Uh huh. Gemilang?


Yeah, while I am looking through my blog stats page my brain just suddenly decides to play Gemilang by Jacklyn Victor lol. Pro right. =P

Ah well it’s after exam. I survived. I hope my marks will too.

Me and Cornelius was like smiling all the way and looking at the guy in front of him, he took out scrap papers and refer answers from there. How come everytime I will get to see something special one ah? Like car vandalism, etc. Probably that’s experi3nc3 indeed 😛

In the end, we cannot tahan and I wrote “Someone is cheating on the right” on my question paper and called the teacher. Pointed him to that sentence, and he can’t see it clearly =__= So I pointed the word cheating twice then he walked away.

First attempt our lecturer VP Kallimani (yeah that guy who teach us WPS and UST >_>) flipped over his question paper but cannot find anything… because that fucker hid that paper under the answer pad. We have a specific green booklet for answers, and he slided that under it.

Second attempt Cornelius beh tahan ady because VP went to the left of the room (our direction) and then that guy took the chance and crumpled the paper and put in his right pocket. Cornelius whispered to VP and VP checked his pocket, and walla. There goes. I fucking hope he get zero for that exam and get expelled.

I susah payah study for exam and then you want to bring in answer papers and copy pasta like that? Fuck you.

Anyway, last night was so unmotivated to study as no mood, then look at the notes also tulan, and nothing is going into my brain. So I went upstairs to get the rubik’s cube from Ivan and started flipping. Apparently when I’m sober I tend to remember the permutations correctly lol. Anyway, the rubik’s cube is evil I tell you =P It distracts me from studies… according to lilgirl lah lol.

So I put it aside and attempted reading. Failed. At least one sentence went into my brain. =\

So slept at around 2 I guess? I forgot. Hon Chien came back very late at night too.

Steph was like… watching anime… F/SN… swt… I need to watch the whole series again.

Woke up at 6:30 AM, rolled a while on the bed, and got up. Took my bath (Jeevan’s water heater is working yay lol =P) and then went down tapao my breakfast and started reading. Made my own notes (thank god I did and it saved my ASS from drowning that deep) and then read them. Kwang’s dad apparently left the house before 6:30 AM… so Jeevan was like assuming that he left at 5:30 AM. KLIA. Wow.

Donikaku (yes weroth pardon teh spelling XD), Jeevan fetched me to university. Went there, and I read a bit more again on the notes I wrote. None of my coursemates are there when I reach the room. *facepalm* walao all so leisure on this paper lah? Lol.

Sat for the exam… did my best, I mean I did everything I could tho =\

Ah yeah my mind was playing Tongue Tied during the last 40minutes of my exam. Don’t ask why =P

… and I was laughing and smiling all the way XD As kwang said, it’s either you performed well, or you’re major-ly fucked. Lol.

Everytime during exam the last 30 minutes I will be smiling for god-knows-what-weird-reason. Lol.

A lot of stuff came to my mind… including premonitions… etc. I don’t know why but I see a faint image of a place… Hmm. 2 persons excluding me.

Also, there’s a girl… that have a tattoo on the back of her waist. I was like stoning halfway through exam and I tilted my head to the left. Then I notice that she have something behind, so I’m like looking all around the class and till the end I noticed that it’s actually a gothic looking butterfly which is damn cool. Now, don’t put Daniel in play as his church brainwashed him to a degree where jewelry(besides wedding ring) and piercing is not allowed. =\ Well in his church all women wears a veil besides lil kids. That should explain why.

So… when I got nothing more to write… I’ll tilt left XD her handwriting is nice. She wrote a lot too. *pardon me as that’s the only girl in my vision and I actually looked around there’s not much feminines around*

… and I never knew that the girl Daniel “babysitted” last year is NOT foundation. My god. *facepalm*

Yea, weird shit.

*ouch* I hit the metal bar… >_<

Gemilang… that song. Lol.

“One shall not fret nor fear, as it brings you nowhere but down.”

Yes I came out with that lol.

… and I got tagged.

Uh huh.

1 more exam to go… and I shall prepare for it.

But then how about gatherings and stuffs… I don’t think it’s gonna work. Ah well as usual. Blargh. I’m mind-tied in a way now… noticed it like… 2 weeks ago. No one can cut it but myself… and that’s the main reason of mental-blockage. Shit.

I have no one to blame but myself for that.

You know if only that Korean bugger in Virginia Tech came to Nottingham instead… and head towards the *ahem* well you know what building… and *whistles* then…

Pop, goes my heart… Lol.

27 dresses, Ivan finished downloading it. Should I watch today? No, I don’t think it’s a very good idea, I’m gonna mentally fuck myself again and there goes my day. =/

Well, after reading a certain ‘article’ *no further information* on something, I just found out something interesting. Need to do more research on that area. Seems to be promising, but takes a lot of time and patience… and ofc mentally strong.

Not to forget that I for one that is not, it’s gonna be a hard time for me.

Ah yes, Anna failed her JPA. Poor her. I failed mine and I couldn’t give a shit. Why? Not because I have another one (that time), I know I’m gonna fail mine XD So never put much hope in it.

Well at things in life the higher hope you put on something when it doesn’t turn out like what you want it to be then you’re screwed. Physically and mentally plus emotionally. You’ll starve… cry… angry… sad… whatever. You’ll get the idea.

There’s something called the “pull-back technique” which applies to all aspects in life… (not only sex mind you). Now, if only I can apply it correctly. Hmmmmm. Wait, I fail to apply it at the first place… *mellows*

Well who knows what’s gonna happen in the future. It’s not written in the “fate path” (Fate/Stay Night XD).

Speaking of which, Caleb saw me today and he walked near me grinning and said this nonsensical sentence to Brian, “Please excuse me while I hump him” =___=|||


Chan was like telling me, “Eh, you’re still alive” Lol. Yes I am, kicking in soon too. Err, or maybe not. =\

I need to swt in real life, I’d been swt-ing for all this while in virtual while did not sweat much in real life. I’m screwed. =|

Well, you know, the best things in life is to read blogs. Not those who fake their post (like me lol), and political blogs, or those totally rubbish blogs (like mine too). Especially when you see those… with teddy backgrounds, colourful rainbows… that’s when you can expect to read something really good. Not to forget those with very nice layout (W3C standard [ok lah here we go again], xHTML verified and those yada yada stuffs lol) nice colour, nice theme, nice hideout for the blogger him/herself (mine’s no longer my hideout anymore thanks to uncle google) and the list goes on. List might vary for users too.

It’s like… freedom of expression is always the best way to put things correctly. By that I mean it literally. What now, you think history books are accurate? Lol.

I can still remember the photo I took that time… in Tiscra 3. Apparently some girl (due to the style of writing) wrote something very interesting and I just have to take it before someone else rubs if off. Very very interesting paragraph there.

Now, happy-go-lucky doesn’t apply to me… well currently it’s almost impossible.

Keong called me that day… Yesterday in fact when I wanted to study… that fucker is now in Singapore working. He actually called my dad for 30 minutes before chatting with me. Apparently my dad told him that my results are not that good. Eh, others 2nd Upper and 2 distinctions, but 1 almost fail very bad meh?

Anyway, it’s been a while since I last cursed so much. Lol. Since NS. XD

Speaking of that place, that day (a few days ago), me, Kwang, and JC went out for lunch, Kwang developed the photos for the submission to the police station (car vandalism photos). So we went to the corner shop and ordered wantan mee. Expensive and not delicious, but the mee portion is like… wow… damn huge. I still prefer hometown wantan mee. Haha.

Anyway, so I turned to the left and noticed an Uncle reading the Star. So as I’m glancing through while Kwang’s glancing somewhere else on the paper I noticed the title “Semanggol NS camp” something something I forgot… related to fever. So I’m like lol Semanggol NS camp. Then 2 seconds later, I went eh, wait a minute… isn’t semanggol… holy shi- It’s my previous campsite. *facepalm* But never mind since I’m out ady I don’t give a shit. I hate that place, damn a lot of paranormal activities and inside it’s like Neverending-land. Anything can happen. (By anything I really mean almost anything).

That was the wackiest 3 months I’d ever been through in my life which changed my stereotypical thinking towards certain people to a higher level now. Farking ah longs + gangsters. Lol. Err, well did I mention about what they took?

Let’s see… 2 bottles of cough medicine bottoms up… 2 Panadols… 1 Green Pill (you know I know we all know) plus smoking cigarrettes and weed and what else ah… er… guess that’s about it. Ah yeah white powder.

I wanted to try to sniff the panadol tho lol but I ended up not trying anything.

Instead I went and chew Milo lol. It’s tasty. I miss it too.

Oh shi- forgot to turn on my phone. *facepalm*

No wonder there’s no calls yet. Blah. Sheesh.

Jeevan is arriving at 30secs… I better rush down. XD



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2 Responses to “Uh huh. Gemilang?”

  1. weroth Says:

    lolness when I see your attempt at Japanese.
    Tonikaku = anyway
    awesome pawnage to the cheater. hope he doesn’t know who pointed him out. hehe

  2. Says:

    Haiku of Truth

    Let me get this right:
    Is this not an online blog?
    Word will get around.

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