3:33 AM 5/17/2008


*posting this is Medan Selera in Subang*
Wow. It’s been 2 days since I last blogged. Damn.

Anyway, just came back from a long long cat day, took my bath, wash up, clean ady, washed clothes and hung them, (yeah I know it’s weird to wash my clothes at 3AM but I got no choice), and blog now. Ah yeah I am copying my stuffs back to my comp from Jeevan’s Ext HDD.

So… let’s see. I just came back from Sunway Pyramid, Jeevan’s friend fetched me back, and told me a lot of stuffs too (he’s a bit… well), Kwang came back from Williams with a bunch of people (apparently quite a number of girls), and now I’m blogging about it.

What happened yesterday… hmm I can barely remember now. Geez. Too many stuffs happened recently.

Let’s see if memory serves me right at 3:39 AM.

Now Playing — Careless Whisper (Kenny G feat Brian McKnight) *Horny song wor… lol*

Ah Jeevan’s back.

Anyway, so… yesterday… planning to err… gathering? So was like messaging to ask lor.

But now I really forget what happened yesterday… Jon’s last paper (wait it’s today, I mean yesterday XD *points at time*)… I woke up late. Kwang was like bathing David and himself (well not the same time lah ofc) so I was like sleeping… sleep only… then I went out with Jeevan to… where ady ah. Oh, yeah I took my laptop, and went uni. Chatted with Steph too… while Jeevan do his stuffs and went Quek’s room and Jon played frisbee after that.

Came back, Jeevan drop me at Kwang’s house, and he fled to Chillies to catch the Happy Hour rate. Free flow beer draft. Wow.

Yay, just got my new laptop back and router from Jeevan. But spent like RM300+++ weh. T_T

Which later explains what happened to me… later later. Spoiler. XD

Anyway, so I’m alone in Kwang’s room stoning… messaged her… and apparently inbox full and I slept. A bit, I know there’s message but didn’t check… and when I check inbox full. *facepalm* first 50 messages I know who lah.

Lost count ady.

So, JC came over first. Then Kwang and Jon came back. We went for dinner, then he send us back. I took a collection of songs from Kwang. But now come to think of it I forgot to take the accident photos *facepalm*

At 9pm, Kwang and JC went off to watch movie… swt. I didn’t follow. At 11pm we are bored to death (for me at least), and then Ivan came over. Jon supposedly should be studying but knowing him… lol.

Ivan complain internet down, so went over. I tried, yes it’s down but after a while can connect back. But MSN keep dc-ing. So… someone was like… Alex? Alex? =P

Anyway managed to memorise the permutation formulas… the one Quek gave.

Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Dance With Me Tonight

So, at around 2:30 AM I went back… Kwang’s sleeping, woke him up, and slept. This morning wake up, ah yeah the bathing dog part is this morning XD mixed up. Geez. So after I took my bath and stuffs, I wore formal *I thought the gathering is today mah… mana tau tuckie cannot make it… @#$%^&* and sat in Jeevan’s BMW with Ivan and speeded to Times Square… in like… 1 hour? Lunch at Auntie’s place.

Took the SMART Tunnel, and used my Touch N Go. I need to reload geez T_T

So, took a photograph of SMART Tunnel… just for fun. Lol.

Parked at Lowyat Plaza, walked to the bakery for bread (duh, we are hungry too). Before that Jeevan dumped his 12 year old printer near a dustbin at the carpark on the bench… and after a few hours it’s gone for good finally. Lol. After eating, went GSC, bought tickets… somehow Jeevan manage to convince me to watch Narnia… and it’s a good watch indeed. I almost cried for no reason I don’t know why lol.

It happens lah… power of cinema =P

So we went LYP first, scouted price, walked around… and they are not selling the Dicota model I want!!!!!!1111oneone Damn. So I have to fork out RM180 for a Targus (discounted) bag… I like the lifetime warranty only. =\

Bought an Aztech Router for my house… White colour one. RM100.

Cash fly out from my pocket ady T_T Then my w850i screen protector RM20 and he put it on for me as I ask him to (the damn price tag for it is RM38) I went stuncock there and then like… err.. ok lah. Then he tell me it’s RM20 I went ohhhh *phew* =P

Still, it’s expensive *furious*

But at least it looks nice and I have something to protect my screen ^^

Went back to parking space, put the stuffs in the boot, and went for GSC. After the movie I called tuckie… *that fella ah call me cannot one lah farking smart lah now? Wanna fight issit?* so it’s tomorrow. It’s ONZ!

After movie… walked around… called Alex and gang (Teddybear, and others). Well at first planned to go to Alexis… then somehow they change their mind this and that and others actually ate at Jalan Pudu. Swt. So we ended up eating in Kenny Rogers (I requested as I never had it before for 18 years of my life. Yeah first time. Sad right). Pricey too… money fly out again (but for food ok lah pay for what you get so I’m good with it).

At night went to Sunway Pyramid (for some Quba thingy a bar lah), then only we know that the bar no longer exist and being replaced by a new bar named some Choco Bar or some sort lah. I refused to pay for the RM35 entry fee. So I stoned around Sunway Pyramid when every single shop is closing that time. =(

Apparently I manage to make it through 2 hours. There goes two hours of my life man.

Messaged Steph and ask her is she free, then I replied. And never heard from her since. So I’m like… terrified by my message issit… ok lor. Messaged Kwang, and he says he’s in Kelana Kaya (WTF MAN), and then a few replies interval like 15 minutes, and I replied and no reply ever since too. Apparently the network is very bad… when I meet Kwang back home he says he never receive my last message. WTF. So I shall assume that Steph didn’t receive mine too… or she didn’t wanna reply… I don’t know.

So, walked around, sat here and there. Wanted to buy something from Coffee Bean (yeah I’m like OK lah pay a bit lah), then by the time I made up my mind Coffee Bean is closing… Same for Starbucks… Ah well. Save money XD

That guy messaged me if I want to go back, and chatted with him from then onwards till back home.

He told me a lot of stuffs (surprisingly about himself, and he actually told me a LOT. Tho the fact that he’s weird for me, at least for what he is doing, but still I give him my respect). Not all engineers can pull it off like what he did.

Learnt a lot from him too. Tho most of them not really applicable to me yet.

Came back, David was like soooo happy and jumped on me. So I’m like “hi” and cuddled him. First time he’s so… happy. Lol. Hon Chien was here by the time I reach home. Kwang just came back 10 minutes before. Swt.

Now Playing — Bouken Desho Desho?

Anyway, on the way to Sunway Pyramid, we saw a temple on fire. Yes, Hindu Temple. Normally temples won’t go on fire. If it does, either something is very wrong with the temple or something is happening there, something will happen.

We were like… ok lah after Pudu Jail heading to Monorial Hang Tuah was like jamming all the way ady… Went past the Fire Station and a guy came out to clear the traffic, and I noticed that the firetruck was on call. So thought of like “Oh some place on fire”. Went on a few hundred meters, I turned right and I’m like… eh why is there so much smoke emitting from there one… then OMG WTF FIRE. Told Jeevan he’s like OMG Camera *I already took out mine and ready to shoot lol*. He passed his phone to Ivan, and we took photos.

Will be posting it later lah.

Guess that concludes today’s agenda.

Not much pretty girls there lah. Got lah. But… less… and yeah paperbag syndrome. It’s a term we came out (Jeevan and gang) lol. Got body figure but face not matching (bare in mind I didn’t come out with this I just use it).

A bar girl was like came to me and ask in canto, you want to open beers to drink? I shaked my head. Why she come ot me lah, I’m like the youngest in the group and I shaved my non-existant moustache ady. I should look very young and handsome =P Probably that’s why she came to me as I’m the only one in the group that wore formal dress. Smart gua lol. =P Tak tau lah.

So they enjoyed themselves I think… I stoned 2 hours. T_T

Well… I can actually afford it lah… just that don’t feel like wasting my money again. It’s not like I can get laid after I get drunk or some sort XD No, that’s not the point, for me the point is I don’t dance. If I get drunk, I wouldn’t know what’s next. Err… Go wild on the dance floor? XD

Geez I’m tired. Tomorrow going Seremban. Screw tuckie lah I’m going early lol.

*Power of Google — Cache of Death* *hint – ask me*

Apparently this effect is even worse then cuddlebitch kiss of death. =O

Signing off,
Alex. [4:10 AM 5/17/2008]


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  1. stephy Says:

    woi.. i no credit ady.. wanna reload but there din sell reload card -.-”

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