Scrap 2:27 PM 5/13/2008


Now Playing — Sasaki Nozomi – Pa pa pa pa patty


Last night was stoning. Just now it’s the same effect. Well, football? No thanks.

Let’s see. Where was I, ah yeah. So after dinner, in Broga, came back, tried to study. Prepared notes ady, took a bath, mum called (stoned and pissed off due to the aftermath of the official letter), then started stoning in Jeevan’s room, Jon and him was like talking all the way, cock talking too, here and there, you get the idea. I was stoning since… till mamak session.

I cooked something to eat (meat), and then I’m still hungry after that. So Kwang was like saying go mamak lah, so I’m like ok lah tell me when you’re done chiseling the freezer (we are basically chipping off snow lol). Yes it feels and looks like snow instead of normal ice.

Anyway, Jon dressed up and we went mamak. Ordered normal naan and limau panas, and sat there till 3 AM. Was like eating halfway then I look at the clock and it’s like almost 2 AM then my message tone came. My guess, Jeevan or Steph, as there’s no way other people gonna message me at night. Checked the message, replied, and well yeah from that point onwards I went point blank.

Was like listening to what Jon and Kwang was conversing, about living standards in Klang and Bansgar, attitude, liquor, etc. Learned a lot too… but the thing is I’m so tired that I’m actually half asleep + point blank + stoned + sober. Yeah, that’s the shit.

Came back, wash up, and went to sleep. Jeevan KO-ed earlier as he have exams now (today, NOW occuring event). So… I pulled the mattress and went to bed. Messaged her and told her I’m sorry for late reply. So I had a few sips of water and dozed off.

Woke up, Jeevan on the phone with parents as well, as usual.

Then Jeevan left and I keep on sleeping. Tired.

Woke up around 12, took my bath and went to lunch in MultiChoice. Saw David there. The Year 1 Business Gang is there too, plus three of my other coursemates.

Ate there, ordered the wrong pork “meat” noodles instead of pork “ball” noodles… never mind.

Now Playing — (4:40) BoA – Smile Again

So, I stoned there for quite some time as they are talking about football. Well, get disses from David, as usual he’s a bastard we all know that. So I’m like… shit tomorrow’s exam… and I haven’t started… then they mentioned about Pris’s boyfriend where he’s a nerd and not streetwise (from Kwang). So he continued on that that fella actually revises what he learnt in class and does the exercises, and when it comes to finals all he need to do is to revise past year papers.

I was planning to do that from the start… and phailed miserably. Ah well.


Now Playing — A1 – One More Try

One More Try… lol… ~_~

And so here I am after Jon got his supply from MyMydin (yea that’s the name). Maybe I should start studying… I have to lol I have no god damn choice and tomorrow’s my last paper already… after that I’m free (maybe not……..)

Forget it… It’s not important anyway…



Well is it just me or… there’s not much difference between online and offline (me). Or maybe there is… I’m more like a sophisticated dissing bastard when it comes to certain stuffs. Gah it’s just like dreams and reality lol.

Anyway last night’s conversation was quite enlightening. It’s not the end of life, and Jon and Kwang indirectly (it’s actually a collateral effect where they don’t notice it but I do) mentioned about something related to like, it’s not the end of your life when you fail something.

Oh… I thought what song is playing..

Now Playing — Bellefire – Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

She insisted the guys version of What Hurts The Most is better. Lol.

Anyway, err, so Kwang was like talking all the way, “Well, say you fail your thrid year, and get a normal degree, then go else where and get another degree lah. I’m sure Nottingham would gladly accept you again and give you direct entry to second year *lolz*” I’m like… swt…

But at least the 1 hour last night was not wasted totally.

Fulamak… winamp I love you =P Just when I’m in deep thought

Now Playing — (0:26) Lucky Star no Minna – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

15:31 minutes song… Weroth said “spare me” lol.

I think I can live on without *tut* *tut* *tut* woot~ Eh yeah ah Caleb still haven’t pass me my tally ho’s.

Last night was like so unmotivated to study, then only when I went over to Jeevan’s room I manage to write something. Sheesh.

It’s not about the holiday effect, it’s more about the snowball effect since the START OF APRIL DAMNIT.

Can’t be helped… it’s gonna repeat in another 12 years… let’s just hope that I manage to drag my ass off that shit again.

For Jeevan it’s like 7 years and repeat a cycle… for me it’s 12.

Min min minukuru minurunrun~ XD

Blardy Shirashi Minurun. Lol. Genius. Gravity… aaah.

BTW, the macha in mamak was like asking me for message tone to trade. Wrong person to ask, I’m filled with mandarin songs, japanese + korean songs, and english songs. Ringtone all you won’t like it one. So I fed up ady I just give him my phone and said “listen yourself and choose”. So later on a message came and then he said it’s alright and I replied my message. *facepalm*

Time to change my message tone. I’m a bit bored of it (finally).

When it comes to message tone… it’s a very hard part to cut what you want. Let’s see… *thinks* gravity cannot… hentai sounds cannot… japanese ringtone… maybe… err… gah. Hmm. Oh wait… starting part… from Music and Lyrics. Ahh.

Was reading a cached copy of a blog, and that remembered me this. Actually amyhs99 skipped half part of the NS. Bloody fuck. He used UCTI as a reason to escape… What now, nottingham offer letter doesn’t work lah? Stupid camp.

BTW, Kit’s comp got stolen… the incident is so damn stupid. But can’t be helped. He went out, and some guy came and told his grandmother that he is his grandson’s friend and took the computer away giving the reason that he is helping him to take the computer to be fixed. Well… you know lah… Anyway apparently his grandmother believed as he really have quite a lot of friends (me included that goes to his house… not that often ady since I went notts). So there goes his computer. I heard the news from my MUM if not I don’t even know what’s behind the story. No wonder amyhs99 told me he bought a new computer… because his old one is no longer there!


What’s happening to this world, no specifically this YEAR. Well according to what my dad said it’s still 07 in chinese counting terms. Which explains why I suck so damn kao bloody badly (hyperbola). *heaves a sigh of despair*

What to do… what you do before affects your present, what you do now affects your future.

So if I screw up myself in Uncyclopedia, there goes…

I really wonder what POSSESSED me to POST while I’m using MY ACCOUNT in university network… If they track me through maxis then I respect lah…


No wonder I cannot solve the rubik’s cube last night… I keep forgetting to do that swapping step. Bloody hell… 2nd attempt took like 12 minutes… first attempt was faster.

Maybe it’s phase out time again… and yeah as to what I’d said to Weroth before… maybe it would be better if it was not started.

God, what do you have in mind? I’m not that smart to see the path. Now, which path you want me to go, Heaven’s Feel, Fate Path, or Unlimited Blade Works? (F/SN lol XD).

… and yes Saber is cool. I like her. Same goes to the tsundere Rin Toshaka (or whatever you spell it), and Kagami (another tsundere). Don’t really like Louise tho (Zero no Tsukaima).

*alt_tab to FF*

Now Playing — Fukuhara Kaori – yume-tsukasa-night-loopin’

Just when I’m reading something and then my winamp just have to stuncock me… lol.

Where was I… =_=|||

Oh yeah now I remember… Jeevan mentioned something regarding twins… I went like… dude wtf? Jon was like I’m getting out of the room lol.

Crap. *facepalm* come to think of it… hell no.

Wooo nice jump.

Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Meaningless Kiss

Eh candidate for ringtone. Woot.


Hmm these few days been having deja vu’s and random thoughts… by random I really mean random. It doesn’t really make sense to what I’m thinking lol.

Maybe that’s what you call garbage in = garbage out. Better output more so that I could input my notes inside and split it out in exam. Lol.

“I got to dance alone…”

I wonder why why why why why why why why why why why Jeevan like this song. Ok lah, it’s quite nice admittedly.

Why the hell I even ask that in the first place =X Awh geez.

Ok lah… lol. This just went to my mind… and yeah here goes:

Don’t ask me why, just so suddenly. (as usual).

First Move – Will you do it? – Yes

What can you do in a date – Me? Lol never really thought of it before… normal stuffs like what you do with friends besides the fact that you’re going out with your girlfriend? Lol.

How do you split the bill (asked by Jon to David just now while eating lunch) — Half half lah. What, I haven’t started working, and some girls don’t like to be treated by guys (my first ex esp.)

Will you protect her when other guys hit her? (Hit here means flirt or tackle) – Well, of course. But SunTzu Art of War – Running away is the first priority. Depends on situation also lah, if you’re facing a bunch of guys, drunk guys in a club, take your gf and leave the club immediately or else you will end up like “Uncle Don”‘s case when the boyfriend tried to protect the girlfriend and got bashed to death.

Will you trust her? – The main question should be pointed back to her, does she trust me?

Will you do romantic and gentleman stuffs for her? – Occasionally, not always. It’s a bit tooooooooooo fake in my opinion. It’s just not my style I guess. =\ Like what Jyezze said before, I have my own hands and I know when to put my ass on the chair.

What kind of girls you like? – Otaku girls might be interesting… (well preferably not XD). Meganeko… =P Err… Tsundere type also fine… lol. Well, caring, timid (err well yea?), outgoing type, can accept my bullshits, and generally understands why I do this instead of that. I’m not asking her to read my mind (well if she can do that I’m screwed too), but, the point is for her to know that certain things happen like that because it would be better like that / no choice. That’s a bit subjective but never mind. So generally, cute maybe? Tall or short doesn’t really matter as I can live with both =P I don’t mind girls being indecent to me but she must be decent to others lah lol hahahah XD Oops. The one that will be there for me in the end when she’s the one I needed the most.

What in a girl that attracts you? — Well you’re asking a guy that fell in love because someone pulled his school uniform XD You think? XD Well for me as long as they are girls they will still be attractive in a way. Don’t forget the magnetism theory, the north attracts the south, same goes to Yin and Yang.

What makes you go for a girl you like? — Feeling? The falling in love feeling… you can’t buy that. Bill Gates once said, “You can never ever buy back your first love”.

Are you prepared for one? — Well generally for me I need someone to scold me and make my life more organised =P so a gf will come in handy XD Lol.

What if you get a cuddle-bitch or SPG? — SPG is out of the question. IMPOSSIBLE. Well you don’t call them SPGs for no reason right? Cuddle-bitch ah… I’m screwed lor… very “the” wrong decision then.

What is the worst thing you can get in a relationship? — It’s not breakup… well I know breaking up sucks… but not communcating enough with your another half is the worst thing that could ever happen as it often leads to misunderstandings, this and that, and walla there comes your breaking up session.

Will you still remember your ex when you’re with a new girl? — I would format her from my mind when I’m with a new girl. Definitely. No point lingering about the past and think about what your ex feel when you’re with a new partner. It’s just a waste of time, and then it’s not good for your new partner. At least for me if I’m treated that way I will definitely feel upset. But of course, I won’t think about my ex, but I will still remember her. It’s impossible to forget an ex… no matter how good or bad one can be. Unless you’re in an accident and you get amnesia lah. But still… feelings for your ex must be dropped.

Will you still keep in contact with your ex? — Depends. If it’s like once in a while friendly conversation on how’s life then it’s totally fine. Else, no point in contacting each other. What can you do, whine about your current relationship and tell her she’s the one you’d been looking for? Forget it. Listen to her rants? Well, once in a while it’s fine… but if it’s one too often then… yeah forget it.

Well you make all ex-es in the world sounded bad… – Well pardon you I did not, but the thing is, if you’re gone then walk on lah. If you have not started and if you want to linger with your past memories then go ahead lah. No one is there to stop you besides yourself.

You believe in fairytales? — Oh yes I do, just that my “fairytale” is way more realistic and then it’s crafted by me and my other half.

Now Playing — When I Fall In Love

So soft weh this song. Feel like amplyfying it.

Lol I’d been ranting for the past hour. Guess this ends it.

It ends tomorrow.

Alex. (The one that is seeking for the ‘truth’) [3:38 PM 5/13/2008]


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  1. weroth Says:

    >>Tsundere type also fine…

    You would love Clannad’s Kyou. Add Clannad to your list of anime to watch XD

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