What is the meaning of life?


Answer — 42 (Hitch hickers guide to the galaxy XD)

*Edit — You know I’m good. Seriously, without knowing the actual meaning, I can actually type it on behalf of someone. Wow.*

Was not expecting myself to be so damn pro and then read that post at the wrong time just 30 minutes before exam. Wow, genius.

But then again, what’s done is done, and I am really glad she did.

Been waiting for an answer, and a smart guy like me will go wrong without a direction =P

It seems to me that the way of posting is a bit off the standards.

Now, let’s take it to another level. I’d just finished my exams and I don’t like the way it is going.

First of all, I’m sorry if I offended you or caused collateral damage (I know there’s like countless time of that happening without me realising it [anyway you don’t call that collateral if you DO know])

Apparently I can still control myself… this 2 weeks really is a good thing for me, despite the fact that 2 weeks without internet is seriously boredom… and that’s how I picked up the rubik’s cube. The thing that really disappoint me the most is… you’re faking it. You can just tell me that you don’t like what I’m doing, and I’ll stop. Simple as that.

Never mind, at least you pulled the trigger and put this to a halt. For me, it’s been a nice experience meeting you, for one cannot ask for more as a few weeks before April’s Fool incident is good enough for me. I know it’s kinda vague to confess to you on April’s Fool and I can’t pull it off due to the stupidity on my part where I’m not used to do it and I just can’t do it right. Nervousness killed me and blasted me off my feet bigtime. That kinda sucks, but I took it this way, “Every cloud has a silver lining”, and it’s a good thing for me. Like Edison, “I learnt 900 ways of how not to create a lightbulb”. Positive thinking huh…

Anyhow, no point for me to cry over spilled milk, and rant like a wuss. I’m gonna keep it short.

So, let’s see.

I don’t change for a person for no reason. I change for the better good. Second, environment factors. Yes, I can still remember the hygiene of the ex house I used to stay in… bloody faggot upstairs.

The thing is I’m not actually VERY emotional right now… just particularly upset that’s about it. But I’m ok I’ll get over and done it with as usual. I did a mistake last time, and I ain’t gonna repeat that shit again. To think about it, I came to a conclusion where when human is covered with feelings, overflowing, overpowderful, or whatever you call it, you won’t realise what you’re doing. It’s like the super stoning and sober effect from alcoholic drinks besides the fact that you don’t feel the hangover motion the next day.

At times I just don’t get it as all I am seeing is mixed signals. Very very mixed signals. The sad truth is, to be able to understand those, one need to go through the woods filled of ferocious beasts and come out alive without a single scratch (is a bit too exaggerated don’t you think?), but put it this way. One need to go through a lot to know. It takes one to know another, but doesn’t mean that I need to be a girl to understand what a girl thinks. Lol.

Let me define burden:

From the quoted definition provided by the The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright Ā©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company, it was stated that burden is an onerous or difficult concern, weight to be borne or conveyed, or impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to.

So… to put it crudely, if we are able to escape burdens… even though it’s bit by bit, we are actually avoiding it. I know I know, some might think that you need not do that lah~, yada yada yada, the usual lines will come and blind this post up for eternity. Blah.

Love is a very subjective discipline. It’s not in written form, no one in this world can explain it, <insert here>. You’ll get the idea. For me, it’s a driving force. Why so?

See, if you love something, somehow or rather you will be motivated in a way. Enough said. You like football? You play the sport, you watch it in the news, you cheer loudly when MU trashes Arsenal and become the king of the league (no offense to those football maniacs out there), and you will definitely drive all the way to mamak just to watch a damn football match if you’re really into it. It’s somehow like a passion… to kill… to speed… to <whatever>… and last but not least to love.

Motivation is what brings one to keep going on regardless on what obstacles that one might face.

… and for me love is the sweetest thing one can ever ask for. Promises don’t come easy tho. Besides the fact that we are in BolehLand, anything can happen lol (ok this sentence is purely biased so just ignore it).

Falling for someone and can’t be with the person doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. It is how the other person perceive and act to it that matters.

Like for my case… I’m not really sure myself. Judging from the way it is posted, it doesn’t seem to be a very fruitful harvest in the basket.

Does it really matter if it’s fruitful or not in the end of the day? For me, it’s worth every and single bit of it.

Well, it’s quite clear that as from what I’d posted in the tagged post that girls nature is just… unpredictable. God knows when Mountain Himalaya is gonna erupt and collapse just like that. Tho the fact that Marius and Martin will beg to differ and say that PuA or Naturals will tend to understand a girls nature, because that is the same aim for a Natural or PuA, to understand girls.

Hmm, I’m a bit off track, but never mind.

… and yes, I finally noticed that being a wuss after a relationship really sucks.

Tested and proven with live example, and been there done that to hell and back.

Really an eye opener for me.

Tho the thing is I fail to understand why my ex acts like that too. Just come out to meet and say hi also like I’m gonna point a revolver in front of her and blow her head off. Sheesh.

Not impressed by what I’d posted? Don’t be.

I’m not sure about you but I’m completely cool with it. What’s not as I’d said earlier in the post up there. Go figure.

… and yes Weroth now I understand why I changed a lot since you last met me in Form 5 (tho we met quite a few times after that lol). Remember the time where I went like… I’m gonna turn into a geek and hide from reality, find my own inspirations and then live along just like that, until my parents got worried and almost scared the hell out of them lol, no? I don’t think I told you this but… *I forgot I cannot encrypt as using uni’s comp* which reminds me… they can virtually see what I’m typing. =\

Doesn’t really matter as… they don’t know who to track XD

Ok, back to topic.

I was “pussy”-fied back then. Lol.

I mean, we get to live this life once, if you don’t try, you wouldn’t know what will happen. If it really doesn’t turn out to be, then fine lah. End of story. Go find a new one.

All in all, it’s my pleasure to meet you Steph, you make me understand quite a lot of stuff which I’d been wondering for quite some time. I thought I would have a better chance in understanding you more… but never mind.

Also, I have to make one point clear. I am emotional. Due to stress and you partly, I have to admit that. But, most of my time I’ll be thinking why the hell I went and do those stupid stuffs which will actually threaten my education status as a scholarship holder. That one is still a mystery for me *shrugs*

Scorpios are… just… flirty. I’m the dork in the group apparently lol.

I know this post is gonna be a real kicker… for some of my friends. Especially Caleb.

Lol Caleb. Eh when are you gonna give me the tally ho’s? =__=|||

As an ultimatum, I just hope that we can burry the hatchet. That’s it.

No more no less.

That’s all I ask for.

Signed off with love,




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