meet there lah”
Me – “Yeah lah I was in the restaurant and met you in the petrol station what”

Damn fast 2 years. I finally knew why Tuckie ffk us. He was with his ex. Then Anderson went Genting that’s why.

*Swt – Mom forced me to take the Nin Jom Pei Pa Kou thingy… as I’m coughing now. Apparently it’s fine yesterday =\*

So, I waited and waited and waited in Puduraya. Stoned there, listened to chants, stare at the sunlight. My head keeps playing Tongue Tied and another song (now I forgot damn short term memory very very short indeed >_> )… Have I tell you guys that my brain is capable to act as a virtual MP3 player? No joke, that’s what I do in exams. Bored, cannot think ady, listen to “music” and attempt on the question again. I know most people now will go WTF and talk cock lah you but it’s up to you to believe. I know it sounds impossible… I myself also until this point don’t believe it XD

Probably that’s the effect of listening to the same song over and over and over again… the loop list in my Winamp and HP. Speaking of which I need to clear up all of the mandarin songs and put new songs into my hp. Got bored of it ady.

Played rubik’s cube on the bus, then slept. Tired. Woke up, and I’m stucked at Bidor because the bus needs petrol refilling. Went to toilet, and then tried to sleep again. In a blink of an eye (tho not really) I reached Kampar. Kampar changed… I can feel the aura. My instinct serves me right. Later you will know why.

So met my parents, and took me to a restaurant and ate there. Mother’s Day celebration apparently, I also blur blur dunno lol. Ate there lor, show my dad that I can finish the rubik’s cube ^^ lol. He was like come lah let me try I can do one surface then I told him eh wait lah I’m finishing the whole cube. Lol.

That kid in the restaurant is annoying @#$%^&*() If my parents are not there probably I would have thrashed him in his face. Bloody annoying bugger.


Just meet my parents ady, suddenly they argue again. Aih.

Then me and my mom took the taxi back while my dad went to get some stuffs.

Apparently they have Tesco just opposite my housing area. Can see the structure of the building already. Damn this place changed a lot.

So my mum was like keep talking to me while I’m half asleep and not really in the mood to talk (I’m actually kinda… tired and moody)

Went back to the house, and the locking mechanism (due to the break-in that time) stuncocked me. I went like, ah? Oh.

Anyway, came back, took a bath, and then thought of assembling the router… mana tau dad told me the PIII something wrong… I go and check and then it’s some DrWaston error (I fucking hate that stupid error). Which means I need to reformat. Blarghhh nooooooooo duwan… T_T

So now I’m typing this in Notepad++. Lol.

Man… quite a lot of break-in happened in my housing area. Kampar is no longer a very safe place compared to last time. There are people who steal the metal cover for the drain now *facepalm* What’s happening to Kampar man.

Kar Hong’s dad passed away (I’d highlighted this before)… My deepest condolences…

Then mum was like telling me that Kai Yeong’s mother was like telling that her son is popular among girls this and that and then girls treat her son like walking dictionary always ask for help and then she is “concerned” that her son cannot study well there. I went like… Uh huh… righttttttt. (Weroth… swt lah lol.)

Wonder how’s Weroth doing in Aust. =D

Me ah… not that well. But I did enjoyed myself in KL. Seremban… quite peaceful town.

Should have gave Steph a call.

Never mind… probably I’ll be able to meet her in GACC 09. =\

And so Yy was like telling me… Alex… aiyah chill lah. Then I asked him lor… and then he told me that he’s currently… concerned about his studies because now only he realises that he didn’t like the course he picked in TARC.

Ah yeah Jen’s going to TARC. Hmm. So Yy was like dissing Tuckie lah because tuckie talked a lot of cock what… lol. Ah so Jen is stupid lah because she studies in TARC lol. Along those lines lah.

Now I also don’t know where to put my router. Aih.

Anyway… really been through a lot this time… this year to be exact. From ups to downs, deep under the deepest valley one could step, and dragged and manage to survive until now… sigh. Been happy, sad, emotional, angry, damn pissed, adrenaline rush, nervous, blushing moments (oh that was during… what ady now I forgot… something related to the girl lecturer in E&E School I think), and others.

Just when I thought that NS is bad enough ady… apparently in real life it’s almost the same. Not that extreme lah… as there’s no spiritual interference… I hope.

So that building is what they have been discussing in LYN… and that’s what that got Steph scared and cannot sleep.

For last night’s incident… I better keep it to myself. Thoughts are mine and not to be shared.

That cyber cafe… really damn a lot of people playing dota… almost 99% of their monitor is showing warcraft III dota map lol. Yy pointed out that girls like to play there too.

Sorry Lah Yy I know you will skip this as it’s too long for you and you told me that you will try to skip long posts… apparently it’s fun to type and got request too… so too bad =P

Never got the chance to go for the Single Club Gathering.

I wonder what is this… never felt like this before. It’s not like I’d never tried, or maybe because of the fact that I’m curious and went to try it. Same like Yy, and now we are like regretting lol. Well…

Come to think of it… it’s weird lah. Seriously very weird… if you were in my shoes and to walk a mile in them then you’ll know.

Also, I have issues with that name. Apparently so. Lol.

Avoid it like a plague. XD


LYN brought me and Yy together. Even Yy admitted that we are actually quite close ady even though that we are actually internet friends. Hhaa.

Well, obviously I won’t allow any outsiders to sleep on my bed and I’ll sleep with my sister (if I have one).

I think I still have that spray in the bucket… that leftover spray from Countdown 06/07 XD

Man… so fast 2 years. Much have changed. For the better and for the worse too.

So… if it is meant to be, it’s meant to be. Else, let it be.

Guess that’s life.

Come to think of it in this world there’s no freedom of speech afterall…

I spill out my thoughts here, and I can get into trouble. “What man…” (daniel’s fave quote)

*heaves a sigh of despair*

At least I’m back home… later need to set up everything for internet. My workstation and stuffs.

What else huh… hmmmmmmm

Lily_ger once said a quote, I forgot which is which but I shall give it a shot. To handle yourself use your head, to handle others use your heart.

Interesting. But the thing is if your head can control your heart… that will be cool.


Now Playing — Faber Drive – Tongue Tied

*playing rubik’s cube*

Ah yeah tuckie asked me why I choose Notts instead of MMU or Sunway or other places. Lol. Told him it’s my scholarship. It was meant to be a joke… and apparently it turned out to be true. =P

Well, probably some don’t know about it… so here goes.

Additional info lor:
That time my dad was like going through the list of colleges and courses available in Star Scholarship (applying using the newspaper entry lah), so I said I want Computer field lor. That’s the thing I can do what… engineering? Hell fucking no.

Then there’s like UCTI (APIIT), Notts, and Monash (not sure about this but yeah some kind like that), so I say choose the one that is most expensive. And it’s nottingham. =P

So I went for the interview and got it… lucky me =P

Well… Wong Tai Sin in HK… I promise I’ll go back there again if I get another chance to go to HK again.

Nottingham… the only good thing about it is the facilities, and then the branding. The University of Nottingham. Nice name too. Lol. Then Honours. The most two important factors… apparently I think I made the best choice.

I cannot say much about other stuffs… you know… as I said previously no freedom of speech. This sucks.

Solved the rubiks… and just now heard my dad mentioning that there’s the what you call “tou fah wan” ah… I don’t know. Man I know the last time that happened really hurt me very much… I’m somehow fine with it, but isn’t it like torturing myself? Ah well, I think it’s actually training my resistance lol. XD

Ah yeah…

I should put my title as:
Dearly Beloved, Hear Me Cry, End of The World *weroth does that sound familiar? XD*

It contains two meanings I want to convey. So… have fun figuring it out. (It’s not that hard anyway). It’s for the bored ones.

Guess I’ll try to do something for the router.

Letting it go,



3 Responses to “1:31 PM 5/18/2008”

  1. weroth Says:

    ah huh…
    *looks at his msn nick*

    SAMsite… NEVer TOo LAtE… 3 doors down baby – u cut me open and i keep bleeding in love

    OH Really?!?

    I’m doing fine here. just went over a hurdle recently. hint prog. project

  2. yy Says:

    lol..nice one

    juz want correct some facts

    48 ppl died in that accident
    the place is actually Look Out Point


    so I hope you enjoy the time and fully regret if I cant bring you go anywhere other than that place..clueless d that time

    so fren forever ..tata

  3. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Woots Yy, thanks for correcting. Haha. We sure are.

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