Hmm… Ah.


Am posting this now in the land of dota players… lol. WCG Infinity. Bah, gonna be one hell of a long night today.

Forget it.

We forget to take photo with tuckie… Geez.

*scratches head*

Am with Yy and Yaozz… lol smallkid damn tall and rich. Lol.

Updates soon I guess…

For now, I guess that should be it. Will not be able to take my decks from Caleb I think. Unless I go and find him lah. Ah yeah, I stuncock tuckie with a few of my sleights lol.

Never knew I can finish a rubik’s cube in 3 minutes =D

Met tuckie’s first ex. Quite stoning lah but after all it’s ok in the end…

Yy told me not to be sad and stuffs… as usual. Never changed since 2 years ago. Haha.

Well, don’t feel like typing, no mood ady.

Prolly staying overnight at Yy’s house.

‘ ‘ – A l e X – ‘ ‘




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