Scrap 12:56 AM 5/15/2008 (What?!)


Yeah I am surprised myself… there’s still scrap post?

Now Playing — Michael Buble – Quando Quando Quando

Was messaging Caleb earlier. Apparently he’s ending his exams around next week. Yy coming back today.

No internet… damn boring after exam. Won a game in Monopoly with Kwang the wanker and Jon. Plus a computer which we abused the logic bug lol.

Anyway… *sighs* damn hot, and I don’t have a rubik’s cube…

Watch porn I laughed like hell (Jon’s laptop), watched random shit also not much, took some MVs from Jeevan’s portable tho. I need to clear up a lot of space from my HDD soon.

… and then when I was least expecting it she messaged.

Well… guess it just have *stuncock for a while as Kwang read it* err… hit me on the face everytime. Guess that’s life for me.


Attempted to modify the GUI for my Cipher… but gave up. Need internet so that I can refer more.

I’m more or less a dead man now. Souless. I look at the mirror also I’m like dude I’m dying due to the late night sleeps and waking up early to rush the notes into my head. Environment factors too… Jeevan’s sleeping late at night due to the MacDonald Game (I don’t blame him it’s his room anyway), this and that.

Anyway I’m glad that exams over… *censored*

Now Playing — Pachebel – Canon In D Minor

I suck at FatalFake. >_<

*looks on top of the ceiling*

For once when I look at the MVs right, and when I click on Younha’s MV, it gave me the shock of my life. It’s just me lah, and it is according to Caleb too lol. I need a good rest.

Probably gonna go to lowyat this Friday.

I’m not using any logic to type this post… same goes when I stone at my phone. Braindead.

Tho if you give me a rubik’s cube now I’ll probably be able to turn it back in shape lol.

It’s so damn hot here. Gah.

Oh yeah I haven’t watch a lot of movies… and animes too… 5cm/s.

“Guess! guess! guess!” still remain the best comedy show I have lol. Look at that right, sure can crack up one.

Now Playing — Goong OST – IWFIL

Just read the dictionary, and I find the two words interesting. Soulful and soulless.

Mamak time. [1:14 AM 5/15/2008]


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One Response to “Scrap 12:56 AM 5/15/2008 (What?!)”

  1. stephy Says:

    update lah!!

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